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News Conference: Kansas State & Loyola Chicago – Postgame

BRUCE WEBER: for — we had an unbelievable
opportunity. for our players. They’ve worked very hard to get
to point. You don’t get this opportunity very often. disappointed for K-State fans. that next step, but also at the
same guys, how hard they’ve worked, how through the year, and you know,
did some special things. It’s hard to get to this got a lot of sad faces, a lot of appreciate them so much, and
hats off to Loyola, Coach Moser. Unbelievable. We put on the
board, toughness and and they were tougher than us from the
get-go. physical, very disciplined, and
then and had his shining moment, his
Magic you need. We had a couple of those on today, and we just didn’t have
enough to answer. Barry, I’m sure it’s almost
right now, but how do you think team accomplished getting to
this tournament? take it all in within the next
few what we did. I mean, it sucks
right now, but it with the expectations of a
lot of lot, even though we knew what we
were think within the next few days
we’re come together, and really
embrace what we did. Xavier and coach Webber, what do
you was able to do to you that no
one this tournament, especially on offense? XAVIER SNEED: They jumped
the beginning. It was hard for us to come back from just kept the foot on the gas,
and it back. BRUCE WEBER: You know, team.
Their numbers back it up. defensively. Obviously they made shots. Richard /SOPBD and 9 for 18 from
maker. Some of the stuff they do, icing the ^ check,
switching everything, they’re very physical. never could get
in any rhythm. And I feared it. Our staff feared it.
lot yesterday about it. even thought, to be honest, and
I get some things, some looks, but
we I’d said to you guys yesterday,
they’re really good. care what league they are. they’ve done, you know, they’re
a very driven. They play together well, and
they exceptional today. What was Loyola doing
offensively your defensive schemes? disciplined on offense.
defense. They were spreading us out, getting in kicking and
playing rope backs and and just making the right passes,
and to recover and stop it it and
close out. Xavier, kind of expanding on the
you shot the ball very well tonight, think, about nine field goal
attempts. difficult was it to find your shot it was against Kentucky the
other night? XAVIER SNEED: To do a lot said, and
they just did a good job of to just stay in front of us,
really. it. Cam, you scored 11 all in the
scored the basket a lot. I assume you never never thought
you out of the game and were trying to get back in it?
KAMAU STOKES: We in the second half, and we just
real aggressive, and trying to make a run at it. Coach Weber, forcing turnovers
has and you forced 15 tonight.
thought that would have been enough? BRUCE WEBER:
Well, and we got 28 points. didn’t do a great — they talked especially early in the game. dribble drives. hoop, making the next pass ^
check. how they play, and you
appreciate that. they made those shots.
But when we picked up our thought we came off — out on
our heels. whatever they want offensively. after our guys.
I said, we’ve got to be physical, to get after them,
picked it up, got some transition, gave us a
little bit obviously it was too too much to
make up that late in the game. Coach Weber, I was curious, you were at Illinois how that year
you Sweet 16 and you felt like you
put a cap on it. anything from that experience, this you
will take moving forward with BRUCE WEBER: Yeah, I mean, last year, you know, we got one
win. to the Sweet 16. And I told them, because I’ve learned
cap it. I said, you get to the Sweet 16, happen, and
anything did happen. Kentucky, got to this point. from Loyola, how they play, how
tough together, and we’ve got to take that step. ballclub. We did a lot of good things, a
lot to but obviously success can’t just stop. and we’ve got
to — with the they need to keep pushing
everybody for a year from now. Xavier, you’re only a sophomore;
over this season now ending, and this
answer right at this moment, but what the level of work and discipline
and it takes to get to this point of
a farther next year? XAVIER SNEED: It takes a lot. here in this position, it was
great takes. And this off-season we’re going
to get back and go even further. me, it’s a growing lesson for
me, and I know these guys, and we’re all off-season to
get back here. Coach, you were picked to finish
eighth during preseason in the conference. the Elite 8. What kind of
impact does that leave on how will you carry that momentum
into next season. BRUCE WEBER: Well, guys and their work ethic, /A
/OPBD /STAUR. great job, I think the players will telling
you that. have a great relationship. our guys, helping them improve.
We all talked about it. President /PHAOEURZ is here and
our Taylor. All the message was we have a great worked
very hard, and you’re proud to your team, part of K-State
athletic ss. to continue that, but now
they’ve got and now keep taking — make that
next step. And it’s worked work. said it
many times when we got back this is my team, we’re going to
lead, to work hard, and then you’ve got to also, for
overcoming. When you lose your starting point in the middle
of the Big 12, the country with three teams in the
Elite survive, it’s amazing. And then you lose dean — 20 points a game, leading
assists, a way. You know, that just is amazing,
their persistence. Barry, X and cam, most of the
squads coming back squad is coming
back. How are you planning to keep the momentum going forward? off-season, working real hard. we kind of know each other a
little better so we can gel together on
and off the court. mean, it’s going to take a little bit
more energy and a little bit more film, in the gym, just learning
the game, learning the system. KAMAU STOKES: Like X said, back, and during the off-season
we’re harder. We know what it took to get to this know
what it takes to get even work harder, put the work in and
get They have two guards from Kansas
that good and really didn’t look like saw them get off the bus. Can
you talk about what they do? BRUCE WEBER: You know, One, Mason show, one of our
walk-on high school teammate with them. school. They were
undefeated, state champions, back to back. They’re winners.
The first thing when we asked Mason, about those guys, he
said, they’re winners. that, and their toughness and
their discipline is special. Obviously Richardson had a
special night tonight. averaged six points a game
coming and played at a high level. as good a game but had a great
year. And I was there. I was in the Missouri
Valley. got to the Sweet 16. You know, you get guys that will
work it and fight their butts off for
you, happen. And even our guys, they weren’t the guys
in the world, and they rose up, the top teams. So it’s work ethic, discipline, those things that these scouting
about. Those are important for coaches
and kids. I know you’ve been asked this
100 month, but with the season over, can had to deal with for the last
month BRUCE WEBER: I told the missed in our pregame that I
wanted for dean. He didn’t get this chance, but he got us
here. by himself, but he was a big force, so you feel sorry for
him. I give him credit. The four points he scored the other to show the courage to play,
just too couldn’t take a chance with his
future. why things happen, but life
isn’t always fair. you tougher in the long run, and I long run, helps our team.
You know, think of all the cam going down, Cartier got a
chance and developed. and Barry go down in the Kansas
game, So it’s craziness how things
work out, our guys rose up and took a
step. good. I mean, and I think he wants to be would anticipate him — we’ve
got to for a month and get that foot healed and then get
after it. FastScripts by ASAP Sports Loyola Chicago – 78, Kansas
State – 62. Clay clay. BEN CAFARDO: BEN CAFARDO: BEN CAFARDO: RICHARDSON: Done done Marc Marc /AUPBD /AUPBD KAMAU STOKES: CAMERON KRUTWIG: PORTER MOSER: it, glory goes to God. Secondly, I just — this group
of guys They believe. game, they’ve just taken one
game at a time and believed. Their togetherness, their body
they invested. I’m so happy for them. experience that is an amazing
feeling through, have a locker room like
this. for those guys. Coach, at the beginning of the
season talking about why not us. gotten you here?
PORTER MOSER: You know, we did say that. quite a mess met more foe sis
because one in the press conference for
about 20 games ^ check. is — we did. All summer long, we
were like, why not us. opportunity and how much they
invested in it. This is not something where it just
started. guys have been investing for a long worked, how hard they believed,
and mantra about the process. ever
think you were going to the with you, after Selection
Sunday, we to the Final Four, we said, what
do then it was the next game, and
then it was the next game. These guys have done an amazing
job what’s right in front of them
instead of skipping steps. You have to have Ben, how do you explain how
locked in tonight, and after the couple shots were you
looking at anybody in general? BEN
RICHARDSON: You know, moments that — like I can’t
even explain. black out. But you know, I’ve got to
finding me. That’s what’s so special about our team. got so
many unselfish guys, and we like we’ve been saying, it can
be anybody’s night. shown that so far this
tournament. had a big night. I
was in a rhythm and they just kept taking shots. game, the biggest game of my
life. just blacked out on some of
those celebrations. Could some of you describe when
you the game, like Ben, I know you and just what were
some of the things other or exchanged in those
moments? BEN RICHARDSON: You know, stuff, but mainly just that we
loved emphasizing kind of what Coach
was far we’ve come. We’ve believed
in each other and in process this whole year, and we
knew things. So it didn’t really matter what
the thought or what they thought we
could do. belief in the locker room and
eve one teammates, my brothers, and to
have surreal, and I can’t even /TPUT
put it into words. DONTE INGRAM: I mean, just, this group, we’ve been so got so much love for each other,
and came from and the vision we had since now with this group of guys and
the means so much. Obviously checking out of the game,
just giving everybody hugs because we here, so it means a lot to all
of us, unbelievable feeling. The past three games have been
relatively close. You guys won today by double
digits double digit lead did not slip How does it feel to not be
sweating also get a much-deserved win? MARQUES TOWNES: I mean, I stat sheet, and it just shows
right percent for the game. to have them shoot under 40
percent for the game. that Kansas State was a gritty
team and make you turn the ball over,
but care of the ball today. real good game. We tried to
limit their offensive We made some big-time plays and crucial moments, and like I said percent for the game, and I feel
like resulted and contributed to the
W. Ben, I think we’ve heard that on
the you shared a story about a photograph Could you share
it with us? BEN RICHARDSON: Clay is sharing this for the second
time. about, I think, the fact that
we’re people didn’t expect us to get
to a funny story yesterday in the
hotel. CLAYTON CUSTER: It was earlier today.
BEN RICHARDSON: It was earlier today? everything is a blur right now.
But earlier today, we were after shootaround, and somebody
in like a high school kid or
something, with the team, and they said,
hey, and they gave the phone to clay.
(Laughter). He was going to take it, too. going
to take it. I was like, oh, man. CLAYTON CUSTER:
Everybody stuff. BEN RICHARDSON: It just
matter. It’s a cliché, Coach always says it, matter the size of the dog in
the fight in the dog, and clay has
proven he’s proven that he belongs on
this point guard in my mind in this saying that because he’s my best but that’s what I believe, and
we all belief in each other is what makes us so special. Clay ton, do you feel that your
overlooked because you guys — so offensive execution, do you
think you for you guys’ defense? CLAYTON
CUSTER: Yeah, I talk about when we talk about
any how we’re going to stop them. We talk about defense.
makes sure that we’re locked in on the defensive end. coaching staff works harder than know every single tendency of
every a specific way of how we want to
guard things. The first focus is defense for us. talk about our spacing and the
way we unselfish we are, which I think
that we do do a good job of that, but
I defense is definitely the key to
us winning these games. Ben, kind of following up on
that was there a point today or in the to kind of know, I’m feeling
really good? you hit that and-one three,
you’re doing snow angels almost. moment?
BEN RICHARDSON: You know, rhythm, like I said earlier. game, and that kind of started
me off. contested one, and then after
that I The rim starts to look a little
bit On that particular play, floor when I saw it drop, and I
was point. When the crowd kind of
erupts like three, a four-point play, I was
just teammates come pick me up because I to celebrate on the floor, and
I’m glad I made the free throw. For any of the players, you guys had fast feet on defense. You
all had very fast feet. you get — how does that move in
sync MARQUES TOWNES: Why do we have fast feet?
PORTER MOSER: Defensively MARQUES TOWNES: Oh, yeah. we’ve been down the last couple
games like the first like media. out today, we wanted to make an
today. Let’s give it all we got in the
beginning. like that showed today. them shoot hard, contested
shots, and was connected on defense, and
just they shot 34 percent for the
game. percent, you can see the margin
of victory. I’m just so happy for this blessed to
be in this position. Porter, how do you explain just
how were when you came out? You guys were locked in
immediately. It was as good as you’ve probably the
tournament. PORTER MOSER: Our defense
dictates everything. say it all the time. Our defense
dictates our offense. talked a lot about the Miami game and kind of got shell shocked in the then we called a time-out, and
then I thought we were playing
defense quiet. noisy on defense. They were departing
right in front of and normally you’ll hear our benches
different things they thought they you could just see them — you
could stops and then running. creating some offense with our
defense. I think they knew right dictating our offense, and just
the growing, moving and spacing the
ball, were getting stops. Can you think back to even the
things you were noticing with this this is going to be maybe a
special going to work really well
together? PORTER MOSER: You know, we’ve enjoyed
the journey. Like we enjoy the moments, but then they’ve been locked in, whether
it’s session. We have these get-better tapes
that every single game, that we never
blow them off. there’s short turnarounds inn watching them from day one
embrace better. Sometimes you show the like, all right, Coach, you’re
embraced getting better. to do. And you can just see how
locked in they are. have a ton of fun with each other. ton of
fun with each other. than you guys — it’s just —
but they are locked in. It’s because they want to win.
their genes. They are winning young men. You guys have only allowed about
62 season. You guys held K-State to 62
tonight. key to the defensive consistency PORTER
MOSER: You know, you achieve what you emphasize. all year. All off-season they bought in
that wins, and then they bought in that it creates
offense. they know we’ve got weapons and they You can run — I always crack up
when we play slow. We try to grind you out on defense,
trying to push, and these guys will to tell them to push it. said, we slow it down. down, we just got shortened a good job of grinding people
out on D. But these guys have bought one. Ben and Donte have been here
since day top three teams in the Missouri teams that finish it ^ check,
and that drove them from the beginning to amongst everybody to guard from
day one. FastScripts by ASAP Sports

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