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Prime Minister Trudeau holds a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of France

Minister of Canada): Hello everyone. Thank you for being here today. It is our pleasure
to welcome to Ottawa the Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls. He will be spending
the next few days with us and will be accompanying me to Montréal later today. Since his arrival,
Prime Minister Valls and I have already had a chance to get to work. We’ve had substantive
discussions about the shared objectives of our two countries. Objectives such as fostering
economic growth to help the middle class succeed and prosper. Or strengthening the already
significant cultural linkages that exist between our two countries. Of course, we have also discussed ways of promoting peace, security and sustainable development throughout the world. Today, with the renewed cooperation agenda, the Prime
Minister and I have reiterated our commitment in several areas.
On the economic front, Prime Minister Valls and I agree that growing and the strengthening
the middle class is of paramount importance for both Canadian and French societies. And
crucial to this is the comprehensive economic and trade agreement. By getting this deal
done we’ll open up unprecedented markets for Canadian goods and services. Mutually beneficial
to both of our peoples, CETA is good for workers, business owners, and families.
The Prime Minister and I also discussed the importance of research and innovation in growing
local and national economies. We will continue to champion innovation by supporting our post-secondary
systems, young workers, and small business owners. And innovation is intrinsically linked
to our shared fight for a cleaner planet. Canada and France are aware of the profound
consequences engendered by climate change. We believe that our two countries must do
their part to leave a greener, better world to our children and grandchildren. France
has played a leading role in helping the world community to reach a consensus around fighting
climate change. That exemplary leadership was evident when France hosted the Paris Climate
Conference in December. Canada is proud to join France in the context of international
efforts to address climate change, whether it’s… ratifying the Paris Agreement or
creating a carbon pollution pricing system. The Prime Minister and I also spoke about
strengthening our presence at the United Nations, at NATO, and within the G-7. We understand
the importance of international diplomacy and cooperation. In fact, Canada has provided
airlift to French troops that are helping to build peace in Mali. Looking to the future,
we’re eager to collaborate further within international bodies to serve the best interests
of both Canadian and French citizens. And on the subject of international partnership,
Canada and France will continue to work together and indeed increase our collaboration on pressing
global health issues like Ebola and Zika. The Canada-France relationship is unlike any
other. We are true partners and friends in many, many respects. And much of that strong
partnership boils down to what we share: a common language, a common history, and a common
set of values — values like democracy, diversity, and government transparency.
Our friendship is also strengthened by the direct, unique and privileged relationship
that Quebec and France have been cultivating for many years. Through their combined efforts,
the connections between the French and Quebecers continue to multiply in fields such as education,
culture and the economy. All Canadians benefit from this. Indeed, I am looking forward to
joining Mr. Valls and Mr. Couillard… at the invitation of Mr. Couillard, to discuss
CETA and international trade later this afternoon in Montréal.
And finally, we have a busy year ahead of us. 2017 will mark the 100th anniversary of
the Battle of Vimy Ridge. 2017 will also be the 150th anniversary of Confederation and
the 375th anniversary of the city of Montréal. It will be an opportunity for our two countries
to celebrate these milestones together. There is no doubt that Canada and France share a
remarkable past, enriched by history. That said, however, I am all the more confident
that we will build an even more remarkable future together thanks to that friendship.

Robin Kshlerin



  1. C M Posted on October 13, 2016 at 8:03 pm

    PM Trudeau always makes the other politicians hard to notice lol

  2. THE VOICE FROM CANADA Posted on October 14, 2016 at 7:14 pm

    Taxing people to change their energy usage habits only works if people have alternative solutions to turn to. Not everyone can take public transit, ride a bike to work, or convert their house to solar. How about you work on changing road and transportation regulations so all those energy efficient alternatives aren't illegal on Canadian roads? There are lots of new battery types and alternative energy storage methods coming out of China, but they are held at customs and never get to my door. How do you propose Canadians reform to your policies when your bureaucratic red tape doesn't allow for solutions?

  3. Hong Cong Phan Posted on October 22, 2016 at 2:53 am

    Some people 'take chance' ,coments that not related to this Video.

  4. nealkinevil Posted on October 22, 2016 at 3:37 am

    Good to see the PM hard at work. Hope it goes well.