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NEC Telephone Systems from Midland Telecom Networks

At Midland Telecom Networks ltd, we are passionate about business telephone systems. We offer a full range of NEC telephone systems with solutions to suit businesses of all sizes. NEC is one of the leading manufactuers of business telephone systems. Telephone systems from NEC are entirely scalable and future-proof. You can expand your system as your business grows. The NEC SL1100 is the number one choice for small businesses. This system offers powerful communications but comes with a small business price tag making it excellent value for money. The SL1100 is a user-friendly system with intuitive features that your staff will be able to use easily, without the need for extensive training. This system offers a whole host of advanced features to help streamline your operations and increase productivity. The NEC SV8100 is the ideal solution for large businesses, or those who need a system with room to grow. This system is a cost efficient solution because it is entirely scaleable. You can start small and expand up to 712 ports as your business grows. With the SV8100 you can implement the latest VOip technology and IP applications for improved performance. The SV9100 is the perfect solution for businesses that are looking to take advantage of the latest IP solutions and unified communications. This system comes with several options so you can start with the basic system and scale up as your business grows. Your business can also take advantage of MyCalls call management solutions from NEC. With MyCalls there are a full range of options to suit the diverse needs of different businesses. At Midland Telecom Networks ltd we have many years of experience in all aspects of business communications. If you choose us for your NEC business telephone system, you will have peace of mind that your communications are in safe hands. We also offer telephone system maintenance and support services, to ensure your NEC telephone system is looked after way beyond installation. For more information contact Midland Telecom Networks ltd today on 0800 849 8585

Robin Kshlerin