November 14, 2019
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SPAN 2018 Helsinki – Conference Highlights

RIch Fulcher: We’re in Helsinki for our first visit to Finland for our SPAN conference, which brings together creatives from a variety
of different disciplines. Design and tech have always been kind of linked together,
like you think about technology it’s really just how do you craft things and
produce them, and it has a different association now but we’ve had technology for centuries. Isabelle Olsson: So the workshop is really exciting, we have this framework that we
call restyle, reconsider, and reinvent. It basically forces us to produce a range of ideas. And what’s great about this is that some of these more wild ideas can
then inform some of the more established ideas and we get a really good balance
of concepts. Tonje Frydenlund: And in all of our projects we would like to think about social
sustainability and how we can contribute to a greater world — if it is small
pieces like this or if it’s in our architecture and what that brings about
for people around us. James Bridle: You’re picking this phrase “pain point” and it worries me
because it seems to suggest again that the role of design is to erase these
moments of difficulty, to make them go away rather than seeing them as moments when we can help each other increase our
systemic understanding of the opportunities and risks the tools that
we use every single day. SPAN attendee: I think what’s really important about this kind of
event is it brings together not just a lot of people to actually talk about
design, but it actually challenges us on what we actually use to define design. So
everything from design agencies to game companies to you know large corporations, all of these people are here and represented and they all have a very
interesting set of constraints that they need to design for. Rich Fulcher: It’s always nice to kind of look just a little bit adjacent to your discipline, and see how you might get inspired by ideas that are standard
practice in one place that haven’t quite filtered their way into the design
practice that you’re in at the moment. Anthon Astrom: A lot of things happen in the intersection between
different disciplines. I think here is a very good example of someone
like Google inviting people from completely different areas, completely different scales of projects etc, and different interactions. And where the
intersection happens, interesting ideas pop up and appear. I think that’s an
essential thing.

Robin Kshlerin



  1. David Rivers Posted on January 26, 2019 at 11:06 am

    I Love Google's Radical Expansion of the Possibility of Being, for Human Beings, through the artful application of Self Enquiry applied to Design, Data annd Technology

  2. jqui Posted on April 13, 2019 at 7:09 am

    i love the background song. how can i find out who its by?