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thank you for watching this brief training video from zoom video communications the outlook plug-in provided by zoom will allow you to use outlook to start instant meetings invite participants edit and start your scheduled meetings as well as schedule a meeting on behalf of another zoom host in the next few minutes we’ll show you how to access and install the zoom software and the outlook plug-in as well as how to schedule invite edit and start your zoom meetings all from your Outlook calendar we will also review how you can use scheduled privilege to schedule meetings on behalf of other zoom hosts other scheduling options and how you can learn more about zoom services to install and get started visit the zoom download center at zoom us forward slash download you can find our download Center at the bottom of any of the pages at zoom us you will need to install the zoom client software and the zoom outlook plugin to begin in order for the outlook plugin to function you must have Outlook and the zoom client software opened and running on your computer at the same time let’s take a look at how to schedule edit and start your meetings directly from your Outlook calendar click to schedule a meeting to be presented with your meeting settings decide whether you want the video or webcam to be on or off by default as participants join your meeting if you default video to off participants may turn their video on any time once they have joined you may require a meeting password enable join before hosts so that your participants may join the meeting before you a great option if you might be running a little late for the meeting and schedule using your personal meeting ID you may prefer to save these settings for future use to skip this step when scheduling click schedule below and outlook will present the meeting invitation once the meeting is created you will be able to change the meeting settings or cancel to remove the zoom meeting information from your invitation treat this like any other meeting or appointment on your Outlook calendar set availability recurrence and categorize your meeting as normal add your guests provide a meeting title date and time and send customize the meeting invitation content as you see fit but be sure to provide at the very least the link to join phone information and the link for international callin options as needed once you save or send a meeting or appointment out to participants you may use the same appointment to start the meeting simply open the appointment and follow the link to join that you have provided to everyone else to log in and start your meeting any changes that you make in Outlook through your calendar will update in your list of upcoming meetings which may be accessed through the zoom client software or by logging in at zoom us to view the meeting section of the website now we’ll review how to use scheduled privilege to schedule a meeting on behalf of another zoom user we’ll use an executive assistant with access to managing the calendar of the superior as an example access to this feature requires two steps of setup in our example the executive will need to give scheduled privilege to the executive assistant through zoom meeting settings both parties must be members of the same zoom multiple user account and both parties must have a pro account with zoom you will also need to establish delegate access to the Outlook calendar you would like to schedule on behalf of please refer to the instructions provided by Microsoft office support to establish delegate privilege in our example you’re going to give the executive assistant access to read and write to the executives calendar to establish scheduled privilege login at zoom US and view the meeting settings tab here you will have access to various basic and advanced meeting settings please review the page to enable the features that you desire in your meetings scroll to the bottom of the page to find the scheduled privilege field simply edit and add the email address of the user that you wish to provide scheduling privilege to in our example again the executive will enter the email address that the executive assistant uses to log in to zoom once delegate privilege in Outlook and scheduled privilege and zoom are established the executive assistant in our example will be able to view the executives calendar and to add zoom meetings as explained previously on behalf of the executive zoom also provides scheduling options through the zoom client software and the zoom website at zoom US launch the zoom client software and view the home screen to schedule a meeting adjust your meeting title date and time and settings make sure your appropriate calendar is selected below click schedule and zoom will push that appointment to your preferred calendar add your attendees and send login at zoom US and view the meetings tab schedule a meeting here and adjust your meeting options as normal the zoom website does include some scheduling features that are only available on the website like alternative host in the case of emergency schedule the meeting and it will save to your list of upcoming meetings add to your calendar using the menu option on the page scroll to the bottom of the manage meeting page and add registration and polling questions to your meeting also only available through the zoom website we will review your meeting settings and advanced features in another training video we hope that this brief training video on scheduling a zoom meeting using Outlook has been helpful please join us for live training by visiting Zoom us forward slash live training view and register for other zoom sponsored events at zoom us forward slash events need help our support team is available 24/7 to assist you please visit support Zoom us for more information to submit a request or to chat to support this concludes our training tutorial on scheduling zoom meetings with outlook from zoom video communications thank you for taking the time to learn with us

Robin Kshlerin