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New York Toy Fair 2020 – Marvel Legends FOX Figs, DC Multiverse, Power Rangers, Ghostbusters & More!

hey guys me host supersorrell thank you
very much tune in so guys it’s part three of my Toy Fair videos today we’ve
got a bunch more stuff some stuff you may have seen when we were from the
Hasbro pulse webcast that they did on Facebook but
I’ve got a bunch of other stuff here as well and some great images to show you
so let’s jump in at the deep end everyone knows that Marvel Legends did
the fun vote you can currently vote on that right now on housebroke pulse if
you’re in America sattell europeans and that can’t get housebroke pulse accounts
a week out low but it is for Elektra in the white costume lady SIF in a nice
white costume and then again we’ve got silk in a nice updated white and black
costume this is the 20/20 fun low and according to the stage guys they did say
that they would only make one of these and not all three of them would reach
the line like in previous years so whichever ones don’t get the vote may
never get created obviously this said never say never because obviously things
change the lineups change all the time but they said that with the fan vote
this time round it’s a case of the one you vote is the one that’s gonna win and
the other two won’t get made this year at least so that’s that I just leave you
an update on Necker as well I’ve got two nice images been sent over here from
NECA themselves of the means of the 40th or 45th anniversary of the alien and
I’ve got the black and bloodied up version of the xenomorph here which
looks very cool I really like the look of that and then we’ve got the predator
as well and again he’s got the big long black and red sausage looks awesome I’m
loving that costuming it just looks so nice and it getting looks to her as if
he’s got the LED headlamp had you had mask unit I’m not sure if it glows up
like the other one did but it looks like it may so that’s a very cool armor and
I’m very happy to see this as being made so looking forward to down predator and
not alien they look very cool next up guys is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
and we’re getting the Ranger Slayer in the pink and black if you’re a fan of
the comic book of the shattered grid like I was you’ll know that you want her
stood at the side of your tummy so she looked badass and I was well so
I’m really happy he’s been made her bow looks banging I’m really liking the way
these character looks not black cape as well just really pops on that pink he
just looks so good together sadly that’s the only Ranger I’ll be talking about I
was I wasn’t regionally gonna collect the line of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
including gold our Lord Zedd and the reads repulsive is coming but I decided
against it I’m gonna stick with like maybe the comic characters like
obviously the Ranger Slayer and you know and Drakon are kind of characters that
you don’t normally see in the line so I’m happy to pick those up but whoever
gets the license next you know are gonna recreate Tommy and Jason and training
again so our brass thing seeing characters like Drakon and the Ranger
Slayer are going to be harder characters to recreate so I’m happy to see these in
the line this time around and I’m very excited by it and I hope you like those
pictures ooh next it was the Avengers wave guys and
that’s a better look for us to look at the new abomination figure and they did
confirm this is the Bhama nation that is based on the video game not based on how
we’ve seen him previously in the way of so this is a very new sculpt and that
included the butterfly hinge on the shoulder this time around times have
moved on ups there was 2015 I believe when the last abomination wave was made
along with thee was it because it was in this it was in the piece of spider way
right if I remember Elly we have this is based on the Avengers video game so
that’s all coming very soon we’re also getting a deluxe apocalypse to go with
our Age of Apocalypse characters a lot of people were upset I think because I
think they wanted Sabretooth but now we are definitely getting Age of Apocalypse
here he’s a popular himself it’s an updated version from the one we had last
time off the last time had the very serious old like old-fashioned look this
is the more and the more iconic look from the from the actual comic book age
of our age apocalypse and they’ve got a big laughing face which I really like
and he’s holding a human skull and I really like that because that again we
could use that with other characters it’s gonna be a great thing to have so
looking forward to having this in hand they also announced for people like you
know like Michael’s out there the adult collectors that do like to army build
that it’s gonna be possible going forward with Hasbro because the Hydra
troop is gonna be the first one where we’re gonna be able to order them for
these 15 pounds and you can basically he’ll help you army build basically I
think he’s just the one in the box but I’m not sure but again more details on
that all come out as time goes on break they did also mention that you’re gonna
be able to do it with other characters like hydrogen was the first one but on
screen he also had the the warriors from my Black Panther and stuff like that
okay moving on now to a little bit of DC as you can see here and but follow that
this is McFarlane multiverse range then they are given Israel which is a very
cool character to get in the range no bit of an unfamiliar character for a lot
of people so I’m glad that we’re getting this character it looks awesome the
school looks gray and the paint world looks amazing so happy to see this
Cummings align another fortnight character here that’s been announced by
McFarlane Toys and this is the big mouth a bit even more of a random obscure
character from for tonight but again glad to see it being made it’s not
something that it’s not another Jonesy or another you know dark bomber is a
character that wouldn’t be created otherwise it’s a very obscure character
but I like it it’s almost like a shark head on a human body a bit of a
Frankenstein sort of thing there’s like a frog and stuff in the arm so I
decaying and stuff cuz with a lot of accessories including
what looks Libby a bow and arrow and also the harvesting tool so very cool
Hasbro Paul’s did announce that we will beginning as some movie figures from
these Sony and Fox acquisitions and the first stop we’re gonna be getting is
Deadpool with negasonic teenage warhead who I said it and was yeah a lot of
people were saying that they don’t think negasonic teenage warhead will be a very
wanted figure and people gonna buy the Tupac just for Deadpool and get rid of
her I think she’ll be quite well except in the range because it’s a female body
brace she’s in that sort of New Mutants x-men attire which I think a lot of
people want to use on things like kini pride maybe a
rogue and obviously they could use that with Wolfsbane maybe and make a nice
custom so I could see it being reused you know there’s a different sculpt but
again Nega seen its negasonic teenage warhead I’m glad to see her coming to
the line again it’s a movie character and I kind of liked her and I hope the
make is heard the female love interest from the second film was Yuki Yuki URI
kerim you can pure Yuki I think I’ve got that completely wrong the wall my
exclusively is gonna be cable them again though he looked awesome and just like
in the movie I don’t course we came Domino as well so
again she’s coming as they said she’s coming to pop a Tupac but then they did
say the cable was a Walmart exclusive so I’m not sure who’s gonna be coming with
Domino and maybe it might be the kid but you know stay tuned it might be
everyone’s favorite invisible man with a brad pitt changeable head next it was
the Deadpool way of the showed off that we are gonna be getting these the
carries including the blue and the blue Deadpool with Thunderbird and and
sunspot oh we had to think then but they are they have got some more to add to
the line including black Tom em again Ike’s a character that everyone’s been
after for quite some time you know and it’s is you know when when he knows
Deadpool lines he’s one of the characters you do think of so I’m glad
to see him finally coming the line with that black and red I can see people
making a mobius custom with that especially with that collar it looked
awesome but again black Tom’s a character that I
think we’ve been after for a while so I think most people really happy with that
release then we have maverick as welcome into that wave to round it out nicely
and again just a very nice figure yeah I don’t know too much about maverick but
again it’s it’s another welcome addition and you know some of those parts on that
figure could be used as some great fodder for customs I can tell you a lot
of them legs yeah have you know this is well they did mention that they are
moving away from the pins I mean on the outside of the body so there should be
sturdier and things like that not sure where that leaves us
misers being able to take fingers apart I’m not sure how that’s you know how
they’re gonna fit fit together now so we’ll see but again the figure of
maverick looks pretty cool moving on to Walmart Walmart exclusives
here for the Real Ghostbusters these are based on the ones we had as kids there
were a lot of confusion yesterday when this Const people thought that all those
all the online sites like myself were throwing up pictures of old figures and
it’s not these are basically faithful recreations of the old figures for those
of what we had in the eighties and nineties it’s based on the Real
Ghostbusters line that was by Kenner and they re releasing them for the modern
audience so you can finish your line or start a whole new line if you never
create you know them as a kid and let relive some nostalgic volume and we do
believe from this photo you can see here that they are gonna be exclusive to
Walmart so pre-orders I’m gonna have to put in
including Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and all the usual you know egos penguins
gonna be there you’re gonna get rayon again and all the characters gonna be in
it so make sure you preorder and there’s a nice group shot of them all for you to
look at including Slimer and everything again win some packages you know some
packaging and stuff gets announced I’ll make a follow-up video again tomorrow
with all the rest of the toy venues and give me some more updates stay with
Marvel Legends they are given as I in month 2020 of course they’re gonna give
us Ironman 2020 in year 2020 it’s just he’s got to be doing doesn’t it and this
is a Walgreens exclusive that couldn’t be pre-ordered right now it looks at the
awesome thicker I’m lovingly the actual crank pieces around his shoulders and
stuff they look really cool really happy about that a new update and row is
coming as well from Regenesis she looks awesome this modernized road would be
needing one for a while although I’m not sure on the head sculpt of it I’m not a
fan of that new head sculpt but the costume is very cool and I could see me
using my old rogue head on that body might have to be done we’ll see but
again a very nice a very nice new figure and it’s nice to see Rogaine available
of as well because we all got the one figure of rogue
and to buy her cost a fortune so I’m glad the kind of recreio and give it as
a new version sticking with the movie range again we’ve got Wolverine and
mystique from the first x-men movie we are gonna be starting to see a rollout
of the characters based on the movies and so Hugh Jackman obviously Logan’s
gonna be one of the first we create and everyone loves mystique from the
original films so I’m glad to see these two getting a pairing nimrod as well is
gonna be another character this coming based on the modern version of nimrod
apparently does come with a changeable head to change him into that more
classic nimrod i don’t know too much about the nimrod character it’s not
character the springs to my mind and i have a big x-men fan but it’s not a
character that springs to mind for me so i’m gonna have to go on my pull a
monocot pulse my marvel my Marvel Comics app and downloads from comments with
Nimrod before I do a review on him so apparently was a very successful arc of
storyline it’s old man Hawkeye I never read the comics of Hawkeye especially
old man Hawkeye wasn’t more than one as I read although people did say to read
it and I thought it was just gonna be like a bit of an old man Logan kind of
spin-off but I don’t know they say I’m not like weird post-apocalyptic kind of
world but again old man Hawkeye it looks an awesome figure and soapy I think
people are definite gonna buy it and definitely got to go back and read that
comic and on the front cover of that coming it’s not Captain America looks
like him mmm interesting of course the known every game is old man Logan with
the with the with the baby Hulk definitely has to be done and again
this was this is a faithful recreation of the 3.75 inch per speedo upscale to 6
inch apparently as probably was like a comic-con exclusive was it a couple
years back and but it’s picked up scale to 6 inches and it does look like the
are reusing somebody pieces here but they’ve given us a new cloak while the
new jacket in the Hat and face cool looks all brand new and of course with
baby group baby Yoda you’ve got baby Hulk now the baby team
is growing keep with one eye as well one of my favorite favorite
last saw six bones or so plastic patroller the army man skin he looks
awesome and you know what I could see myself actually buying multiple versions
of that figure just so I can have a platoon of green soldiers I could
honestly army the army build that I would wait till that figure came to be
mmm here in the UK and I would multiply by that because it would be so cool
wouldn’t it to have a bunch of them keep with them with the motorcycle line for
Hasbro we are again a new Punisher I’m not too sure on this Punisher does he’s
is it me or the arms look way too big for that tall so I know what they’re
trying to do here and they’re trying to show him off as the badass biker and
stuff and whether the arms just well out of proportion with the body for me when
it came on the screen during this presentation everyone in the you could
add one in the audience I go huh yeah is it life fawning over it and I can like I
like the bike but I might have to cook them not Punisher a little bit but
either way it’s cool to see another Punisher in the line anyway coming with
the Deadpool wave as well it’s gonna be the strong guy here again there’s a lot
of big top heavy figures coming this year and I’m loving that um
the Trading car to the side with them Polaris dies a cool way if we can get if
someone could customize Polaris in that costume to start to sit on the visor
that would be also travel you shelf in fact how Bhopal should give us give us
that character just to do that with movie as well as another phone I figure
for the background watch what he’s skully I’m not a skin that I’ve ever the
I’ve owned before but she does come with what looks like a little machine a
little submachine gun and of course her rainbow cleaver Marvel Legends target
exclusive first appearance storm is coming as well we have had that and I
was previously I don’t know it’s no knows it there is a storm coming in a
black costume and this is different right this is the first appearance storm
based on the giant-size x-men but again looks really cool it’s gonna be targets
Lu Civ and you can see there’s no pins you can’t see any pins in the elbows the
knees and you can see that the actual thighs
and the legs are actually thicker than on previous models of figures for women
so hopefully we might start seeing double hinged elbows next here’s a
closer look at the Age of Apocalypse wave build a figure Sugarman he looks
really cool as well he’s a bit of an obscure character any don’t know it’s a
figure that’s like me do I really want like Michael kingi looks weird yeah they
had a lot of fun fitting that one in the packaging apparel it if you look at the
packaging photos up on Instagram supersorrell go check it out
you’ll see that Jean Grey is like sideways in the packaging to get the
giant head in it looks ridiculous we are getting a vintage spider-man wave as
well which I’m happy to say including a retro Peter Parker that includes a
another head we just got the half spider mask on like in the television series
when you think okay is it my spider-sense so that’s pretty cool we
are also getting a Gwen Stacy figure as well people been dying for that a lot of
people have been making their own custom versions of her but they do include a
double head so he can actually have Mary Jane Watson as well so that’s nice and
they’ve given us both but I don’t see Mary Jane wearing that outfit that’s
very much a Gwen Stacy outfit but it’d be nice to have a Jane is very a Mary
Jane head so we can actually use that on a previous female body so yeah I could
see myself making a custom Mary Jane weave but I had again a great figures
having the series and but all new spider-man sculpt is coming as well guys
than not they’re not just re giving us the old spider-man PP swag one they
completely apparently real hope this figure and giving him a whole new look
and feel so can’t wait to get that in hand to see what changes they’ve
actually made the maximum venom line is coming and apparently the Captain
America from that line is going to persuade the yeah the venom eyes Captain
America is a Walmart exclusive where guenon and Miles Morales symbiote both
from an yet undetermined wave so we don’t know who else is gonna be in that
wave or Captain America is not gonna be one of the fingers from it he’s gonna be
a Walmart exclusive and the new line that’s coming out of toys is gonna be
the spider-man maximum venom line that’s gonna be based on the there’s gonna be
based on the TV series which is coming to Disney and Disney Plus later on this
year here’s an update at DC Multiverse as the Joker and again this is based on
the Arkham Asylum version of the Joker with the flower start dying in his lapel
and stuff his grin seems obscurely big but it looks good so yeah I’m happy to
see another faithful recreation of that Joker and because I could I didn’t think
that could improve on a last Arkham Asylum figure they made but you know
what this hits it out of the park here’s it a
look at Batman as wall from the Arkham Asylum apparently these are all coming
spring 2020 so these should be due any time now maybe the next month or so and
they are going to be priced up at $19.99 each both from the Arkham Asylum series
then in the fall of 2020 we’re gonna see Batman the white knight and as you can
see at the side of him is also Joker the white knight I should have another
picture of Joker in here somewhere as well feets look out but yeah it’s nice
to see the white knight gains from love it was a very successful comic book
where Batman was seen as the bad guy and Joker was seen as the good guy is a very
weird comic but I really liked it there’s another look as well you can see
I was really in the background there as well so again really cool figures coming
in there’s an alternate head for Joker in that pack as well but stick you in
McFarland’s we’ve got the fall of 2020 mortal kombat lineup that’s gonna
include a spawn figure a Baraka and rattle is really cool as well here and
of course katana katana does come with an alternate head without the mask and
you can see in the background Raiden and Johnny Cage are available right now going back to Hasbro the are gonna be
releasing another deluxe figure later in the year and this is gonna be the
Warmachine figure based on a number one war machine and which is Jim Jim Rhodes
the armor the ugly attitude looks very cool and he’s not number 10
it is a very cool sculpt and is based on the classic war machine rather than the
sort of modernized recreation of him then people have been asking for a good
war machine for a while so I see a comic war machine in the Sinhala know I know
going back to those Fox and so any heads we’ve got some magneto and Jacob Charles
Xavier phone here and as you can see these are based on the modern versions
of them which is James McAvoy and easily a national treasure not forgot his name no he’s gone well yeah nice the two
modern guys that play them but they have given us alternate head so that you can
shove on Ian McKellen or Patrick do it there for me personally I’m gonna be put
in the Patrick Stewart head on the body of my child Xavier that I’ve already got
cuz I prefer the green suit and again mmm that magneto suit it’s orange why so
I might be tempted to use the black and red costume of magneto that we got for a
while back and put that head on that one and see how that looks
cuz I’m not a fan of that costume they are gonna be giving us another Logan
exclusive of course this is the again this is Logan we have already had
technically it’s the jeans and tank top wearing Logan but this one’s gonna be an
Amazon exclusive with view off with the Hugh Hugh Jackman heads one with a
growly Sonali Fator and one with his nice happy face he does
also come with alternate hands as well to give him bone claws as well as the
adamantium their claws look as if to be the new ones as well that we had in the
recent three pack with Wolverine in so that was pretty cool again and sometimes
I say these weird things but I will buy all of these figures oh and I believe
that is it for this video guys eyes everything and that we’ve seen this
evening so I hope you enjoyed this video I will create another one if we get
enough content to come out tomorrow to make another video and if there’s any
updates as well on those Ghostbusters figures from packaging details stuff
like that I will let you know but guys I hope you enjoyed this video
thank you very much for watching all my coverage of the Toy Fair and I will
still create another video tomorrow like I said as long as we’ve got enough
content I will create more content for you guys thank you very much for
watching if you are new around here please make sure you smash that
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see them properly it’ll close please go ahead and check out my Instagram
supersorrell where all these images are gonna be pop thank you for watching guys
I’ve always I’m your host supersorrell I’ll see you in the next video may the
force be with you bye you

Robin Kshlerin



  1. Rick Grimes Posted on February 23, 2020 at 7:22 pm

    Maybe the figure that will come with domino is Peter

  2. Rick Grimes Posted on February 23, 2020 at 7:25 pm

    Since they are doing sony/Fox, maybe we will get an Toby Maguire spider man with Peter Parker head and a Sam rami green goblin, and just maybe a battle damaged spider man figure.

  3. Martin Anderson Posted on February 24, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    Some great reveals