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Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump hold a joint press conference in Washington, D.C.

DONALD J. TRUMP (President of the United States
of America): Prime Minister Trudeau, on behalf of all Americans, I thank you for being with
us today. It is my honour to host such a great friend, neighbour, and ally at the White House
– a very special place. This year Canada celebrates the 150th year
of Confederation. For Americans, this is one of the many milestones in our friendship and we look forward — very much forward I must say – to many more to come. Our two nations
share much more than a border. We share the same values, we share the love and a truly
great love of freedom, and we share a collective defence. American and Canadian troops have
gone to battle together, fought wars together and forged the special bonds that come when
two nations have shed their blood together – which we have. In these dangerous times, it is more important than ever that we continue to strengthen our
vital alliance. The United States is deeply grateful for Canada’s contribution to the counter-ISIS effort. Thank you. And we continue to work in common, and in
common cause against terrorism and work in common cooperation toward reciprocal trade
and shared growth. We understand that both of our countries are stronger when we join
forces in matters of international commerce. Having more jobs in trade right here in North
America, is better for both the United States and is also much better for Canada. We should
coordinate closely and we will coordinate closely to protect jobs in our hemisphere
and keep wealth on our continent to – and to keep everyone safe. Prime Minister, I pledge to work with you in pursuit of our many shared interests. This includes a stronger trading relationship between the United States and Canada. It includes
safe, efficient, and responsible cross-border travel and migration, and it includes close
partnership on domestic and international security. America is deeply fortunate to have a neighbour like Canada. We have before us the opportunity
to build even more bridges and bridges of cooperation and bridges of commerce. Both
of us are committed to bringing greater prosperity and opportunity to our people.
We just had a very productive meeting with women business leaders from the United States
and Canada where we discussed how to secure everything that we know – the full power
of women can do better than anybody else. We know that.
I just want to say, Mr. Prime Minister, that I’m focused and you’re focused on the
important role women play in our economies. We must work to address the barriers faced
by women and women entrepreneurs, including access to capital, access to markets, and
very importantly, access to networks. In our discussion today we will focus on improving
the ways our government and our governments together can benefit citizens of both the
United States and Canada, and in so doing, advance the greater peace and stability of
the world. Mr. Prime Minister, I look forward to working
closely with you to build upon our very historic friendship. There are incredible possibilities
for us to pursue – Canada and the United States together. Again, thank you for joining
us, and I know our discussions will be very, very productive for the future of both countries.
Mr. Prime Minister. RIGHT HONOURABLE JUSTIN TRUDEAU (Prime Minister
of Canada): Thank you, Mr. President. Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you very much for
joining us. I’d first like to start by extending my sincere thanks to President Trump for inviting
me down to Washington. Any day I get to visit our southern neighbours is a good day in my
books – particularly when it’s so nice and warm compared to what it is back home.
We are suffering under a significant winter storm that’s hitting our Atlantic provinces
particularly harsh, so I just want to send everyone back home my thoughts as they shovel
out, and impress on everyone to stay safe. Today, the President and I had our first meeting,
and it was very productive. We had an opportunity to get to know each other better and especially
to talk about the unique relationship between Canada and the United States. For generations, citizens on both sides of the 49th parallel have understood that the
bond between our nations is a special one. No other neighbours in the entire world are
as fundamentally linked as we are. We’ve fought in conflict zones together, negotiated
environmental treaties together, including 1991’s historic air quality agreement, and
we’ve entered into ground-breaking economic partnerships that have created good jobs for
both of our peoples. Canadians and Americans alike share a common
history as well as people-to-people ties that make us completely and totally integrated.
Our workers are connected by trade, transportation and cross-border commerce – our communities
relying on each other for security, stability, and economic prosperity. Our families have
long lived together and worked together. We know that, more often than not, our victories
are shared. And just as we celebrate together, so too do we suffer loss and heartbreak together.
Through it all, the foundational pillar on which our relationship is built is one of
mutual respect, and that’s a good thing because, as we know, relationships between
neighbours are pretty complex and we won’t always agree on everything, but because of
our deep, abiding respect for one another, we’re able to successfully navigate those
complexities and still remain the closest of allies and friends.
Make no mistake, at the end of the day, Canada and the US will always remain each other’s
most essential partner. And today’s conversations have served to reinforce how important that
is for both Canadians and Americans. As we know, 35 US states list Canada as their largest
export market, and our economies benefit from the over $2 billion in two-way trade that
takes place every single day. Millions of good, middle class jobs on both sides of the
border depend on this crucial partnership. Maintaining strong economic ties is vital
to our mutual success, and we’re going to continue to work closely together over the
coming years so that Canadian and American families can get ahead. As we know, 35 US states list Canada as their largest
export market, and our economies benefit from the over $2 billion in two-way trade that
takes place every single day. Millions of good, middle class jobs on both sides of the
border depend on this crucial partnership. Maintaining strong economic ties is vital
to our mutual success, and we’re going to continue to work closely together over the coming years so that Canadian and American families can get ahead. I’d like to highlight just a few of the specifics that President Trump and I discussed today. At the end of the day, the president and I share a common goal. We both want to make sure that
hardworking folks can go to work at a good job, put food on the table for their families,
and save up to take a vacation every once in a while. That’s what we’re trying to
do here. Today, we reiterated that our nations are
committed to collaborating on energy infrastructure projects that will create jobs while respecting
the environment, and as we know, investing in infrastructure is a great way to create
the kind of economic growth that our countries so desperately need.
In that same vein, we know that ensuring equal opportunities for women in the workforce is
essential for growing the economy and maintaining American and Canadian competitiveness on the
world stage. As such, the president and I have agreed to the creation of the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. This initiative is more
than just about dollars and sense, this is about ensuring that women have access to the
same opportunities as men, and prioritizing the support and empowerment of women who are
senior business leaders and entrepreneurs. In doing so, we’ll grow the Canadian and
American economies, and help our businesses prosper. And finally, President Trump and I have agreed to work together to stop opioid trafficking
across our border. The increase in illegal opioid use in our society is nothing short of a tragedy. We will do all we can to protect Canadians and Americans. Ladies and gentlemen, President Trump, I know that if our countries continue to work together, our citizens will
be the winners. History has demonstrated time and again that
in order to tackle our most pressing issues, both foreign and domestic, we must work with
our closest allies, learn from each other and stand in solidarity as a united voice.
With a level of economic and social integration that is unmatched on the world stage, Canada
and the United States will forever be a model example of how to be good neighbours. Winston Churchill once said: “That long Canadian frontier from the Atlantic
to the Pacific Oceans guarded only by neighbourly respect and honourable obligations is an example to every country and a pattern for the future of the world.” That, my friends, is the very essence of the Canada-US relationship.
I look forward to working with President Trump over the coming years to nurture and build
upon this historic partnership. Once again, it’s a tremendous pleasure to be here in
Washington. Thank you.

Robin Kshlerin



  1. Lorica Lass Posted on February 15, 2017 at 2:09 am

    Fellow believers, please let's remember to keep praying for Trump and his family, and for his appointees and their families, for protection, health and Divine guidance.  Trump needs us, too.  He needs us to keep him covered with our prayers. And please let's also pray for a great revival for America, Canada, and for the world. 2 Chronicles 7:14.  Thank you.

  2. Turtle_Bumblebee Posted on February 15, 2017 at 3:38 am

    Hey look, there is Joe Trudeau! What a nice fellow

  3. Stella Y Posted on February 15, 2017 at 3:58 am

    Justin Trudeau he's nice but I don't want the RADICAL ISLAMIC in my backward.

  4. Alexei Romanov Posted on February 15, 2017 at 4:16 am

    Donald Trump says A LOT about NOTHING! Justin Trudeau is the apposite very polite, professional, eloquent, diplomatic and to the point. This young man makes donald trump look even more of an imbecile!