November 22, 2019
  • 2:52 pm Gregg Semenza 2019 Nobel Prize Winner | Press Conference
  • 12:51 pm Pompeo on Ukraine conversation: I was on the phone call
  • 11:08 am Telephone Call: formal
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  • 11:07 am President Trump holds rally in Orlando, Florida, live stream
President Trump Participates in a Joint Press Conference with the President of Finland

President Trump:
Thank you very much. Thank you. Look at all the press
that you attract. Do you believe this? That’s very impressive. President Niinistö: I
guess they are not after me. (laughter) President
Trump: I hope not. You’re lucky. Thank you very much. Today, it’s my honor to
welcome President Niinistö of Finland to
the White House. And, Mr. President, it’s
wonderful to host you once again in Washington. We’ve gotten to know each
other over the last period of time, and it’s been
— it’s been a great experience. The President and I have
just concluded very productive discussions
on a number of exciting opportunities for
our two nations. Before going further, I
want to express our deep condolences over the
horrific stabbing attack that took place yesterday
at a college in Finland. America is praying for
the victims and their families, and we send
our unwavering love and support. President Niinistö:
Thank you. President Trump: The
American and Finnish people are linked by an
abiding commitment to self-government,
individual rights, democracy, and
the rule of law. This past May, our
countries celebrated the 100th anniversary of
America’s recognition of the independent nation
of Finland in 1919. As President Wilson
wrote at the time, our recognition was “prompted
by [the] sympathies for a cause similar to that
which caused our own declaration of
independence in 1776.” A century after we
established diplomatic relations, the United
States and Finland remain united by those same
cherished values. Central to this effort
is our nations’ close cooperation on matters
of security and defense. Although Finland is not a
member of NATO — you save a lot of money — Finland
participates in many NATO missions and exercises. And I’m pleased that
Finland is substantially increasing its
military budget. America and Finland are
also working together to advance stability, freedom
of navigation, and respect for national sovereignty
in the Arctic. Both of our nations are
committed to a secure Arctic region — free
from external intrusion, interference,
and coercion. Simply put, we believe
that the affairs of the Arctic should be governed
by the actual nations of the Arctic. And, as you know, there
are other people coming into the Arctic, and
we don’t like it. And we can’t let it
happen, and we won’t let it happen. The United States and
Finland are likewise partnering to ensure the
security of 5G networks. It is critical that we
use safe and trustworthy technology providers,
components, and supply chains. We welcome the
establishment of the UROS Innovation Center
in Finland. Qualcomm has done a
fantastic job with that. This Innovation Center
will greatly expand American and Finnish
businesses and cooperation in 5G. We’re also glad that the
Finnish company, Nokia — it’s a great company —
a global leader in 5G technology, is developing
its cutting-edge products right here in the United
States at Bell Labs in New Jersey. Across the United States,
foreign direct investment from Finland totals
over $10 billion. Each year, Finnish-owned
companies invest more than $120 million in research
and development in America, and expand our
exports by more than $1 billion. Just today, Finnish
Nokian Tyres opened a new manufacturing plant in
Dayton, Tennessee — a $360 million investment
that is creating hundreds of brand new, beautiful
jobs for a great state: Tennessee. We love Tennessee. So, they made
a wise choice. You never lose when
you go to Tennessee. I encourage other Finnish
companies to increase their investments in
the United States. There has simply never
been a better time to do business in America. We have passed the largest
tax cuts and reform, and also regulation cuts, in
the history of country. We slashed business tax. And we’re fueling job
growth through our record-setting campaign
to abolish all of those really terrible,
unnecessary regulations. We have plenty of
regulations, but many of them we didn’t need,
and we got rid of them. The American economy is
booming, wages are rising, incomes are soaring, and
unemployment has hit its lowest level in more
than half a century. We want Finnish companies
to join in America’s extraordinary
economic revival. So many countries
are coming in. It’s the hot place. We have the hottest
economy in the world, and it’s the hot place to be. They all want to be here. The President and I are
also working on a way to improve international
trade based on the principle of fairness and
— my favorite word — reciprocity. I hope that Finland, which
now holds the rotating presidency of the EU
Council, will support our efforts to achieve a
mutually beneficial agreement with the
European Union. We’re going to have to
start doing something with the European Union because
they have not been treating this country
right for many, many years. And they know it. And I tell them,
and they know it. America’s trade deficit
with the EU has been averaging $160 billion a
year for many, many years. Achieving more balanced
and robust trade flows would greatly benefit both
Finland and the United States. We also appreciate
Finland’s strong partnership in combatting
predatory trade practices worldwide, including the
theft of intellectual property. From trade to security,
from travel to commerce, we are immensely grateful
for our close and deeply valued friendship with
the people of Finland. Great people. And we’re now working on
a deal to sell a large number of airplanes,
fighter jets — hopefully to Finland. We’ll see how
that works out. But we make the greatest
jets in the world. We make the greatest
missiles and military equipment anywhere
in the world. Nobody is even close. Mr. President, I want
to thank you again for visiting the White House. The history of our two
nations is a profound testament to the
importance of our independence and
resolve to defend it. I look forward to
continuing to work alongside of you as we
safeguard our precious sovereignty and build a
bright future of hope, harmony, and peace for
the American and Finnish people. And thank you very much
for being with us at the White House and
the Oval Office. We had a very special
number of hours. Appreciate it very much. Thank you, sir. President Niinistö: Thank
you, Mr. President. First of all, I will
deliver your condolences to — President
Trump: Please. President Niinistö:
— Finnish people. They do appreciate that. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen,
before meeting, I had some spare time, so I visited a
couple of museums here — Museum of American
History, Museum of American African History,
and Museum of American Indian History. And in addition to that,
I had a possibility of attending ceremony
in Arlington. Mr. President, you have
here a great democracy. Keep it going on. We were — we had a very
good discussion with the President. Like you mentioned, our
diplomatic relations are 100 years old. During that time, we have
developed our cooperation a lot, not only in
official meetings like this, but American
and Finnish people, scientists, for example,
need each other cooperating,
working together. We have quite a lot of
cooperation in security sector, also in defense,
because I think that we share the feeling that the
most important thing for the nation is to guarantee
security to its citizens. And that is the starting
point for Finland, also, to this cooperation. I wanted to take up
with the President the importance of
transatlantic cooperation. Well, we all know
Europe needs USA. But I say that USA
needs also Europe. We know the price
of everything. We should recognize also
the value of everything. We share the same values:
democracy, human rights, rule-based order. And in that, we
are very similar. Europe has, in a way,
awakened during the couple last years to understand
also more about security point of view. And I just want to tell
you that, in my opinion, the stronger Europe you
have, the stronger partner you have. The Arctic area — you
know Finland is in very north — is becoming more
and more interesting, like the President said. We both, alongside with
six countries, form the Arctic Council. And we are
working heavily. There are, surely,
possibilities. Like we have heard, the
maritime routes are being opened. Maybe there are also
resources, but there are huge risks. One of them is that we
should keep the low tension we are
used to have there. And that is what we have
been discussing, and I do appreciate President’s
position to emphasize that. It is not a place
for military. But an even greater
challenge is the environment, and I’m very
glad that we started to talk two years ago in this
very house about black coal. It is not, maybe, the
worst which causes climate problems, but it is —
everybody can understand that if black comes down
to ice and to snow, when the sun meets it,
it melts down. And melting of sea ice in
Arctic is very crucial. I used to say that if we
lose the Arctic, we lose the globe. We had a couple of words
— very important ones – on arms control. We — some of us remember
the worst years of Cold War in 1960s. There was no
agreement at all. Just Cold War. We can’t let the situation
return no agreement at all about arms control. And that is why it is
important to try to negotiate new agreements
and to continue the New START Agreement. That will be a good new
start for international cooperation on that. To end up with — you,
Mr. President, referred to 5G, the EU use of
ICT as a whole. We are very proud to have
the excellence of — the Centre of Excellence
of Hybrid in Helsinki. The USA has been very
helpful in that. Very many countries are
working there together to fight against the future
danger of hybrid warfare. When comes to providers in
that area, I am not very willing to point out any
country or company here now. It may be a bit late from
USA, in EU, making a risk assessment. It will be prepared in
one, two weeks’ time. And after that, we are in
a place that we have to choose the tools
to protect us. Mr. President, I want to
thank you very much for having a possibility
of meeting you here. It is very valuable, and I
found our discussions very open, very interesting,
and giving a lot to my little country. Thank you, sir. President Trump:
Thank you. Before we take questions,
something happened that’s been — it’s been going on
for many decades and we came to a conclusion. Could I ask Ambassador
Pence to just come up for one second and explain the
importance of what just took place? Because this has been
going on for — President Niinistö: Wonderful. President Trump: —
many, many years. And this is
Ambassador Pence. No relationship to our
great Vice President. Hard to believe. Nobody believes that,
but that’s true. (laughter) President
Niinistö: (Inaudible) one. President Trump: Right? AMBASSADOR PENCE: But I
have been introduced as his father, his brother,
his cousin, and his uncle. (laughter) We are friends. Good afternoon. When I arrived in Helsinki
about a year and a half ago, there were stack of
papers on the desk, one of a couple of which
concerned indigenous peoples from the
southwestern United States — Arizona, Colorado —
including probably most predominantly, but
generically I will refer to them as Hopi Indians. They were one
of the group. In 1895, a lot of their
remains had been excavated and removed along with
about 500 artifacts to Finland. And there they’ve remained
despite a lot of activity to get them back. And I’ll just jump to the
end and say: Through the good offices of our
State Department, but in particular, President
Niinistö and his entire team, we’ve secured a
mutual agreement whereby all of those remains,
including a number of petrified bodies, will be
going back to be put back where they were buried. So it’s special to us,
and I think it’s probably special to indigenous
peoples everywhere around the globe that we’re all
concerned about paying appropriate respect to
those who have departed before us. So, thank you. Thank you both of the
Presidents for supporting this. President Trump:
Thank you. Fantastic job. Thank you. Be careful. Thank you. That’s a great job,
Mr. Ambassador. That’s been going on
for many, many decades. So, I just want
to thank you. Outstanding. John Roberts? The Press: Mr.
President, thank you. President Niinistö. If I could, sir, I’ve got
two pertinent questions to ask you. Maybe I could ask them
separately to get a fresh answer out of each one. The three House
Intelligence — the three House committees that
are looking into the impeachment inquiry gave
notice today that they will be sending a subpoena
to the White House for documents and
other materials. Will you cooperate
with those subpoenas? President Trump: Well,
I always cooperate. This is a hoax. This is the greatest hoax. This is just a
continuation of what’s been playing out, John,
for the last — since my election, I would say. If you wanted — probably,
we’ll find out soon, but probably even
before my election. This is a fraudulent crime
on the American people. But we’ll work together
with Shifty Schifft [sic] and Pelosi and all of
them, and we’ll see what happens, because we did
absolutely — I had a great call with the
President of Ukraine. It was 100 percent. You have the transcript. And then, Schiff went
up and he got — as the chairman of the committee,
he got up and related a call that didn’t
take place. He made up the language. Hard to believe. Nobody has ever seen this. I think he had some kind
of a mental breakdown. But he went up to the
microphone and he read a statement from the
President of the United States as if I were on
the call, because what happened is, when he
looked at the sheet — which was an exact
transcript of my call, done by very talented
people that do this — exact, word for word — he
said, “Wow, he didn’t do anything wrong.” So he made it up. He went up to a
microphone, and, in front of the American people and
in Congress, he went out and he gave a whole
presentation of words that the President of the
United States never said. It has to be a
criminal act. It has to be. And he should resign. And some people even
say it was treason. But it was a
very sad thing. And just so you know, the
call was perfect — the real call; the
call I made. Many people were
on the line. I knew that because,
usually, when I speak to foreign country leaders —
you can name any one of them — but when I speak
on the phone, I know that we have many people
listening from various intelligence agencies. My knowledge — I
know all about it. And so this isn’t
something like, “Oh, gee, I’m on the line. Let’s talk about
a big secret.” This is many
people on the line. I don’t even
know how many. We’ll find out, I guess. But many people. Mike Pompeo was
on the line. He didn’t say anything. He just — because they
listen for both knowledge and for security reasons
and for lots of reasons. But the President of
Ukraine, at the United Nations the other day —
and previous to that — he announced through his
spokesperson — said there was absolutely no
pressure put on him. There was no quid
pro quo, at all. And if you look at this
whistleblower’s — which I have a lot of respect for
whistleblowers, but only when they’re real — his
report of the phone call was totally different
than the fact. But what got them was they
never thought I was going to release the call. Because I don’t
like doing that. I don’t want to do it. I hope I don’t have to do
it again — release phone calls to foreign
dignitaries, to foreign leaders. I don’t want to
do that, John. I don’t want
to do it again. But I did it with the
permission of the Ukrainian government. We got permission. We called up their
representatives and asked them, “Would it be okay?” Otherwise, I couldn’t
have done it. And if I wouldn’t have
done it, I would have been exposed to a lie, because
the whistleblower report — didn’t he say, seven or
eight times, I said “quid pro quo”? In other words, “You’re
going to do this or you’re not going to get money.” Now, in all fairness —
Biden said it, and he’s on tape. In all fairness, you have
at least four United States senators —
Democrats — that said it. And they said it a lot
stronger than even Schiff and his made-up
story said it. Obama, when he was dealing
with the President of Russia — not Putin — he
said, “Hey, tell Vladimir I can do a lot more
after the election.” You remember that? You didn’t make a
big deal out of that. Everybody thought,
“Oh, isn’t that cute? Isn’t that cute?” My talk and my response —
Lindsey Graham said, “I never knew you
were that nice. I can’t believe you
were that nice.” He said that
loud and clear. It was perfect. It was perfect. Not a thing wrong with it. To impeach a President
over a fraud that was committed by other people
that want to win an election in 2020 —
which they won’t — is incredible. This is the greatest hoax. Now, it’s gone on
for a long time. We had the Mueller
collusion delusion, okay? That went on for years. And that’s finally done. No collusion, no
obstruction, no nothing. It was a joke, and
everyone knows it. And it was from
the day one. Now I get three days of
peace, and I’m walking into the United Nations,
going to meet with the biggest leaders in the
world, and I hear about the word “impeachment.” I said, “What
did I do now?” And it was about a
beautiful conversation that I had. And just remember this:
The Ukrainian new President, a fine man,
said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. There was no pressure.” And he said it a
number of times. Okay, what’s your
second question? Well, you shouldn’t be
asking two questions. The Press: Well, you’re
going to want to answer them. President Trump: Do me
a favor: Ask one of the Finnish — The
Press: I will. But I think you’ll want
— President Trump: John. John. The Press: I think you’ll
want to ask — answer this question, sir. President Trump: John,
ask one of the Finnish President. The Press: And then
can I come back to you? Because I think you’ll
want to answer this. President Trump:
We’ll talk later. Sure. Well, it sounds like it
might be a good question. Let me see if I
like the question. Go ahead. (laughter) Maybe for the
first time in three years, I’ll have a good question,
and I’ll love it. The Press: There is a
report that came out just before you and President
Niinistö walked out here that the whistleblower met
with a staff member of Adam Schiff, prior to —
President Trump: Oh, I love that question. The Press: — the
complaint being filed. President Trump: It shows
that Schiff is a fraud. The Press: And I —
President Trump: I love that question. Thank you, John. The Press: So can
I finish asking it? (laughter) President
Trump: Yes. There’s nothing to finish. The Press: So the
whistleblower, according to this report, met with a
member of staff — of Adam Schiff’s staff. You’ve got it right there. You know it. President Trump: I hate
to say it’s the New York Times. I can’t believe
they wrote it. The Press: Your response
to the fact that — President Trump: Maybe
they’re getting better. The Press: Your response
to the fact that that happened and that Schiff
may have learned some of what the whistleblower
knew prior to the complaint being filed? President Trump: Well, I
think it’s a scandal that he knew before. I’d go a step further: I
think he’s probably helped write it. Okay? That’s what the word is. And I think it’s — I give
a lot of respect for the New York Times for
putting it out. It just happened. As I’m walking up here,
they handed it to me. And I said to Mike —
I said, “Whoa, that’s something. That’s big stuff.” That’s a big story. He knew long before, and
he helped write it, too. It’s a scam. It’s a scam. Just to finish on this
— I appreciate it. I love that second
question, by the way. Should have
asked it first. (laughter) But — but,
let me just tell you: The whole thing is a scam. The Mueller
deal was a scam. The Russian
collusion was a scam. You can ask Putin. Nobody has been rougher on
Russia than Donald Trump, okay? Now, with that being said,
it would be great to get along with Russia. And we will get along
with Russia, because it’s smart. But nobody has been
tougher on Russia than Donald Trump. Okay. Ask one, please. The Press: Yes. President Niinistö,
good to see you again. You had a conversation
with President Trump about 5G, and how Nokia,
Finland’s big company, could fill in that space. You also met with Chinese
President Xi during the summer, in which you
renewed the ties of friendship between
the two nations. Do you believe that
countries, particularly western countries, that
put Huawei equipment in their 5G cores are at risk
of national security? President Niinistö:
Thank you. Like I told you already:
In Europe, the situation is maybe a bit different
from that here, because the main company you
mentioned is inside Europe — partly, at least. What European Union is now
doing is making a risk assessment, asking each
country what kind of experience, what kind of
— what you have seen and found out. And that will be
well-finished in week two — or two weeks’ time. And after that, we have
to decide together, in European Union, which
kind of tools we need to protect ourselves. You referred to my
discussions with President Xi. We didn’t talk about
5G while meeting. And we all know Nokia is a
major factor in this area. They will answer
for themselves. Thank you. President Trump:
Yeah, please. Pick somebody who is
really nice from Finland. President Niinistö: No
more Finnish — President Trump: Do you have a
really nice person? The Press: — Finnish —
President Trump: I think they’re all
nice in Finland. President Niinistö: Are
there Finnish reporters? Just two. Okay. President Trump: Uh oh. The Press: Hi. President Niinistö:
Did I — wait a minute. Yes? The Press: I’m Mari
Karppinen from MTV News Finland and I have one
question for President Trump and one question
for President Niinistö. First, Mr. Trump, how
will this political storm affect U.S. foreign policy, especially
its relationship with Finland? And second, for President
Niinistö — because this is the biggest issue here
at the moment, I have to ask: What kind of favors
has Mr. Trump asked from you? (laughter) President
Trump: Or the other way around, you mean? President Niinistö: What
favors I asked or was asked? President Trump: I think
you mean the other way around. President Niinistö:
Both ways. Okay. President Trump: So the
political storm — I’ve lived with it from
the day I got elected. I’ve done more — and this
administration has done more than any
administration in the history of this country in
the first two and a half years. I’m used to it. For me, it’s like putting
on a suit in the morning. People have said to me,
“How does he handle it?” Rush Limbaugh said, “I
don’t know of any man in America that
could handle it.” Sean Hannity said
the same thing. Others have said the same
thing, “I don’t know any man in America…” Because it’s all a fraud. And because of that, and
because I know that I’m right, and because I’m
doing a great job for the American people, I’m very,
very happy living the way I’m living. I thought that I would
finish off the first term without the threat of
people making false claims, but this one
turned out to be incredible. All because they didn’t
know that I had a transcript done by very,
very talented people — word for word,
comma for comma. Done by people that
do it for a living. We had an exact
transcript. And when we produced that
transcript, they died. Because you look at the
whistleblower statement, and it’s vicious. Vicious. And that whistleblower,
there’s no question in my mind that some bad things
have gone on, and I think we’ll get to the
bottom of it. I think it’s going to
be a total reversal. But I’ve lived with this. I’ve lived with this cloud
now for almost three years — more than that, because
it probably started even before. And I think nobody has
done what I’ve done when you look at tax cuts and
regulation cuts, and rebuilding our military,
and Right to Try. Right to Try. That means people that are
terminally ill and very sick have the right to use
our medicines — our great medicines — because we’re
so far ahead of every other country. So many things
that we’ve done. Our vets are now
taking care of. We’ve got Choice. Nobody thought we
could ever get Choice. That’s when you have to
wait on line as a vet. You go outside, you get a
doctor, we pay the bill. You don’t have to wait
for three weeks to see a doctor if you’re a vet. We cherish our vets — at
least this administration does. But for many
years, they didn’t. But I take care
of the vets. No administration has done
— and I’ve lived with it from the day I got
elected, so I’m just fine with it. Okay? President Niinistö: Yes. We had a conversation and
discussion on a very equal basis, which is, I
really appreciate that. Well, I had one
request specifically. I wanted the President
to take more notice on transatlantic relations
because I consider it’s useful both for
USA and Europe. While we were discussing
also trading, I told the President that the big
purchase we are doing on fighters will be finished
in two years’ time. We have five different
candidates: three from Europe and two
from United States. He answered that,
“Ours is best.” (Laughs.) President
Trump: Jeff, go ahead. The Press: Thank you, sir. Jeff Mason from Reuters. Mr. President, I’d like to
ask you about your use of the word “treason.” You used it repeatedly
in the last few days. Do you consider anyone who
opposes you treasonous? President Trump: No. No. I consider when they lie;
when they stand before our great body in our great
chamber, and they make up a story that’s fiction,
like Schiff did. He took that perfect
conversation I had with the Ukrainian President,
and he made it into a total lie. It was a total
fabrication. And you do admit that. It was a total
fabrication. He said, “This is what…” — and the only ones that
don’t like my conversation are the ones that
never read it. But they heard
Shifty Schiff. That’s what I call a lie. And because of the fact
that he’s — he’s lying about the President of the
United States and as to what the President says —
you know, I — believe it or not, I watch my
words very carefully. There are those that think
I’m a very stable genius. Okay? I watch my words
very, very closely. And to have somebody
get up and to totally fabricate a conversation
that I had with another leader and make it sound
so bad — it was so evil. And now I see this that
just came out minutes ago, where he met at a time
that was impossible to have done unless there’s
corruption involved. And just so you know,
we’ve been investigating, on a personal basis —
through Rudy and others, lawyers — corruption
in the 2016 election. We’ve been investigating
corruption, because I probably will — I was
going to definitely — but I probably will be
bringing a lot of litigation against a lot
of people having to do with the corrupt
investigation, having to do with the 2016 election. The Press: For example? President Trump: And I
have every right to do that. Because the way they’ve
treated me and other people — they’ve
destroyed people. They’ve destroyed their
lives with a phony charge that never existed. And that was collusion. Never existed. And you had 18 people
that hated Donald Trump. And you had Bob Mueller
that hated Donald Trump. And in the end, they
couldn’t find one damn thing. I could find it on you. They couldn’t find one
thing about Donald Trump having to do
with collusion. This is after two years
and spending $42 million. And I’ve been looking at
that long and hard for a long period of time —
how it started, why it started. It should never happen to
another President ever. But I’ve been talking
about it from the standpoint of bringing a
major lawsuit, and I’ve been talking about
it for a long time. We’ve been investigating
the corruption, having to do with what they
did to my people. They destroyed many of
peop- — many people. They came down to
Washington to do a great job, and they left home. They left Washington dark. They were dark. They came down here, I
say, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. They wanted to do a great
job for the people. They wanted to
do a great job. We won the election. And then, they get
served with subpoenas. All these subpoenas. Now, look at Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi hands out
subpoenas like — you know, she has
to approve it. She hands out subpoenas
like they’re cookies. “You want a subpoena? Here you go. Take them.” Like they’re cookies. Paul Ryan would never
give anybody a subpoena. He wouldn’t give them when
Mark Meadows went in to talk. He wouldn’t give them
when Jim Jordan went in. When Devin Nunes — he
would go in, and they’d see Paul. I’m not saying wrong or
right, but Paul Ryan: “No, let’s talk about it. That’s a big thing,
to give a subpoena. Let’s talk about it.” Two weeks later,
they’re still talking. They wanted subpoenas to
investigate the corrupt Democrats and the corrupt
people on the other side. Paul Ryan would
not give subpoenas. Nancy Pelosi? “Here you go. Take it. Who wants a subpoena?” Every day, you
get subpoenas. And Paul Ryan was actually
right, probably, because they should never, ever
allow a thing like this to happen to our
country again. Thank you very much. Please. The Press: Mr. President,
can you just make clear, right here: What do you
or what did you want President Zelensky to do
with regard to Joe and Hunter Biden? President Trump: If you
look at what he said — okay? And he brought it up. I think he brought up the
name, “Rudy Giuliani.” What I want is the
following: And I’ve said this loud and clear. We have our
ambassadors here. We have Mike Pence here. Why are we the only ones
that give the big money to the Ukraine? We give money to Ukraine,
and it’s bothered me from day one. And you have plenty of
people — just here. I say, “How come it’s
always the United States that gets ripped?” Frankly, Ukraine —
we want to help them. And I do like the
new President. You know why I like him? Because he was honest,
because he said, “There was no pressure at all
exerted on me”– meaning him — “by the President
of the United States.” He said it. By the way, that one
sentence should stop this. But he said there was
no pressure exerted. But you don’t have to ask
him; all you have to do is read the transcript. Read the telephone call. But what I was having
a problem with are two things. Number one, Ukraine is
known — before him — for tremendous corruption. Tremendous. More than just about any
country in the world. In fact, they’re rated
one of the most corrupt countries in the world. And I don’t like giving
money to a country that’s that corrupt. Number two, I said — The
Press: You don’t like giving money? President Trump:
Excuse me. Number two, I said the
following — and I said this loud and
clear to everybody. And, in fact, Rob Portman
backed me up, and there’s nobody more honorable
than Rob Portman of Ohio. Because he called up:
“Please, let the money go.” I said, “Rob, I hate being
the country that’s always giving money when Ukraine
helps Europe and the European countries far
more than they help us.” They’re like a wall
between Russia and Europe. They’re like a wall. They’re a big, wide,
beautiful wall. And he said,
“You know what? But it’s important.” And he — in fact, he came
out and he said that. That was my only reason. Because I don’t like
being the sucker country. We were the sucker country
for years and years. We’re not the sucker
country anymore. But I gave the money
because Rob Portman and others called
me and asked. But I don’t like
to be the sucker. And European countries are
helped far more than we are, and those countries
should pay more to help Ukraine. Go ahead. Ask a question, please. The Press: Thank you, sir. Mr. — The Press:
What about Biden? What about Mr. Biden? The Press: What did
you want about Biden? What did you want him
to look into on Biden? President Trump: Look,
Biden and his son are stone-cold crooked. And you know it. His son walks out with
millions of dollars. The kid knows nothing. You know it, and so do we. Go ahead. Ask a question now. The Press: The question,
sir, was: What did you want President Zelensky to
do about Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter? President Trump: Are
you talking to me? The Press: Yeah. It was a just a follow-up
of what I just asked you, sir. President Trump:
(Inaudible) finish with me. Listen. Listen. Are you ready? We have the
President of Finland. Ask him a question. The Press: I
have one for him. I just wanted to follow up
on the one that I asked you, which was —
President Trump: Did you hear me? The Press: — what did you
want him to — President Trump: Did you hear me? The Press: Yes, sir. President Trump:
Ask him a question. The Press: I will, but
— President Trump: I’ve given you a long answer. Ask this gentleman
a question. Don’t be rude. The Press: No, sir. I don’t want to be rude. I just wanted you to have
a chance to answer the question that I asked you. President Trump: I’ve
answered everything. It’s a whole hoax. And you know who’s
playing into the hoax? People like you and the
fake news media that we have in this country. And I say, in many cases,
the “corrupt media”– because you’re corrupt. Much of the media in this
country is not just fake, it’s corrupt. And you have some very
fine people, too — great journalists,
great reporters. But, to a large extent,
it’s corrupt and it’s fake. Ask the President of
Finland a question, please. The Press: Okay. I’ll move on now. Mr. President, in your
opening remarks, you said to President Trump that
you had been to some museums today and that
you respected the U.S. democracy and encouraged
him to continue it. Are you concerned that
that’s not happening? And my second question
to you, sir, is: The WTO ruled today in favor of
the United States, saying that the United States
can now impose tariffs on European goods because of
illegal subsidies against Airbus. President Trump: That was
a big win for the United States, right? The Press: It was a big a
win for the United States. President Trump: You
never had wins with other Presidents, did you? But we’re having a lot of
wins at the WTO since I became President. The Press: This was a case
that started, I think, 10 or 15 years ago. President Trump: Yeah. Okay. The Press: But it —
President Trump: Excuse me. Your wins are now, because
they think I don’t like the WTO, and they want
to make sure I’m happy. Because all of those
countries were ripping off the United States
for many years. They know that
I’m wise to it. We’ve had a lot of wins. This was a $7 billion win. Not bad. Go ahead. President Niinistö: But I
think the question is for me. The Press: So the
question, sir, is if you’re concerned that the
President will impose those tariffs and the
effect that that may have on the economy. President Niinistö: Yes. First of all, when
I referred to your democracy, I just wanted
to tell that I’m impressed what American people
have gained during these decades — a hundred-so
years — building up very impressive democracy. So, keep it going on. To WTO: I have a lot of
respect to multilateralism and to international
institutions. So, WTO has given now a
decision which is, well, quite tough with Europe. But I just say that the
WTO has set its opinion, and that’s that. President Trump: And I
just want to finish by saying it’s an honor to
be with the President of Finland. He’s done a fantastic job. Very popular, beloved
over in Finland. The WTO has been much
better to us since I’ve been President because
they understand they can’t get away with what they’ve
been getting away with for so many years, which is
ripping off the United States. And please remember the
President’s last remarks: that we are a
great democracy. We are a great — the
United States is a great democracy. And I’m airing what I’m
airing because we are, in fact, a democracy. And if the press were
straight and honest and forthright and tough, we
would be a far greater nation. The Press: We are,
Mr. President. President Trump: We would
be a far greater when we don’t have the CNNs of the
world, who are corrupt people. Thank you very
much, everybody.

Robin Kshlerin



  1. His Grace, His Glory Posted on October 3, 2019 at 4:42 pm

    We are praying for you President Trump, and for you our First Lady Melania. We are praying for your administration President Trump. Father God is closely watching over all of you. Continue to fight for the weak, the forgotten and the innocent as you rebuild our country, for this is the will of the Father.

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    Donal John Trump, is our "President" and the highest order of "Patriot", but by far the most fitting title has to be "Hero sent by God to save the world"! God bless you President Trump and your wonderful patriotic family who have sacrificed just as much to save us all from tyranny!

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    This man is a joke.

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    yOU KNOW?!?
    I think the way he is been treated these years of his PRESIDENCY is "hurting" him, as it HURT his family bfr he got in the WHITE HOUSE as I saw how PAINFUL THE "press" WAS BEEN even with his youngest son.


    Im not there but I #SEE.

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    Probably…the President of Finland find it astonishing to finally realized the amount of EVIL people who works for the MEDIA were CAPABLE of…once they abandoned HUMAN DIGNITY.
    Just to SERVE the pleasure of their DIABOLICAL MASTERS…the anonymous and unknown REAL
    OWNERS of the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS. Who were using their business as PROPAGANDA MACHINE the same way GOEBEL and HITLER used the NAZI controlled MASS MEDIA during the THIRD REICH era to ENSLAVE humanity.
    Perhaps…by now…the President of Finland had finally DISCERN that the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS were in the process of CONTROLLING and DOMINATING the MINDS of the PEOPLE all over the world to finally ENSLAVE
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    On behalf of all (non-brainwashed) Finns, I would like to apologize for this spineless wimp, who cannot properly speak even in his native tongue, let alone in English.

    What comes to the US and Finland, I would say we share many common characteristics, such as the respect of hard work, honesty, loyalty, women, elders, personal sacrifice for your nation, liberty, and freedom. Or at least we used to, before the leftists (a.k.a. the fascists) started eroding the age-old cultural values and norms that made the western civilizations great to begin with.

    Trivia: One of the dudes who signed the US Declaration of Independence was John Morton Jr., a son of John Morton Sr. (née Marttinen), who was a Finn, born in Rautalampi [Iron Pool], Finland. For max. triggering, feel free to check out the 'Coat of arms' (a municipality emblem really) of Rautalampi:

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    President Trump is a Great President. I can tell you my American friends. Half of the press here in the UK is also full of Fake News on our Brexit. Half the media is reporting negative stories about the UK leaving the EU. Probably fed the negative news to the media by the EU, so we don't leave.The 17.5 Million people in the UK that voted for Brexit know the truth. The UK will be better off outside of the EU. Brexit Day is 31st October 2019, thanks to our new Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is getting the job done. Go Boris, we love you ! 🙂 Nigel Village, England, UK

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    You didn’t object when you heard Donald Trump say he likes to grab women “by the pussy.”

    You didn’t object when he kicked the American media out of the Oval Office and handed two Russian spies classified data entrusted to him by one of our allies.

    You didn’t object when he likened our intelligence community to “Nazis.”

    You didn’t object when he stood before the Memorial Wall of Stars at Langley and told lie after lie about himself and the election.

    You didn’t object while at the Helsinki Summit, he met behind closed doors with the Russian President.

    You didn’t object to him banning the American Press from covering that meeting.

    You didn’t object when he emerged from that meeting and sided with the Russian President over the findings of our own intelligence community.

    You didn’t object when the Trump campaign admitted to accepting Russian offers to help him defeat SecState Clinton.

    You didn’t object when he stood before the cameras and said; “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find 30k e-mails that are missing.”

    You didn’t object when the Russians responded that VERY DAY with stolen emails.

    You didn’t object when it was confirmed that the basis for the Trump Tower meeting was a total fabrication. That it had nothing to do with adopting Russian children, and everything to do with swinging the election.

    You didn’t object when it was revealed that Trump himself floated the cover story of adoptions from Russia.

    You didn’t object when it was confirmed that his campaign staff had met with Russian agents over 150 times, after claiming they had never met with them at all.

    You didn’t object when the Trump campaign declined to inform the FBI about the Russian advances.

    You didn’t object when Trump’s campaign manager gave internal data on four key battleground states to agents working for Putin.

    You sure as hell didn’t object when those very same four battleground states miraculously shifted towards trump on Election Day.

    You didn’t object when Trump kicked his Attorney General out of the room and asked the FBI Director to let his National Security Advisor off the hook for lying about his contacts with Russian agents.

    You didn’t object when Trump fired that FBI Director for declining to let Flynn off the hook.

    You didn’t object when Special Counsel Robert Mueller said he couldn’t establish a conspiracy, largely because so many of Trump’s staffers lied during their interviews, and because Trump himself refused to submit to a live interview.

    You didn’t object when Special Counsel Mueller cited no fewer than ten instances of the president himself obstructing justice in his report: an impeachable offense.

    You didn’t object when it was revealed he cheated on his wife with a porn star.

    You didn’t object when it was revealed that he paid off that porn star to the tune of $130,000.00 to buy her silence just prior to the election, an illegal attempt to hide relevant facts from the electorate.

    You didn’t object when he withdrew the U.S. from the JCPOA, which was the first and ONLY treaty that’s successfully kept Iranian nuclear ambitions in check.

    You didn’t object when he pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords.

    You didn’t object when he scuttled the Obama administration’s clean air and water standards.

    You didn’t object when he opened up vast tracts of protected wilderness to his friends in the oil and mining industries.

    You didn’t object to the myriad of cases of violations of the emoluments clause.

    You didn’t object to the recently-discovered military stopovers at Trump properties in Scotland.

    You didn’t object when after mass shooting after mass shooting, he wouldn’t lift a finger to protect even little school children from gun violence.

    You didn’t object when he started putting tariffs on everyone from China to Turkey, which have undeniably hurt millions of people around the world and shaken the stock markets.

    You didn’t object when he gave the corporate farming industry $26B in compensation for their losses due to his tariffs.

    You didn’t object when he channeled $3.6B in Pentagon appropriations to his wall on the Mexican border.

    You didn’t object when Trump called out against “Islamic terrorism” on multiple occasions, but never once for terrorism by white nationalists.

    You didn’t object when he forcibly separated little children from their parents.

    You didn’t object when he confined those children to chain-link paddocks.

    You didn’t object when a whistleblower revealed the president had on multiple occasions said things that potentially undermined our nation’s safety and security.

    You didn’t object when his personal lawyer, his personal consultant, and his army of sycophants at Fox News have repeatedly and consistently lied about ALL of the above for three excruciatingly long years.

    So here’s my question for you: What about any of the above do you believe entitles you to the right to call yourselves “patriots?” In anything other than today’s bizarro-world, you wouldn’t even make the rank of American. When this nightmare ends, we’ll remind you of just how patriotic you were during these days. Your karma is gonna sting."

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    Do you remember when Trump said he would take our guns away and then go through due process? Where are the second amendment folks now? An actual president talking about taking our guns away without due process. I hope somebody from the second amendment crowd takes that clown out for talking like that. I hope and pray every member of Trump’s family dies a slow painful death soon. God bless America.

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  84. ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? Posted on October 8, 2019 at 8:00 pm


  85. Bon Chance Posted on October 9, 2019 at 12:07 am


  86. Bon Chance Posted on October 9, 2019 at 12:09 am

    AMERICAN TAXPAYERS HARD EARNED MONEY😭😭😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  87. Francesco Allevato Posted on October 9, 2019 at 12:46 am

    Let him do his Job he loves it President Trump

  88. ROAD WARRIOR Posted on October 9, 2019 at 5:32 am

    F the media ! Fake as F !

  89. cheong cheong Posted on October 9, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    Gentleman Is our honor be here, We Human will not give up our RIGHT we share our Human Value to the world, God Bless our
    HUMAN To Fight

  90. cheong cheong Posted on October 9, 2019 at 1:26 pm


  91. cheong cheong Posted on October 9, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    Personaly Will say Huawei is dangerous for the HUMAN, belife
    We got to consider Seriously of every

  92. cheong cheong Posted on October 9, 2019 at 1:42 pm

    Story usually not facing the publics, belife it will be more or less be a different story

  93. cheong cheong Posted on October 9, 2019 at 1:47 pm

    Corruption NO DULT
    Every One Should to
    Expose it, Not only
    President have to do
    so, event any one of
    Ordinary people

  94. cheong cheong Posted on October 9, 2019 at 2:14 pm

    New technology can bring peoples convience, but if which going to dictators, like communist china or… then which will becomea a BIG WEAPONS, America is already terminate to use HUAWEI , To safe
    HUMAN rights this step shouldn't be go!

  95. playlists Posted on October 11, 2019 at 6:17 pm

    Fin President talks about how pumping crap (black coal) into the atmosphere contributes to melting artic sea ice which contributes to climate change.

  96. Michael Brogan Posted on October 11, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    we would like to work out a deal with finland and the NRA to get guns in the hands of the fins so they can protect themselves from knife attacks- also we have some more military and even some NUCLEAR so we can work to keep all the trash out of the arctic so its just us and you up there because as you know we are the arctic nations, and we are also the ant arctic nations! I trump personally would like to thank the fins for their hand-written affidavit against JOE BIDEN and elizabeth warren that clearly states that each of them was soliciting door to door in finland to dig up dirt on me, mr barr, and rudy and now they are blaming me for the same, which i didnt do, that was rick perry!

  97. Pat Engness Posted on October 13, 2019 at 2:33 am

    At 17 minutes: you wanna know what the Dems REALLY don't want you to hear/know about the actual Ukraine Phone Call?

  98. Mr.Stain Posted on October 15, 2019 at 5:36 am

    Stinland according to Trump. 18 seconds in.

    Stinland produces the most World Champion racing drivers anywhere.
    I love the Stinnish.

  99. ieoffor Posted on October 17, 2019 at 5:44 am

    30:22 President Trump proceeding to call himself a "stable genius" lol