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Monday, February 24

Live from New York City, it’s “The Wendy Williams Show.” ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Now, here’s Wendy. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. ♪ How you doin’ ♪ (audience cheering) Thank you. (audience cheering) Thank you for watching our show. Say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. (audience cheering) (Wendy giggling)
(audience cheering) How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doing okay, let’s get started, it’s time for… Hot Topics! Come on. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Oh. Ooh, ooh. Okay now. We love you, Wendy. Thank you, I appreciate it. When I woke up this morning, nothing ached. Oh! Well, you know, when you know, you know, after 40. (audience laughing) You know you know. Then I turned on the news and I saw that Puffy is aching. Oh! I’m like, come on now. It made me recheck my own self, like, oh, am I sure, am I sure? He posted a video of himself over the weekend with a bonnet in the hospital surgery room.
(audience laughing) Look, he’s about to go under surgery for a quadriceps tear. Now, that’s that thing, right, from here to here. Do you know how hard you have to fall to tear that? (audience laughing) Then, he starts listing, while he’s talking to us, he’s talking about he got, excuse me, two rotator cuff knee replacements. I think the rotator will be right here. No, that’s right here. The rotator cuff is like right here. Oh wait, wait, he got a knee replacement and two rotator cuffs. I mean, even when, you know, fractured my arm, I didn’t fall that hard and I’m five years older than him. I’m like, what the hell? I’m so glad I can do this now. Hey!
(audience cheering) Hey! Hey, hey, hey! (audience clapping) For real. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) Right, right, and I didn’t even get an operation, all I did was have it in a sling and put some balm on it or something stupid.
(audience laughing) And I’m clumsy, too. One thing that he was saying while he was laying down, and I appreciate his transparency, is that he’s always been clumsy. Me too. He trips a lot, he falls a lot. He fell at the BET Awards, into a hole, you know? Yeah, he’s in our Fall of Shame for that.
(audience laughing) But, I’m like, how do you… Look Puff, just get through the operation and stop jumping around. Just… (audience clapping) You know what I mean? People wonder, like, when we go into commercials, co-hosts, you’re gonna see me, yeah, they got security around here, I hold on to ’em, you know why? ‘Cause they’re here. (audience laughing) They’re only a few steps but I don’t wanna fall. I hold on to everything around me that I possibly can every time I move ’cause I don’t wanna break anything so I can go like this. (audience cheering) You know, like,
(audience clapping) I wanna be able to… You know, I wanna be able to sit and be flexible and stuff, but when you break something after 40, you know how that is. Puff, man, (exhaling heavily)
(audience laughing) sit down. (audience clapping) So Hilary Duff, you know I love the Duff Family. I love Mrs. Duff, I love Hilary, I love her sister, I love them all, right? Hilary blasted a photographer for taking pictures at her seven-year-old son’s game. So the photographer’s there, it’s a man, and she was really nice to him in the beginning. She confronted him on Instagram, and some people in my Hot Topics morning meeting were saying, “Well, she was wrong for that “because maybe she should’ve just called the cops.” I said, no, by the time the cops get there, like cops have other stuff to worry about than mom fight at a game, you know, with the Duffs. (audience laughing) Take a look. Who are you here with? I’m here with me. With you?
Yes. Do you know any of the people on the team? No. Oh, can you stop taking pictures of the kids, please? It’s legal. It’s making me feel really uncomfortable. Well you shouldn’t feel uncomfortably. I’m asking you,
It’s not against the law. human to human, as a mother, if you don’t know anyone here, can you please stop taking pictures of our children playing football? I’m taking pictures, I’m practicing photography, and I’m not even–
Can you practice it on another–
I’m not here to scare you or anything like that. But you are. Your paranoia is unwarranted, that’s what I’m telling you. Then I will just post this to my 15 million followers on Instagram and let people know how creepy it is that this is what you’re choosing to do on your Saturday morning Creepy to who?
and make all of our. Creepy to me.
(audience disgruntling) Sir, if you’re practicing photography, why wouldn’t you go into a park and take pictures of birds and butterflies? Yeah!
(audience clapping) Why are you taking pictures at a game that was probably of a game of a very high-end school… She’s a Duff, you know what I’m sayin’? (audience laughing) And then Hilary’s there. He probably didn’t even recognize Hilary. Does he look like he recognized Hilary Duff? No! At all. But (giggling),
(audience giggling) you all, this is where cash is king. I don’t know about you, I always like to have a little cash on me, just in case I have to pay somebody off real quick. (audience laughing) You know, you give… Okay, I don’t always, oops. (audience gasping) Oops, oops, oops. I mean, I don’t always have cash on me. (audience laughing) (audience clapping) Suzanne, I’m not trying to invite the killer. No, of course.
You know what I mean? No, no, you don’t need to invite that killer. But, but all I’m sayin’ is that, you know, if she peeled off a nice thousand dollars and told him beat it, you know, go on about your business, I bet you he would have. And she was very kind to him, she could’ve suggested, there’s birds on the other side, or
(audience laughing) ducks in the pond. The swans are swimming. (audience laughing) Okay, so I spoke to Tamar. Oh.
Yeah. (audience clapping) Well, here is what happened, right? Sir, really? You are captivated, glasses in the middle, yes, you. Your mouth was wide open. (audience laughing) Very excited. Okay, here’s the update. Tamar calls me, or texts me, she says, “Bitch.” (audience laughing) “I told you two weeks ago I changed my number, “I gave you the number and here’s the number again.” And so, I mean, you know, you’re busy, you don’t have time to just keep track of Tamar’s timeline, but here’s the thing that I was telling her, I was like, Tamar, when I called you, the calls actually went through but you didn’t answer. When I text you, the text actually went through, so what’s up with the old phone? And she says, “I sent it up to the Cloud.” well now, all of a sudden, she’s way over my head, I don’t know what
(audience laughing) the hell is she talking about. She sent everything old up to the Cloud, the old phone doesn’t work, the new telephone number is how we got in contact. She said she’s still with David. (audience murmuring) Excuse me, you can clap and be happy for her. (audience clapping) The hell. (audience laughing) I’m not talking about her, I’m talking about me. I just got a glimpse of somethin’. Anywho. She didn’t like the way her old social media looks and that’s why she got rid of everything. She didn’t like David being there so much, she wants to have a private life that’s private and so on and so forth. She and Logan are still thick as mom and son, David is still in the picture, and she was coming off the set, as she’s talking, ’cause I’m hearing ding-dings from the car, you know, you get in the car, ding-ding-ding and all that stuff, but she’s still on the phone, she never drops it, she’s on that phone. So she says, “I’m just coming off the set.” Finally, and we only talked for like 20 minutes but she and I talk a lot and, well, we talk real quick and get right to the point, and then it’s always, I love you sis, and then peace out. But look. So she was on the set of a new hair show she’s doing. (audience awing) Yeah, she says “Braxton Family Values,” as far as she knows, is still going on. They’ve been, yeah.
(audience clapping) It’s not a canceled show, but right now she’s working on her own solo project, it’s a hair show with, I forget the man’s name. He’s a world-renowned hair person. I hear his name often from my makeup artist Merrell. Yeah, he’s one of those guys. Anyway, they’re doing one of those ambush hair shows where your hair gets burnt to a crisp, by the hair salon, and Tamar is in the back looking through a double-sided mirror, and the hairdresser’s trying to make good and the client’s like, “No, but you did it wrong,” and then Tamar comes from the back, like, ta-da! (audience laughing) Look, you are dead wrong for this, but it all ends up happily ever after, like the hair salon person ends up apologizing for his or her ways, the client gets brand new hair that’s not burnt off, and Tamar goes on to make more money. (audience clapping) So speaking of the weekend… Oh! Yes. (Wendy and audience laughing) I had an interesting weekend. It was all innocent to me, (audience laughing) but apparently it caused waves every place else. Oh! All I’m doing is being Wendy. (audience clapping) So I met this young man that I really like. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) Not in that way, I was setting you up with dramatic effect. (audience laughing) He’s this rapper from Philly, his name is Blac Papi, right? Mm-hmm.
Oh! Exactly, okay, he’s 27. (audience murmuring) Now, I went to a studio session, because he’s working on his album, and he was working on it in New York, and I didn’t know Blac Papi, but I was, I was going along for a ride, on Friday night. So here’s part of our encounter in the studio, take a look. You really got a lotta people doing tough time, we used to watch your show.
(iPhone ringtone) Are you serious?
A lot of people of mine, every morning we used to watch your show. Shout out on lockdown. Yeah, shout out on lockdown. Yes, I always say that.
Yup, every morning. A captivated audience. I remember you was on, what was that? Power 99.
On Power 99, yup, in Philly.
Yeah. Seems like yesterday, you were at Power 99, I remember that. Thank you. Yeah, used to listen to you on the radio.
How old are you? 27. See Will? That’s all’s I’m sayin’. I still can twerk for the 27-year-old. (people laughing) (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) So Blac Papi, 27, he’s from Philly. He got his mom on the FaceTime. His mom and I are the same age. (audience laughing) She and I were talking like two homegirls. Suzanne, I told her, I gave her, yeah, I said grab all your homegirls, or whoever you’re gonna bring, and come, you know, come in here.
Perfect. And then I told Papi, I said, look, you’re weight is not quite up yet for the Wendy Show, but one day, you know how we broke Bieber, you know what I mean? We don’t know what Blac Papi’s gonna become. He might be a French Montana tomorrow. Yeah.
Exactly. Okay? (audience clapping) And I was only at the studio for 35 minutes, I was with my friend, who’s also my jeweler, Will, but and however, here’s the big, excuse me. (audience laughing) Will is my friend, he happens to be a jeweler. I’m one of his, probably, low-paying clients, I’m not buying jewelry all the time, you know what I’m sayin’, but he fixes stuff, shines stuff, he’s made a couple of pieces for me, I like Will a whole lot. Will is involved with his family and he’s got a whole ‘nother life. No, we did not plan to dress alike, although that does,
(Suzanne laughing) I know, I know, I admit it, I looked, and a lot of you all said, “You look like a couple.” No, we’re not a couple. I got on a beige negligee and threw on, it was cold out. And then we get in the studio and I put it on my Gram, yeah, we’re huddled like this in the studio ’cause it’s freezing in there, it’s like five degrees, it’s colder in there than it is in here. The studio is only about the size of my chair. (audience laughing) Papi’s in the other room rappin’, you know, I’m sittin’ there huddled, belly full from meatballs and other stuff we ate earlier,
(audience laughing) and next thing you know, there’s accusations being thrown. Now I told you I like to hold on to people, I am no Puffy, I’m not breaking my rotator cuff. Okay?
(audience laughing) Okay.
(audience clapping) Will is my friend, we are not a couple and I do not have a boyfriend. That’s it. (audience cheering)
(audience clapping) If I did, I wouldn’t have been out with Will. (audience murmuring) Over the weekend, we learned about the model of the chef, the lifestyle icon. Every day it just seems like somebody is passing, but I cannot let this go unrecognized. Barbara Smith passed away over the weekend. B. Smith, you know her as B. Smith. You know, she was battling early onset-Alzheimer’s, about six years ago, and she survived it but she passed away over the weekend, she was only 70 years old, and you know, personal story is that I’ve known… I knew her… (Wendy sobs) Nope, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, back in the radio days. Reckless mouth, hungry belly. I’d go into B. SMith’s, I know she had a place in Long Island, I think one in Washington, I don’t know anything about that life, I know about the original B. Smith right here in Manhattan. And I’d go in there and get the good firm shrimp. You know, good, fried, hard chicken wings with the good sauce. She never had Frank’s, you know, the RedHot that I like. I’d always bring my own. Right. Even back then. And she was like a great owner because she’d walk around from table to table and say hi to people and that’s actually how we met, and then I had her on my radio show several times, this is before TV was even invented, and she went on to build an empire. She had her line at Bed Baths & Beyond, she had cookbooks, magazine, the housewares, the TV show, and interesting thing about the TV show is that first of all, me and my ex-husband became, well I, and then he was invited along, we became…
(audience laughing) Me and Barbara became friendly enough that she and Dan… Husband. Dan, that was her husband of like 25, 28 years, we became friends enough, the four of us had a dinner at their fabulous penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park, and they had not one but two, they bought two, and they crashed down the wall to make it one gigantic, Nortman, Nortman,
I love that. let me tell you something.
That’s a dream. This is the first time I ever felt suede, what do you call it, on the wall? Like a wallpaper.
Wallpaper. Oh, it was better than wallpaper. (laughing) Really?
Okay. Let me tell you, this place was class. I guess Dan still lives there but class from head to toe. It’s smelled good, it was gigantic. She did all the cooking prior but it seemed effortless. Me and Bad Kevin, we were there for, like, (audience laughing) we were there for, like, five hours, just the four of us, just talkin’ smack and having a good ol’ time. She had so many pictures, I’m like, who does this? She was like, “No, we have someone, you know, “to come in and dust,” and so on and so forth. This is before the Alzheimer’s was part of the onset. And then… When I gave birth to my son, that night in Philadelphia, and I had had two former miscarriages, Big Kev was over there in the chair sleeping, as if he did all the work. (audience laughing) He’s over there sleeping and snorin’, and I’m holding on to the baby, ’cause I’m scared of Nurse Ratchet. (audience laughing) You know, not gonna take my baby, right? I’m looking at the baby all night, the baby is sleeping, he’s sleeping, Kev’s sleeping, Kev’s sleeping, I’m wide awake, and there was a B. Smith marathon on TV and it kept me up all night. I will never forget that time because I was able to grab my credit card and actually order something, that she was talking about. Yeah. Which I still have, which I still have. But anyway… And then Dan went on to fall for another woman, who I understand he’s still not with right now, but he went on to fall for another woman while Barbara was in the serious onset of Alzheimer’s. She was living in the fabulous mansion in the sky and he was still living there but he moved the other woman in. And that’s where people were, well, I mean, I think we talked about this on Hot Topics and I couldn’t understand it at that time, but now with Barbara gone, I heard Dan say something this morning that really kinda resonated. I’m not saying it’s right, but he said, “Love is like a diamond. “There are many facets.” So was he right to have this woman move into the house? No.
I’m not sure. Was he right to be bringing her out? Because I had seen both Dan and Barbara, not the woman, out publicly since the onset of the Alzheimer’s, you know, came on, and I felt kinda uncomfortable, like what is he doing? Is this a parade, what are you doing? Anyway, Dan, I’m sorry to hear about what happened to Barbara. Barbara, rest in peace. Yes.
(audience clapping) You know, Suzanne, love has many facets. Yeah, I like that. Yeah, that made a lot of sense to me. Like you will never fall in love the same way once you’ve been with somebody for like, you know, 20-somethin’ years, it’s a different kinda love. Absolutely.
It doesn’t mean it’s not authentic,
Exactly. but it doesn’t mean it should be moved in. Mm-hmm (giggling), yes, yes. Okay, let’s move on. (audience clapping) Boofy, Boofy, oh Boofy? (DJ Boof chuckling) Where’s your crown? Put it on.
(audience cheering) Put it on.
(audience clapping) It doesn’t fit? It’s too small. Aww. No, that looks good, Boof.
(audience laughing) Happy Birthday, Boof. Thank you. Birthday Boof.
(audience clapping) I don’t wanna be selfish with you birthday time, or excuse me, birfday time, (audience laughing) but if you’ve got a moment, you know, after the show, I wanna take you someplace. Aww.
Okay. (audience clapping) I’m just sayin’. Okay.
(audience clapping) Are you working tonight? Yes (chuckles). Do you have a date? No. (audience laughing) Do you have a moment, maybe an hour, after the show? For you, yes. Aww!
(audience clapping) I’ll make it worth your while, Boof. (DJ Boof laughing) I always do. (audience laughing) By the way, Boof, congratulations on your windfall. Thank you. Yes, yes. Boof called me over the weekend and he told me, I’m not gonna say how much, Yeah (laughing). but Boof caught a bag in Vegas. (audience cheering) (audience clapping) That’s it for Hot Topics, keep clappin’, ow, ow, ow, ow.
(audience cheering) Up next, Celebrity Look-A-Likes, so grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) (Wendy drowned out by music) Ha, ha! Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Oh boy.
Ooh, ooh. All right, it’s time for Celebrity Look-A-Likes, I love this. Our first one comes from Sonya B., who watches the Wendy Show on KSAZ in Holbrook, Arizona. Sonya thinks she looks like Jennifer Lopez, okay. (audience gasping) Well here’s the real Jennifer. All right, Sonya, come on. Yup.
(audience cheering) Yes! Sonya, yes!
(audience clapping) Yes! (audience clapping) Okay. Our next Celebrity Look-A-Like comes from Blair K., who watches the Wendy Show on WFLD in Chicago, Illinois. Blair thinks he looks like “The Bachelor” co-pilot, Peter Weber. So here’s the real Peter. All right, here’s Blair. Yes!
Yes! (audience clapping) Wow!
(audience clapping) Ooh, that’s a real good one. Okay, our next Celebrity Look-A-Like comes from Lindita V., who watches the Wendy Show here in New York on WNYW in Newtown, Connecticut, and Lindita thinks she looks like Sandra Bullock. Okay, here’s the real Sandra Bullock. Lindita, this is a hard one. Let me see you. Oh!
(audience gasping) I think…
(audience clapping) Yeah. (audience clapping) If I was walking around Newtown, Connecticut, and I saw her, I’d say, Sandra, is that you? (audience laughing) Definitely. All right, our last Celebrity Look-A-Like comes from Tiffany C., who watches the Wendy Show on WOFL in Leesburg, Florida. Tiffany thinks one of our recent audience mem, now look you all. (audience laughing) This is what I love about the co-hosts, you know, Suzanne? After 11 years, they are now helping to produce the show. (audience laughing) This is an all-inclusive thing, thank you.
(audience clapping) Tiffany thinks, after watching our show through the TV, that one of our audience members looks like Zayn Malik. So here’s the real Zayn Malik. And here’s what Tiffany screen-grabbed. Okay, yes.
(audience cheering) You’re correct. (audience clapping) If you or someone you know looks like a celebrity, sharing is funny, go to wendyshow.com. Trendy at Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Oh, that’s fabulous. Just saying.
(Ashlee giggling) It pays to have friends who are jewelers. It sure does.
(audience laughing) Okay, it’s time for Trendy at Wendy. Please welcome, our friend, Ashlee Glazer. Hello, thank you. So good to be here. All right, here we go again. I can’t get enough of this, we just did this a few weeks ago. Oh, I wasn’t here for that, but Rue La La has the most glamorous things. No, well, maybe something like this. So this is from Chic Home, they are mirrored armoires. You have the most beautiful,
It’s fabulous. fabulous display for your jewelry. You’ll never run out of earring post, tangled necklaces, we have it here, we filled it up so that we can get an idea at home.
And the robber, it’s disguised, so the robber won’t see it, whoever comes.
Yes, and there’s a lock and key.
Yup. There’s a light and there’s a stand, there’s LED technology so that way you can always find your pieces. But from the outside, all it looks like is this. Just a regular mirror,
Just a mirror. and there’s three different colors for you to choose from.
Yup. So you have champagne, black, and silver, and then the white one that Wendy’s standing next to. I like this.
So this retails for $299. Which is not a bad deal, look at all the storage you get, and a shelf? And a shelf, and two drawers at the bottom. You’re getting it 60% off, at just 119.99. (audience cheering)
(cash register dinging) This is a steal, So fabulous.
this is a steal to me. I’m obsessed with it, obsessed. Okay, what’s this, Ashlee? What are we doing? So next up, this is from Lumina, this is the anti-aging, ultrasonic cream infuser. Anti-aging.
So you just hold it down for a minutes, it has three different settings, so it’s hot, cool, and sonic. The cold feels like ice on your face but super smooth. Oh yes, icy.
What it does, it reduces inflammation, puffiness, it shrinks the pores, and you could put any of your own skincare items on it so that way it just helps. You know when you get a facial, the massage is the best part.
Like a little Gold Bond on here would be perfect. Yeah, you can do that, you can put it on any other part of your body, if you’d like.
(audience laughing) The sonic setting vibrates, and then there’s the hot and the cool. I love this.
Yes. So this retails for $199. We’re getting it 67% off, at 64.99. (audience cheering)
(cash register dinging) And the great thing is that there’s no cord, so you can use it in the bed or on the couch. Yes, there is
Or in your car. a charging in the package, but yeah, you can take in on the go. Perfect for on the go. This is from BRIC’s Siena. It’s a 22-inch cargo duffel, the perfect size for traveling, four different colors, tell me your thoughts? This is my favorite. Mine too. I got three of them and I source them all out to men in my life who have whack luggage. (audience laughing) Do you have bad? Like they’re bad. Like come on, if I say, come on, let’s go, what are you carrying? So they can be very stylish, and then it has the flap in the back so that way you can put it over your rolling luggage as well. Yeah, oh please.
Which I love that ’cause I’m always carrying a million things. This is very important.
And it’s nylon, so it’s water repellent. I’m also always spilling things, so this like really keeps you in check and it’s very lightweight, so you can fit it with a lot of stuff. This is not just a man thing, it’s a woman thing, too, but how much is this normally? So it retails for $169. That’s not bad. No, but we’re getting it 61% off, at 64.99. A steal.
Amazing. You can choose from four different colors. Oh my Gosh, oh my gosh.
Yes, I know, which one do you wanna do? Dior, darling, Dior.
These are Dior sunglasses, one of the most fabulous brands in the world. (audience murmuring) Aviator, classic shape. I don’t know whether you can see, they have a dark in the middle and then…
Yes, they’re split. Yeah, split three ways. Yeah, so you can, it blocks all the sun but it looks so cool on. Like, I was wearing them over the weekend and my brother was like, “Those are cool.” My brother thinks something’s cool, I’m like, this is the best day of my life.
But these are unisex. They’re unisex, yeah, so he can do the silver one or the pink one, if you wanted. I have the pink one, I have the pink one.
the silver, and then what’s cool, the case– But I’m gonna take the silver today, oh sorry.
(sunglasses rattling) Take ’em all today. So the case, you know how it always bulks up in your bag? It flattens out completely, so that way it doesn’t take up any room in your purse, which is something I think is really cool anyway. Besides being Dior, the price is fabulous. $495 at retail. They’re Dior, though. We’re getting them 79% off, at 99.99.
Relax. (cash register dinging)
(audience cheering) It’s so crazy, they’re amazing. Okay, a classic. Yes. This is the Polaroid OneStep 2 red camera. fabulous, vintage inspired photos. So I was using this with my friend’s kids over the weekend, the oldest is 11, they’ve never seen one of these before. I know, right? Yeah, they’re like, “What is this?” They loved it, though, didn’t they?
They loved it, they’re walking around the house taking pictures of everything. They were fascinated that the film prints out instantly, shaking it under the light, but what makes this version modern is that it has a USB cord and it has a flash and it has lights up on the top.
It looks like a cartoon, though, this is so, It’s really, really cute.
I love the style. And it tells you how many film cartridges are left in there, so you’re not like wasting film. This is the first Comes with three packs.
camera I ever had, when I was a kid.
Really? So for it to be coming back, now how much is this now? So it retails for $159 and 96 cents.
That’s not that bad. We’re getting it 37% off, at 99.99. It comes with three
(cash register dinging) packs of film.
(audience clapping) There you go. I love it so much. Mm, watches. And we love diamonds even more. So this is from GV2, it’s the Naples women’s metal watch. So it’s 18-karat gold to choose from, yellow, rose gold, or the mix metal, which I’m wearing.
It’s the perfect size. It’s the perfect size. It’s so feminine, sophisticated, timeless.
But not too feminine, it’s not small like a girly watch. No, it’s got like that kind of men’s inspiration, and there’s 11 diamonds on the bezel. You have the sapphire crystal on the dial, Swiss-made stainless steel, super, super glamorous, and the retail price is even better. What?
So it retails for $2,395, we’re getting it 89% off at 249.99. Oh.
(audience cheering) I love it. Thank you, Ashlee. Thank you. And thank you to our friends at Rue La La. These deals are really amazing, get something for yourself before they sell out. Go to wendyshow.com, Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Thank you. Ooh, ooh. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. It’s time for Ask Wendy. Hi.
Hi. Jumpsuit, come on over, How you doin’? How you doin’? Wait, come on over so people can look at you while you complain… (woman and audience laughing) about whatever’s going on in your life. I love your earrings and everything.
Thank you. Who are you, where are you from, what do you do? My name is Macy, I’m from Ireland and I work in fashion. Okay, obviously. Obviously. And how can I help you, Macy? So my boyfriend of six years is an engineer but currently pursuing a career as a boxer, a professional boxer, and so he’s always pushing pictures of himself topless, on Instagram. Girls are sliding into his DMs, and I just wanna know how do I let those girls know that he is taken? He should let them know. He should let them know? Yeah. You know, have that conversation with him so that he can say it, you know, “I’m taken,” ’cause I don’t think he should not post. If he’s making a career with his body, then you have to bodify. But, you know, have him do it. Okay.
All right. Okay.
A polite conversation. Okay, thank you.
Good luck, Macy. (audience clapping) Come on.
Hello. I love this. How you doin’, Wendy? How you doin’? Come over.
I’m good, I’m great. Roller set, old school.
Yes. (audience laughing)
Yes, yes. No, no, look, you’re on TV, though, you gotta pay attention to the camera. How you doin’, Wendy? Fine, thank you. What’s your name, where you from, what do you do? My name is Tranelle, I’m a hairstylist from New Jersey, and actually, I have a question. My daughter actually turned 18.
She’s here now? No, actually she turned 18
Okay. yesterday and what I did was found out that she gave herself a Airbnb surprise birthday party. So her prom is coming up in May.
Good for her. (audience laughing) Good girl, good girl. So her prom’s coming up
How’d you find out, Tranelle?
in may. Actually, she told me because her friends were trying to tell me and keep it a surprise and I found out. So I was trying to find out, am I too harsh for canceling her prom? It’s in May.
Yes, yes, you are. Okay, okay. You know, she had the party, no one was arrested? No. She came to you and told you respect, I’m just sayin’. Tranelle, don’t act like we haven’t lived. You’re right.
Girl. Yes, yes, thank you.
You know what I mean? She wasn’t arrested, there was no trouble there. She’s not pregnant. She came home, she was in her bed when you saw her this morning. No Wendy, she didn’t come home from the Airbnb. Well fine. She’s okay, though. She’s okay.
Yes. Don’t cancel her prom. Okay.
She’s still in high school, this is her senior year?
Yes, yes it is. Let her ride out. Okay.
All right, Tranelle. Thank you, Wendy.
(audience clapping) Okay, come on over. How you doin’? How you doin’? Your fans are that way. Oh yeah, right. What’s your name, where are you from, what do you do? My name is Brett, I’m from Florida, and I’m a writer. Okay Brett, how can I help you? Okay, so my sister, she’s letting me stay with her rent-free until I get on my feet. How long have you been there? Two months. Okay. Yeah, it’s hard to find a job, but she went home to Florida to visit my family. There’s this guy that I’m talking to– Wait.
Yeah? Where is her apartment? Midtown. Okay, so she lives in Manhattan, Yeah. and so here you go. Here I go.
(audience laughing) So there’s this guy I’m talking to, listen, I haven’t had sex in two years, that’s the premise.
(audience laughing) So… Why, what has been the problem? (audience murmuring) Men are mean. Okay.
Yeah. So, I lost my train of thought. (audience laughing) Not me, go ahead.
Yeah, I know. She told me no guys in her apartment but this guy that I’ve been talking to can’t have me over his place. Why? He lives with his family, so it’s like, should I just bring him over and then ask her for forgiveness later? No. Get one of those cheap, dirty sheet motels, (audience laughing) in Midtown. Okay.
You know. Don’t do that to your sister. I could never. All right, Brett, behave. Thank you.
Or do your best. (audience laughing) Yeah. Two years, mm. Yeah. Okay. (audience clapping) Hey Wendy. How you doin’? How you doin’? Come on over. Hi, how are you? I’m warm just looking at you, I’m freezing over here.
(audience laughing) What’s your name, where you from, what do you do? So my name is Gloria, I’m from Las Vegas, I am a sales manager. Okay, how can I help you, Gloria? So my ex and I recently broke up after three years. I found out he was being really flirtatious online and in person, right in front of me. Obviously I’m not gonna stick around for that, so I dumped him. I blocked him, he changed his number, he’s still trying to contact me and my friends, my family. How do I get him to get the message without being too mean? You gotta be mean.
First of all, you gotta be mean, exactly. (audience clapping) This is what you tell your friends. (audience clapping) If they’re really your friends, they block him also, Okay.
all right? ‘Cause you were the plug to him. If they’re really your family, your mom, your dad, your brothers, they will block him, too. Okay.
He’ll get the message. Keep talking.
And by the way, there’s nothing wrong with being mean, sometimes mean works the best. Up next, we play 20 in 20, don’t go far. (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. (rhythmic tropical music)
(audience cheering) Yes! And we’re back. It’s time to play 20 in 20. Donna is a nanny from Connecticut. You know you need a vacation. Yes!
(audience cheering) Okay.
Yes, definitely. Donna, you ready to spin? Yes I am, Wendy.
Put it on. Three, two, one, go! (rhythmic tropical music) Woo! (rhythmic tropical music) All right.
Come on, come on, come on, come on. I’ve got the Countess and you’ve got Moon Palace Jamaica. Mr. Announcer, tell her all about it. It’s a trip to Moon Palace Jamaica in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We’ll fly you and a guest roundtrip for a five-day, four-night stay at this luxurious, all-inclusive resort. Spend your trip enjoying 17 acres of private beach, diving into lavish swimming pools, dining at multiple destinations and dancing the night way in their Nightclub Noir. This trip will be one to remember. (audience cheering) Donna. Yes?
Here’s the deal. New York Housewives has been on for 12 seasons. How many seasons has the Countess participated? And go. All 12. That’s right! Oh!
(bell ringing) You’re going.
(audience cheering) Oh my God! (audience cheering) Wendy, thank you so much, thank you.
You’re welcome, Donna. Oh! We’ll be right back. (Donna screaming) (rhythmic tropical music)
(audience cheering) (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh. They were doing the level up and the rafters were bouncing. Oof, it’s too fast for me this early. Okay, now it’s time to reveal our Eye Candy of the day. I’ve got one of our almost legendary diva fans and it’s, how you doin’? I’m gonna turn it off, though, so it doesn’t get caught in anybody’s hair. Drum roll please. (drum roll) Dominique Fraser, come on down! (upbeat music)
(audience cheering) Come on out, Dominique. You’ve been a little too cold the whole show. Sorry. Well, I’m just saying. When they say stand up, you gotta stand, you just can’t sit, okay? Okay, Wendy.
All right, but I love your outfit, nevertheless. Thank you.
And that’s why your my Eye Candy. I wore it just for you.
Yes! So yeah.
(audience cheering) It says you’re from Toronto? Yup, Toronto, Canada. And you do community service work. Yes. And your skin is beautiful, your hair, the locks, talk about it. So I bought my jumpsuit from Fashion Nova, it was like $30, I bought it like three years ago, first time wearing it.
Oh perfect. Yes, and then I bought my shoes from Steve Madden. 40 bucks, they were on sale. And your hair? Flatironed to perfection.
Flatiron, did it myself. Good makeup, good eyebrows, there you go. Thank you, Dominique, we’ll be right back. (upbeat music) Ooh, ooh. ♪ How you doin’ ♪ It’s what we do. I wanna thank my guests, and my co-host, my studio audience. (audience cheering) I hope you had a good time.
(audience clapping) Tomorrow, Tommy Davidson always brings the yuck-yuck, and I got you covered with the Hot Topics. I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on the one and only Wendy. Bye. ♪ You doin’ ♪ (bell pinging)
How you doin’? (clam coughing) Nice. (thunderous triumphant music)

Robin Kshlerin



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