December 15, 2019
  • 7:52 pm SANS DFIR Webcast – Detecting Evil on Windows Systems – An In Depth Look at the DFIR Poster
  • 7:52 pm KAMC HD Weather Webcast December 9th, 2019
  • 7:52 pm On Hold Music For Phone Systems & Business █ Instrumental music for telephone waiting lines
  • 7:52 pm 9. Telephone Gateways | Introduction to DMR | Tait Radio Academy
  • 6:52 pm Taylor Swift – Call It What You Want (Lyrics / Lyric Video)
SANS DFIR Webcast – Detecting Evil on Windows Systems – An In Depth Look at the DFIR Poster

– [Benjamin] Hello everyone and welcome to today’s Sans DFIR webcast, detecting evil on Windows systems, an in depth look at the DFIR poster. My name is Benjamin White, with the Sans Institute and I’ll be moderating this webcast. Today’s featured speakers are Rob Lee, Sans faculty fellow, and Mike Pilkington, Senior Security Consultant. If […]

Como entrar en un  Webcast de Facebook! //español
Jayne Latz presents strategies to “Improve Your Telephone Communication Skills!”

Welcome to Corporate Speech Solutions. My name is Jayne Latz and today we’re going to discuss some telephone tips. Many people contact us and they specifically say they need help on the telephone so today I want you to have five simple tips that will really make a difference when you’re speaking on the phone. […]


[ Woman ] You know, I guess the reason why I likeJapan the best…out of all Asian countries…is because I really feel close to, um, Buddhism.I really feel– I really believe in reincarnation.That’s part of what drew me toMidnight Velocityas well,because although Keanu dies,he eventually gets reincarnated. So there’s hope– There’s hope in reincarnation, I […]


Two of the most frequent questions I get from friends and colleagues are first, how do I manage to sell and publish my work and second, how much could they sell their content for?

[Webcast] Enterprise Software Selection – Do’s and Don’ts

Alright we are going to get started thank you very much for joining us and good afternoon we are going to be talking today about enterprise software selection and really focusing on the do’s and don’ts and what you can do and what we’ve seen happen during that software selection process so this end up […]

BT Decor 2600 Corded Telephone Review By Telephones Online

welcome to the telephones online studio and welcome to the latest in our series of video reviews my name is darren and today we’re going to be having a look at a new product out from BT now it’s a corded phone the Decor or BT Decor 2600 but it has some great features and […]

IG Press Conference – Worlds 2019 Semifinals

Conference Tyler ESPN, this is for Rookie The series say was largely into Tian played a very good series and a lot of people talking about he’s the next generation of superstars in China. Can you talk a little about how you see him as a player and what expectations you have for him in […]

Risk Management Webcast Part 3: Cost, Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness

So I’m going to speak about cost, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness. It’s one of those phrases where the pauses and the commas are important to distinguish, these are three different concepts and tools, obviously related. I’m going to speak mostly from examples from the first place that we did a survey on, that Irene has mentioned […]

Call Recording

With a modern business telephone system, you can benefit from call recording capabilities. This allows you to record all inbound and outbound calls for playback at a later date. Call recording brings many benefits to your business, some of which you might not be aware of. Call recording software allows you to monitor the interactions […]