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Stars of multi-Oscar winning ‘Parasite’ hold press conference in Seoul

Harris I did so well in box office
despite the film’s explicit description of bitter wealth disparity in modern
society the fact that audience across the globe soaked in both the fun bits as
well as the bitter reality pill there’s what gave tremendous pleasure to pom
joon-ho for more on what the oscar-winning director shared during a
press event we turn to our Kim bo-gyung it has been about a year since the
director and actors of the film parasite were last at this hotel in central Seoul
previewing the movie with a tight budget director bong and actors Hong Kong who
has to work hard to promote the film doing more than 600 interviews and
around 100 question-and-answer sessions with the audience’s that hard work paid
off as parasite Woon heaps of praise and awards including the Oscar for Best
Picture and the director and actors were happy to meet local reporters on
Wednesday and discussed their globe-trotting efforts to promote the
film I am very happy to come back here after proudly presenting the amazing
Korean movie parasite to viewers all around the world including the United
States in terms of the pod whom said that he did not want to avoid writing
about the social issues that the whole world is facing rather he thought the
movie should face them there are funny comedy like scenes in the movie but
that’s not all of it there are bitter scenes that show the
gap between the rich and the poor and I did not want to ignore those aspects not
even one inch of it he added that it was such a pleasure for him that these
aspects of the movie have been embraced by viewers around the world regarding
the South Korean film industry boom shared his worries about how talented
young directors with fresh subjects are being rejected and he gave some advice
to the Korean film industry the film industry in South Korea should not be
afraid of an adventure it should embrace more challenging movies instead of being
scared of the risks that films might have parricide will be made into a
limited TV series of 5 or 6 episode given that his previous movie
snowpiercer will be released as a TV series dismay boom added it might also
take a while for parasite to be made but he said those episodes will look at the
dark side of society in much more depth Kim bo-gyung Arirang news

Robin Kshlerin



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