November 15, 2019
  • 6:51 pm Jermaine Couisnard, Jair Bolden News Conference — 11/13/19
  • 5:51 pm Yurachek press conference on future of Razorback football
  • 5:51 pm FOMC Press Conference March 20, 2019
  • 1:50 pm Trump Impeachment hearings live: Public testimonies from Bill Taylor and George Kent
  • 12:52 pm [Boyfriend ASMR] Can’t i just video call to my beautiful? (Korean Boyfriend JINO)

What’s up, guys? Welcome to my place, I am Alex Wassabi
and I am a YouTuber. My “thing” is like…over the top doing
whatever I’m doing, time’s a hundred. And this is my brother. I do vlogs, I do challenges and now
I do live streams. It’s live. Hey, guys! – Hi!
– there’s already people here! Live stream, live stream! The audience seem to love it. So, I set it every Wassabi Wednesday
I do a live stream and they all come back. If there’s a lot of LOLs ,
then I’m a funny guy. Oh! And that’s a Chi-Chi.
This is my Chinchilla. I have two channels. My main channel,
I usually post one time a week. That’s my Wassabi Wednesdays.
So that’s why I also do live stream on Wednesdays on my vlog channel. Because that way I can talk about
the main channel, and I was trying to have something cool
to talk about. You gonna see how I get this
dope picture. My channel’s changed
after livestreaming because… I take one day off of vlogging,
which is Tuesday because Wednesday I don’t have to upload,
’cause there’s gonna be a live stream. A day off is…always a good thing. How I decide what goes to live stream
is really just… whatever silly idea I wanna do.
Sometimes, I just hang out with them. I’m here doing this, while you’re sitting
in front of your screen. I’m sitting in front of my screen and we’re
both just talking. We have a connection. Today, in a live stream, I’m doing
a hundred layers of chocolate syrup. You’ll see what’s gonna happen,
you have to come back for the live stream. The hardest thing when I was first
learning how to livestream, was that I’ve never done it before.
Gettin’ used to holdin it, gettin’ used to knowing that I’m not
gonna be able to go back, there’s no editing, it’s all live,
it’s happening right there, right then, so you better watch
what you’re sayin’. Oh, comments are already coming in,
wait for it… Hey! Tip is to keep the audience engaged,
responding to comments, like as soon as somebody ask a question,
or they are like I love you, but hey, I love you too! And then I don’t know
to them because they’re just commenting. It’s like a special moment for them.
So the usual, there’s like maybe five or ten minutes of Q&A,
in what I’m doin’, whatever ridiculous activity I’m doing. Ah! Ok! Here we go! It was a good live stream if the audience
was very engaged, if the comments were going by so fast that I can only read
like one out of every ten, then I know it was a good, it was good.
That’s how you know. It’s the magic, it’s the magic. Welcome to another live stream
on the vlog channel… Social media apply for this,
we use all of them actually to promote it. So I’m like hey, I’m going on live stream
in 30 minutes. I try to have a lot of traffic and try
to let everybody know that this live stream is about to go down. If you want it, then just go ahead
and put the chocolate on me, already. Hit the live button! Oh, that… The best thing about live streaming
is the everything’s in the moment, right? It’s all happening, if you’re laughing,
it’s a genuine laugh, because you didn’t know that was gonna happen,
you didn’t script it, you didn’t plan it, it just happened, ’cause it’s live. Oh, I’ve gotta put the goggles on!
I forgot to put the goggles on! My inspiration, I just wanna make people
happy, I want us be a good example to my audience, to show them that
there’s nothing scary about being in front of all the people I’m
talking to, like hundreds of thousands of people at once. I’ve come a long way
and I know they can, too. Oh, my gosh, did I leave this out again?
That is so embarassing! I always do that! Gosh! The advice I would give on how to build
your YouTube channel, especially with live stream, it’s
just consistency, like everybody knows consistency, and then I guess quantity,
like make sure you do often and… The reason I do it once a week,
it’s ’cause I have vlogs every other days. And then also do something you like
doin’ it. If you don’t like doin’ it, it’s gonna show it through the camera.
It’s a trial and error kind of thing! The first time I’ve livestreamed,
I walked out of wi-fi, and later I found out like ten minutes
of live stream was off. I was like oh, no! So there’s gonna be
a lot of trial and errors, but if you keep pushing there,
you’ll become very good at it. I’m not at that stage yet, but I think,
I think I’m on the right path. Thanks for coming by!
Come back tomorrow!

Robin Kshlerin