November 22, 2019
  • 2:52 pm Gregg Semenza 2019 Nobel Prize Winner | Press Conference
  • 12:51 pm Pompeo on Ukraine conversation: I was on the phone call
  • 11:08 am Telephone Call: formal
  • 11:08 am Telephone Call With Relatives | MostlySane
  • 11:07 am President Trump holds rally in Orlando, Florida, live stream

Shila Amzah, the Malaysian Singer who got famous after participated in I’m Singer 2 Announced that she has joined a new company and will target Hong Kong’s market Her parents also came all the way from Malaysia to support their daughter Shila also shown her singing skill during the press conference confidently She also said that she is not afraid the public will compare her with GEM I think that both of us are very much different We have our own style If really wanna compare I wear Hijab, She didn’t and some other things (that make us different), our style really different from each other Both Shila and GEM are good in singing high-pitched songs However GEM recently has lots negative news, Shila said she wasn’t aware of it. We thought that they are very close? I don’t really watch news I don’t like to watch news So I didn’t ask her as well and she didn’t tell me either Because we like to have fun together We seldom talk/share very sad topic

Robin Kshlerin