April 3, 2020
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  • 5:53 pm Temple University Student’s Viral Tik Tok Video Calling North Philadelphia ‘The Ghetto’ Causes Outra
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We played a great match against a really good team, but in the end we deserved the three points. Now the table looks incredible and it’s always a joy to play in front of such an amazing crowd. I think that the game was pretty enjoyable from both sides, now we must keep our feet on the ground but I’m sure we will do so. Fron now on we will have loads of game that will cause us numerous problems. The title race is open as it stands, Lazio Juve and Inter have left behind the other teams. All three sides are playing at really high standards and I think that if we would have played in another league we would be the leading team by far. We know that both Inter and Juve are two incredible teams and we will fight until the very last game. We are happy with tonight’s perfromance, we deserved the win and we were always focused and concentrated. Tonight’s win is very important for the table. After the second half we came back on the pitch with the same desire to win the match that we had in the first half. We moved the ball in the right way, we were building from the back, everything done in order to create the space to go in front of goal. After two or three minutes they were awarded a penalty and managed to score the first goal and after that it took them just ten minutes to score another. We have loads of things to improve because I reckon that we have the quality and the right players to be a fearsome team, but as per today we aren’t one. We have to learn the right way to handle these kind of games against teams with Lazio’s quality. Instead since the start of the match I could see a little bit of frenzy and restlessness among my players. I think that in the last three or four years the Italian league has been improving a lot and especially this year it has started to become one of the best in Europe. This year pratically all the teams are difficult to face and even with the lesser sides it costs you a lot of mental and physical energies to defeat them. This situation clearly favors the overall level of the league as in the previous years it wasn’t as exciting and popular as it probably should have been. Having said this I feel we have to get back to working hard as we always had and I think we are at the start of an important growth path.. We have to progress as a team but most importantly the individual players have to improve because this is the first step to enhance the whole squad. We also need to improve in these types of situation were you face a strong opponent, because it’s easy to be subjugated by the circumstance. It happened today in the second half, it’s happened at Barcelona, it’s happened at Dortmund where we weren’t absolutely in control of the match. If we want to become a great team, task that we are capable of doing given our qualities, we need to learn how to handle these situations during a football match. Even if you lose you can still improve, unfrotunately tonight we came back for the second half and we gifted them two occasion that they turned in to a one goal lead. A team like Lazio doesn’t need gifts from the opponent to score goals and I want to congratulate myself with them because they are a really strong side.

Robin Kshlerin