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Man Utd 3-1 Brighton – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer FULL Post Match Press Conference – Subtitles

Okay the manger’s here to take your questions on the game, if you’d like to start That was as convincing a display as we’ve probably see this season you do you agree? Yeah I think it’s our best performance of the season of course you can go back to the Chelsea game but tonight I thought we or today the reaction after they scored as well was fantastic and we’ve sometimes this season asked for when you get one up or two up and go for the next one and how it didn’t end up five six seven I don’t know or we don’t know the players don’t know but exhilarating sorry and entertaining and great to see that they enjoyed themselves the boys What do you think it will do for your players? You know these six weeks or whatever it has been since the international break when we started against Liverpool we’ve had five wins and the defeat after the Liverpool game of course the Bournemouth game was disappointing but we’ve had loads of answers to what we’re trying to do and if they don’t get confidence from this I don’t know what to tell them Williams had… Ah Brandon is he was excellent he has played well before of course the first start at Old Trafford or in the Premier League game it’s always you don’t know how he’s gonna react but he’s he seems like he was looking forward to it I told him on Thursday that just look forward looking forward to this one I thought it was more fair to him when he’s playing in his first game that he didn’t play on Thursday so excellent performance In terms of the captain you made Maguire captain, De Gea’s done it in the past when Ash has not played do you see that as going forward that is liking to be your choice as captain? Harry is captain material so is David he’s David’s been here and done it many many times but I think Harry’s come in and been excellent in a dressing room and on the pitch and that was the decision and yeah he can certainly become a long-term one Fred has had a difficult career here this far but he seems to be growning into confidence and how.. he was good today? Yeah the more confident you get confidence from playing games he’s not really had a run of games regular and I think he set us off today with his midfield play he won the ball we had to get after them because Pröpper and Stephens in midfield we couldn’t let them get on the ball and I thought Fred was maybe the catalyst in that so excellent maybe a couple of fouls he shouldn’t have made in the first half to give him chances because that was their one of the big opportunities they had set plays but yeah You’ve had two big wins and scored a lot of goals this week Do you feel like it’s kind of a turning point possibly this week has been a turning point because you’ve advanced in the Europa League you’ve got a big win here Yeah but then then again we’ve got a it’s been great these two games with lots of attacking play we should have had more goals but intentions are there they’re going forward attacking enjoying themselves I think quite a few of the fans that have been here young boys maybe I’ve been here the last two games thinking I want to be like “I want to be like Williams, I want to be like Martial, I want to be like Rashford” but these are young boys ourselves so it’s still gonna be ups and downs and today was a definitely a game where you start off on the front foot you get your confidence and then it’s just how many are we gonna get that’s the feeling I got You want to nurture young players you said you’re doing that with Mason but with Brandon would you have any qualms about giving him a lengthy run in the side because obviously with Luke out and he seems to have done enough to almost He’s done nothing wrong since he’s come into the team so he’s making it hard for me to leave him out definitely he’s been he’s really really impressed me I have to say so yeah he’s definitely making it hard to leave him out That was the youngest side in the Premier League this season of any team so how proud of you of that? Well that’s not an aim in itself but that’s it just says a little bit about what we’re doing of course when Ash’s not playing he and Brandon plays for him it’s it helps but they’re They’re performing they’re learning they’re gonna get they’ve had some tough lessons and it seems like they’ve learned from it I was very pleased for Andreas as well he’s had his critics but his energy and endeavour and his will to do his best for the team he deserved a goal Four yellow cards in the first half you just said that it’s very difficult with your pacy players to keep them not to tackle them like that do you have to work with your players well not to react because they were clipped down there? well I think yeah but I think they’ve been excellent the attitude and behaviour you know Dan James for example and Marcus they get used to getting kicked and to not react is the right.. you just get up see Brandon today a couple of tackles he’s up again and next one you know you don’t want to show them you’re hurt Ole can I ask about Scott McTominay he went off at the end looking in quite a lot of pain, how is he after the game? He went over on his ankle so it’s a painful one sometimes that’s I’ve had one I was out for eight weeks but then again sometimes you have one and here you’re back in two weeks I don’t know he’s in for a scan tomorrow and then we’ll have to see he’s with the ice there so but it looked painful Scotty’s not one for rolling rolling round or it didn’t really roll around because that’s probably the sign that is injured all the players that keeps the rolling and you’re not really injured then are ya Just on Dan James has he exceeded expectations he’s been a hell of a signing so far? Fantastic signing Dan’s he made an impact straightaway I think I told you about this first session when he run 50 yards back chased it won the ball off Anthony and then went forward and scored 10 seconds later and his attitude and how they say his work rate is fantastic it’s not changed at all he’s still the same kid but his performances are getting better and better he’s getting used to this level and he’s one of them that never seems fazed by anything some very pleased by him how he’s not scored or had a few assists today I think he’ll go to bed worrying about but very pleased with him Did Marcus explain how he missed that? Scoring scruffy goals Scruffy goals I don’t know how he missed it I’ve not seeing it again but you’re you’re surprised when it doesn’t go in The second goal was set piece goal and scruffy goal is that extra pleasing? Of course but that’s Scott being in there but it was a proper own goal McTominay won’t go on international duty will he? He’s in the scan tomorrow so I don’t think he will go no but they’ll be between the doctor and…

Robin Kshlerin



  1. Dyulok Saha Posted on November 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    4:30 That's what she said 😉

  2. Anthony KImani Posted on November 10, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    Good performance but the problem with Ole is that hell bring back Ashley Young vs Sheffield.

  3. keenan verhoog Posted on November 10, 2019 at 9:59 pm

    What was the last question when Ole was heading out the door?

  4. Rob Nightingale Posted on November 10, 2019 at 10:03 pm

    Makes me laugh 1 week everyone says sack ole the next he's a legend when we loose again people will be saying sack him again you people are stupid

  5. ratsman tango Posted on November 10, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    It is not the best performance one week win another week lost are you making the hoooo haaaa what the f…. are you building maintenance days are numbered ole

  6. stonesoundjam Posted on November 11, 2019 at 12:12 am

    Ashley Young needs to be taken out the back

  7. Mark Smith Posted on November 11, 2019 at 4:35 am

    Yay. Subtitles.

  8. Will Newcomb Posted on November 11, 2019 at 5:15 am

    Rolling around is a sign of non-injury! ABSOLUTELY! You don't see rugby players who face constant battering rolling around. Ronaldo was a classic faker.