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Polyglot applies for job and has strange telephone interview – comedy film

Hi everybody I’m just seen my dream
job advertised in the newspaper Polyglot £75,000 a year! (So, one of my bears, Henry, saw this advert in the newspaper and it’s for a polyglot) Whether I speak them well enough I don’t know but I’m going to go for this job because it
looks like my ideal job. So, let’s see what happens. Let’s give them a ring. OK, let’s call and see what this job is about. Hello, I’m calling about the Polyglot job. THE WHAT? The Polyglot job. “Oh, the Polyglot job” I’d like to apply for it. “How many languages do you speak?” “More than five?” I suppose so. OK. I’ll send the form. OK. Thank you. Just before you go. Can you help me? I find Italian very sexy! Do you speak it? Say something for me please [In Italian] OK. I speak Italian Is that enough Italian for you? “Delicious. Thank you. I will dream of you tonight.” The form is on its way Bye Sexy!!! Thank you. I look forward to receiving the form. That was a bit weird. Ferguson bear fetching the application form. I’m a bit nervous. I’m just going to call now. “Hello, Polyglot Company.” Hello, I’ve got a telephone interview My name’s Andy Are you the one with the Italian goat? Yep, that’s me OK. I’m going to ask you something in Italian now. Sure, now no problem “I am saying something in Italian” Yes, yes (nervously) “In our company we work long hours” Good, good. I see that you don’t have much experience in this field. Do you understand this job? I don’t know!! Tell me about something you like about Italy. Er…er… This type of pasta is made by hand OK, your Italian is a little weird. Yes, yes [having not understood!!] 🙂 Please wait for another telephone call. Goodbye (informal) Goodbye (formal) [oops] “Ciao!” I think I blew that. They’re going to call me back to speak in another language Here goes the phone again. Hello [MANDARIN] Good morning Good morning How are you doing? Very good thank you. What’s you name Andy Cordery And what’s your name? I am Polyglot Company!! OK. We are a looking for a professional person for our company We are a professional company I didn’t understand Do you understand? Do you understand? I hope you can speak good Mandarin My left arm is longer than my right leg!! AI YE! My health is good Really? My health is good Have you eaten today? No, I haven’t eaten. I haven’t eaten any meals I think that you should go and read a book [Mandarin4 Ni fengle (You are crazy) Understand? Thank you. Goodbye! Goodbye I’m just waiting for another call This is quite exciting. I’m really getting into this. I hope I’m doing quite well. Here we go… “Helloo” Hello “It’s me here. I have some news for you.” OK “You didn’t pass the Italian interview.” “Nor the Chinese one” Oh, right. “Hello, hello! “Are you there?” Yep OK.However, I put in a very very good word for you. Really? So, there’s going to be yet another chance. They’re going to give you another chance So, you can expect another call from them asking to speak a random language Do you speak Random?? I think that means, er, not Random Anyway, never mind Can you say something in Portuguese please? OK. Is this part of the interview? Not really, but do it for me please, please. [Portuguese] I speak a little Portuguese [Portuguese] but now I don’t really like to … (Hangs up) OK, er… I’ll just wait for another phone call then. [Russian] Our company is very big. Very large. [Russian] I understand I also have a big……. … stomach. Do you have food in your company? Why do you want to work here? Because I can’t stop talking. I love talking. [Spanish] And also Spanish? [Spanish] But I don’t really speak Spanish [French] Really? [French] Another question. What do you think about life in France generally? I don’t know really. I live in Britain It’s a difficult question to answer. I believe that…. Could you give me an example of working with other people. A long time ago I when I was younger when I worked with colleagues. They didn’t like working with me. So, they locked me in the cellar. Really? Yes, really Really scary!! [Russian] Do you have a car? (called machina in Russian) Washing machine! Yes, yes. I have a washing machine Do you have any friends? NO!! Hello I’m just calling to say you got
the job. I’ve got the job? I booked a table at Luigi’s to celebrate

Robin Kshlerin



  1. Kira learns Norwegian Posted on January 9, 2020 at 12:21 am

    I lost it with the dancing LOL

  2. Clumsy Greyhound Posted on January 9, 2020 at 3:10 pm

    Sup man just checking in on your channel great content I was taken by your video..