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the 40-day countdown has begun for the
South Korea Austin special commemorative summit that is with emphasis on three
P’s people prosperity and peace as coined by president Minjae in the summit
in the nation’s southeastern port city of Busan will bring together heads of
state from the ten ASEAN member states and although no definitive answer yet
from North Korea the South Korean president invitation to North Korea’s
chairman Kim jong-un Kim jong-un remains valid packagin reports in a press
conference on Wednesday organizers said that peace will indeed be a key topic at
the summit although there are only 40 days left until the event and although
no official statement has been released regarding Kim’s possible participation
many are saying there is still time for any last-minute developments we continue
to believe that if chairman Kim visits it will be positive for peace and
stability on the Korean Peninsula three and a half million citizens of Busan
dearly wish that chairman Kim visits the city we still cherish the time when we
welcomed and met North Korean athletes and officials during the 2002 Asian
Games and I think the north also has a good image of Busan ASEAN members have
continuously supported the moon administration strive for peace on the
Korean Peninsula and it has already contributed to
dialogue with Pyongyang the first two historic North Korea US summits haven’t
been held in Singapore and Vietnam and through the ASEAN Regional Forum the
only security dialogue that involves the north he also expects president moon
Chang and the other leaders to announce a joint declaration at the end of the
special summit regarding ways to advance peace and prosperity on the creamed
peninsula but organizers of the summit are also working on ways to turn the
summit into a festive event for the public among such efforts is the
asean-korea train carrying people from both South Korea and the 10 ASEAN States
hosted body foreign ministry and organized by the ASEAN Korea Center the
event celebrates the 30 years of bilateral friendship and aims to
expand people-to-people partnership during the three-day journey the train
takes them to some major cities in the country taking a train from Seoul
station the 200 guests from Korea and ASEAN nations have traveled here to the
southeastern city of Busan the host city for the special summits the largest
international events under the moon jaein administration all cooperative
exchanges begin with the people the ASEAN Korea train lays a foundation that
helps the people from the 10 ASEAN nations and South Korea understand each
other better and build friendship so that they can work together for a
brighter future with the hosting of the South Korea ASEAN special summit back in
2014 and other international conferences including a 2005 asia-pacific Economic
Cooperation summit under its spouts Busan is confident it will successfully
host the South Korea as hand special summit 2019 and step forward as a major
pillar of Asia’s economy kakoton era news Busan

Robin Kshlerin