November 22, 2019
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Logitech Innovates Business Speak Detection for Video Conferencing

Clarity. clarity and communication are the keys to good business. That’s why logitech designs products that empower human to human collaboration. But one barrier to clarity still remains. Confusing and insincere Business Speak. Will this affect the timeline? Hmm.. We’re corralling key decisiones into a real-time thought shower. But I’m confident we’ll be unpacking KPIs and ROI by EOD. I’m proud to announce that starting today all of our video conference systems, will ship with integrated business speak detection software and we like to call it BS detection. A machine language algorithm uses facial location to lock on to active speakers and listen for BS language We’re really excited about the potential of this technology; I mean we’re dealing with new kinds of BS every single day. Let’s circle back for a level check. We need to drill down to the core. Bring together silos to drive engagement. Cryptocurrency. Pros hacking. Ping me. BS elimination in the workplace might be one of the biggest issues we face and it’s growing it’s expanding. Its underfoot, its overhead, it’s in your face. I’m super proud of what we’re doing with this BS detector and I know you’re gonna
VIDEO CONFERENCING WITHOUT THE BULL logitech® okay we’re done! terrific! you know this is pretty much my idea! like most of important thing…..

Robin Kshlerin