January 29, 2020
  • 6:52 pm Trump’s Press Conference MELTDOWN
  • 6:52 pm Celine Dion – French Press Conference w/ English Subtitles (Montreal, July 31st 2016)
  • 6:52 pm Lyndon LaRouche Webcast, April 11th, 2014
  • 6:52 pm KAMC HD Weather Webcast November 22nd, 2019
  • 6:52 pm Record A Call With Wildix
Record A Call With Wildix

Recording a call with Wildix is easy. When you’re on a call, simply click the record button and wait for it to turn red. When you’re ready to stop recording click the button again, and it will turn gray. To listen to your recording, go to your call history, and you will see an audio […]

Telephone Dog : animated music video : MrWeebl

Hello? Is that a hospital Can you put me though to my mother? She’s illin’. Oh yeah she’s illin’! Get off the phone Dog! Put the phone down! No! Put it down! I’m not calling you. I’m calling for the hospital. I want to speak to my mother! AHHhhhHhHh! I’m trying to call the hospital […]

Angriest Customer Service Phone Call EVER!

Hey guys I’m Brooke Burgstahler… And I think someone needs a hug…. An EPIC customer service phone call meltdown surfaced online yesterday on to Reddit and holy Moses the guy on this phone call was for sure popping blood vessels in his face. The call took place four years ago, and features a customer calling […]

Call Center Agent Training Videos

Call Center Agent Training Videos – frightening to people in the top of that uh… ir programs that help millions of people all over the world and some of our best ideas for new training programs come from our clients and lately we’ve been hearing tenancy do something for sales well that’s what you’re going […]

Save Lives. Save 000 for Emergencies – NURSE-ON-CALL service (video)

Nurse on call puts you directly in touch with a registered nurse. We can give you immediate expert advice 24/7. So to help save lives save triple zero calls for emergencies. Authorised by the Victorian Government knowing

Introduction (Virtual Telephone Number & Cloud-based PBX)

communications have advanced significantly in recent years allowing us to be truly connected anywhere we go at the office at home or on our mobile. you want to be in contact with your team and your customers wherever you are and wherever there. there are many phone companies that claim to be able to deliver […]

How Do I… Replay My Recorded Phone Calls over the Phone?

So, you’ve just recorded a phone call with Record Your Call and you’ve noted down the PIN that was read out to you before the call connected. You can download an MP3 free of charge from your account on the website, but if you need to listen to the call where you don’t have access […]

Best Voice Changer App During Call For Android And iPhone

hello everyone welcome to tweak Library. my name is mridula and I am going to tell you the best voice changer apps during call for Android and iPhone fun phone call. fun call can be used for both Android and iPhone with this voice changer app during the call you can prank your friends. call […]

THE PHONECALL. Telephone English. Spelling. Pre-intermediate-Intermediate

Oh, what’s this? Please phone the gas company URGENTLY No… What time is it? Okay… Right Eight, seven, “o”, five, four, eight, two, one, six, seven, nine, three. Hello? This is a recorded message. Press one for English. [Spanish] Teclee dos para español. [Catalan] Teclegi tres per català. Okay, one, English. If you know the […]

CALL ME – Blondie // Taryn Southern 80’s Music Video Cover – Flashback Friday

Color me your color, baby Color me your car Color me your color, darling I know who you are Come up off your color chart I know where you’re comin’ from Call me (call me) on the line Call me, call me any, anytime Call me (call me) my love You can call me any […]