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PROFIBUS Webcast Part 2: Bussystems and their functions

The Profibus is generally accepted within the industry as one of the most used bus system. Regarding the production process and building automation the bus system
represents an ideal secure and fast communication exchange between the single bus partners and the steering units. Within big companies departments such as production lines, stock and logistic departments, building control system as well as measurement and controling stations can ideally be connected with each other. The set-up of the Profibus network is almost every time the same. On the one side you can find the control unit, the so called master system, also known as active station. This can be a sematic S7 of Siemens such as in our example or a PC Profibus card. In same cases various master systems are communicating with each other. On the other side you can find the bus partners, the so called slaves, also known as passive stations. This can be either sensors or activators. The Profibus meets the norm EN50170. This belongs to the standard of the European field bus norm. Only one identification number ID is aside for each Profibus component worldwide. Let’s have a look at the registration of the Optris temperature sensors. Here we can see the number of the corresponding GSD file as well as the kind of Profibus communication. Profibus is worldwide an open standard bus system. All parameters and information are exposable. There are more than 20 million industrial Profibus industry knot points worldwide. The speed of a Profibus network can amount to 12 MBit/s. Twisted to wirelines or optical fibres can be used as a communication line. There are several Profibus versions available which can be seperated in two large fields. The process or field communication and the data communication. At this the Optris infrared temperature sensors belong to the process and field communication, especially to the version Profibus DP. DP stands for decentralized peripherie. This version arranges a fast and cyclic exchange between the master system and the Profibus partners. A great advantage of the Profibus network is that it can be connected with other networks such as Profinet, RS485, Ethernet or Canbus. The picture below shows up the production line of the painting process at a vehicle body. Through the Profibus system sensor technology and activator technology can be ideally combined. The infrared temperature sensors are reviewing the temperature of the vehicle body without any contact to continously check the process of this spray painting. Activators are here pressure transmitter for this spray paint process as well as rotating motors which are necessary for the onward movement of the conveyor belt.

Robin Kshlerin