November 11, 2019
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National Championship Post Game Press Conference

Both deserving teams and that’s the
thing about sports it’s better on that day and I know a lot of teams out there
have worked as hard as us and we get to be the champions this year
so we’re very thankful and blessed i’m blessed to coach coach these guys they made me
look awful good throughout the year and I thank them for that but there’s a lot
of storylines stories that will be told here and the days and weeks and months that
come that we’re looking forward to but for me this is going to be a great part
of my testimony and my faith and I’m excited about that. I mean it’s a crazy
story line I mean I can’t put into words I mean this was awesome ultimate goal at
beginning season we had a group team retreat and everyone’s goals were win the
national championship and we made it here we won I mean that was ultimate goal at the beginning of the season so it’s crazy. It’s incredible just how far away this was from us and how much work can
be put in to get it and to actually do it attain is just unbelievable and makes
everything that you do worth it. When that shots going off with just a
few seconds left for both you guys what’s going through your head as you
know he’s jumping up to take that shot? I was about to die it was it was, I was underneath the rim I had no idea what it was or what it looked like and when it just hit short I was very happy about it. And then seconds later when it doesn’t go in now it’s running through your head? Nothing. Excitment. What was it like to play in front of that crowd I mean you had some good support obviously
with you know hundreds of fans as well but you were playing in front of
thousands. I love I actually really do enjoy playing away games
I mean they have that energy and guess who just makes me that one motivated to
play hard and we did have a lot of good fans too so it was never a quiet moment
that was a lot of them if they’re a lot of fun playing that energy. Yeah
there were a lot of times but I mean we had the weather the storm we had our
little section there too so I could hear that too important. Tom Savage with the
Big Rapids paper can you talk about the defensive job they clearly they key
down humans and I can just talk about their defensive key on you? Um they did a
good job they were trying to blend it my my scoring scoring buckets is the only
thing I’m basketball I try to get everyone else involved
I mean protect the land kick it defense end strong lock up number seven number
eleven so I mean there’s other things other than scoring Zach when you had a
bit of foul trouble there and you know defensively what was kind of the mindset
for you to you know still played well but not get that fourth one I’ve done
before playing without following but you still need to be aggressive and just about I wasn’t about to slow down you
still gotta go hard and just play smart they have a couple of big guys they
rotate that really get the crowd going get the energy going and you know what
did you have to do to slow them down tonight
well Melissa but I didn’t slow him down too much I mean both one could be a
starter on anything and just to have that constant actually was definitely
tough you don’t get the rest at all um and you just got a confident work early
try not to have low heels when they do just play straight out me and they had
they both had great games but the game plan was you know the takeaway shooters
playing the pick-and-roll I have a long long posted me and make that sport and
they’ve been scoring on how I was playing in the GLIAC
prepares for healing physically they talk about how the GLIAC
maybe place prepare longer every year every night in the black is about his
opponents know what you’re doing so I mean we’re we were used to this physical
game so coming into this I think the GLIAC help is prepared for this game
Colin the same continuous it is the best time for Division two basketball I mean
great basketball players playing hard playing rough I was great and I thought
they deserved it because they knew this was the value of the whole year I mean
that’s something I’m a burden knowing that their opportunity might be a little
greater if they can make it here and they did some great teams and had some
close games and so they deserve that crowd and I’ll just not think our fans
you know cheer ten to one so they were allowed to just like a guy said and
that’s how a national championship game is supposed to be when you dream about
it so that we’ve played for local team and how much did you think to the louder
regionals you played in and some of those GLIAC tournament games helped
prepare the guys being able to play all offensively without being able to hear
anything I helped it helped a little bit you know we had a few hand signals that
we could go to without with our main sets and obviously there’s a lot of
stoppage of play so we can call something in the huddle and and always
when you run offense like we do relying on that guys just coming on getting
their spacing positions and play ball anyways always calling something
for them to do they’re just making the place on their own so whether it’s loud
or not sometimes they don’t think they don’t need me
defensively what was the game plan tonight could you help them to over 20
points less than they’ve been scoring this tournament so far we’re gonna boil
it down to a two-man game and I’ll try to make those pulse players score on us
and shut down some of their shooters because they’re such capacitors and and
we won’t want to take something away I thought if they scored 30 you know it
still when they got 34 which that’s a lot but that was the game plan and it’s
good enough good one by one coach think back to when you became the head coach
at Ferris State University in your journey today it’s a killing still
pinching myself every day you know the way I got the job was pretty unique and
all my opportunities in my life have been pretty unique lots of people to
thank and I hold lots a lot of people and I can’t even start naming names
but I’ll contact them and continue to let them know that what they’ve done for
me is is huge in this is this is the life that I’ve lived you know I grew up
dreaming about winning and had a group of friends and the Bain dream about
winning that’s what we did my father my parents my brother
it’s just what we did and every step I went in my athletic career and coaching
career I’ve been around people that have given me permission to win and to dream
big and I mean it’s just amazing the people I’ve been around and and the
story and certainly the story’s not older but I’m
just I’m just thankful for the opportunities that I had and the people
I’ve been around they say hey it’s okay to do this and that’s all we told you
guys we said it so it’s okay like they said at the teen retreat to talk out
loud about a national championship there’s no guarantee all right but the
guarantee is we’re going to put in the work for it for a chance for an
opportunity and they did it I got one last one so what’s going to happen with
the beard now that you won the national championship yeah yeah I got a little
head start on no-shave November and in the first day of practice or a week
before but I did the last year and I learned a lot so it was a little better
process this year

Robin Kshlerin