January 28, 2020
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The Beatles in Australia: Press Conference (1964)

Q: “Is it true that you originally auditioned for two record companies before you were finally signed by EMI records?” JOHN: “Yeah, uhh, we made tapes for Decca, and I think…” GEORGE: “And Pye.” JOHN: “Yeah, but we didn’t actually go to Pye.” GEORGE: “EMI turned us down, first of all.” (laughter) PAUL: “They did.” […]

Zakir Naik || Ramadan and its Introduction || Peace TV Live Streaming – Episode-3

dear brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh may the peace mercy and blessings of Allah be on all of you I’m your host use of chambers and I welcome you to this series of programs entitled Ramadan a date with dr. Zakia today we will be covering the topic of Ramadan […]

S. Korean pitcher Kim Kwang-hyun signs 2-year deal with St. Louis Cardinals

south korean pitcher kim kwang-hyun will get the chance to fulfill his dream of playing in the american big leagues he signed a two-year contract with the st. Louis Cardinals our park se-young has more pitcher kim kwang-hyun is joining the st. Louis Cardinals in the 2020 season the Cardinals announced the signing of the […]

Arsenal 1-2 Eintracht Frankfurt – Unai Emery LAST Press Conference As Arsenal Manager – SUBTITLES

How disappointing, how depressing was that defeat? how difficult is it going to be to recover from that? Good ebening. yes the result is.. I think we deserved more we controlled the game in the first half, we scored one goal. We, in the first half, were happy for how we took the performance as […]

FunPlus Phoenix makes it to 2019 Worlds finals! Post-semifinals press conference

I mention also that at the time, the police interviewed Damien Echols and his mother. They said he was on the phone with Domini Teer. They interviewed Domini Teer, she confirmed that was true. They interviewed Jennifer Bearden, who confirmed that was true. Jennifer Bearden has filed an affidavit in the federal case, now ten […]

PM Tusk and PM Harper Press Conference

Distinguished Prime Minister and dear friend I would like to cordially thank for this visit that we have prepared for years When we met for the first time in my home town in Gdansk Both of us knew that we understood each other better than two politicians can usually understand each other Perhaps one of […]


Moderator: Ladies and Gentlemen Good Day, and Welcome to Reserve Bank of India Post Policy Conference Call for Media. As a reminder, all participant lines will be in the listen-only mode. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions after the presentation concludes. Should you need assistance during the conference, please signal an […]