November 14, 2019
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Ready, Set, Charge! Press Conference | Outlook Live

Good morning everybody. Welcome. What a
beautiful morning in Lancaster. It is a historic day! We’re excited about this,
not only from a staff perspective but from a lot of hard work put in by a lot
of people. I think the momentum or the momentousness of this occasion is
the fact that just four years ago we started selling our own energy.
What that meant to a lot of people was: 1) they got savings in their energy, 2)
they got greener energy, so they’re doing doing their part to save the planet. And
what we always said was that there was going to be a local return to the community as
a result of that. Today is that day. We’ve not only done some energy efficiencies
for local businesses and residents, but today we have an opportunity to share a
program that puts money back into your pocket from the local energy
consumption. In the past – when you looked at the City Council – when
they said, “What are we going to be into? What’s the business we’re going to be into?”
Energy was it. If you could predict the future and know that everybody at some
point in time was going to be driving an electric vehicle, the business you’d want
to be in is electricity. That vision came from our City Council and
its leadership, Mayor R. Rex Parris. We’ll turn it over to him at this point.
This really is a remarkable program. it and it really did come out of our
efforts to become the the alternative energy capital of the world which
interestingly enough we became and it surprised me more than anybody as a lot
of people know we were recently awarded the green power city for green power
community from the EPA when that was for the entire nation but this is an example
of that at least anybody in Lancaster today who wants to get a car for almost
nothing almost nothing and still not even have to pay gas for it this program
really is quite remarkable but it’s going to you know it takes a little bit
of creative math on it but it does get you there and it gets you there because
of not only the city staff which is truly remarkable and the the Lancaster’s
choice energy staff which has exceeded all of our expectations but it’s also
animal Valley Air Quality Management District may be transportation just
it’s everybody coming together with private private business which is the
car dealers I mean without you we really couldn’t do this could we coming
together and providing a benefit for the people of Lancaster that’s unparalleled
I don’t know of another city in the world where if you want an electric
vehicle come get one I mean literally everyone can afford one and they should
be looking into this program and you’re gonna like the vehicle they they’re
actually quite remarkable they’re much better than gas-powered vehicles I’ve
been driving one for three years so with that I would really like to turn it over
to Marvin who without Marvin this would not have happened
one thing they both save for me five dollars a gallon
think about that when we started this it was 250 a gallon now it’s $5 a gallon
but I want to remind everyone that we’re still giving the a/v AQMD is still
giving $1,000 to the electric program on to all the valid residents and we’re
given 500 if you buy it out of town so we’re still getting the incentives we’re
still doing that but with this incentive from the city we’re putting the money
back into the community and Julie make sure that people know we’re putting the
money back into the community because I read the letter to the editor and you
know it says that we’re not doing anything with it and we are we’re
putting it back in the community and that’s where it belongs
so with that Lou Gonzales thank you very much
it’s a pleasure to join everybody here today as we celebrate the launch of
ready set charge it’s been a great partner it’s been great to partner with
LCE on a program that is sure to have a profound positive impact on Lancaster
and its residents I’m excited to even see more electric and hybrid Chevy’s on
the road today like our Chevy Volt it’s parked right there there are a number of
my Lancaster Auto Mall counterparts have also agreed to participate in this
program so joining us here today and I want to thank them for their support is
Jeff and San Diego from Toyota longtime friend Ronnie Mart of antelope
valley harley-davidson even motorcycles are going electric Tim and Tom fuller
staples of the community here with HW hunter my son Justin who’s in New York
on a business trip he’s partners with us at Antelope Valley Chevrolet and also
like to thank Sean Haugh my unum from general general manager of antelope
valley Subaru and Honda Lancaster all of us dealers really look forward to
bringing some of the best electric cars available in North America to our
Lancaster residents into the community of the Antelope Valley almost 10 years
ago when I became a dealer here in Lancaster I knew that this mayor and
this council and this community were so far looking out into the future for its
community with all of this electric I mean you could see it we are the green
capital of the world and our mayor let us know that so again thank you so much
and one final comment before we invite the mayor back up to close this the
comment that the mayor didn’t mention was that we were nominated the green
community leader of the year he was also named the individual green leader of the
year so with that and giving around applause with that I invite the green
leader of the year to come and close the event it never ceases to amaze me
because when we started down this path we actually thought it was going to cost
us you know that it was going to be a sacrifice a sacrifice that needed to be
made and still needs to be made but I never thought we would make money on it
lots of money on it and that has truly been a revelation to me and I think the
staff but it’s really been the staff that figured out a way to do this and
and did the creative math and look throughout the country as to where are
the programs that we could take advantage of and now we’re almost when
you factor in the fuel cost we’re giving away cars
what city does that it but you’ve got to take advantage of
it and you got to have the courage to come in go to the dealership work work
the numbers with them and leave with the car but trust me this will be the best
thing you ever did I remember when I finally talked my wife into putting
solar panels on the roof about six months later she said you finally made a
good business decision and I could understand why she said that but she had
a lot of she had a lot of evidence to support that but every time we’ve done
something that involves alternative energy its penciled out this will pencil
out go check it out thank you

Robin Kshlerin