April 10, 2020
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Calling to a rotary telephone

(Le phone contacto) ring rong ring rong ring rong ring rong more ring rongs pickup Ok end of call 🙂 cya betches

How Telephone Phreaking Worked

Every October for the last 4 years I have travelled to Portland Oregon to attend the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. It takes place in the Oregon Convention Center. This convention is like Mecca for retro gaming enthusiasts. The vendor area alone is truly amazing. People come from all over to shop for games, or look […]

2015 LR4 Telephone | Land Rover USA

[Music] In this video, we’ll show you how to make and receive calls using your Land Rover LR4 Hands-free System. After pairing your phone, press the Phone soft key on the touchscreen to access the Phone menu. Touch the Phonebook soft key. You can then select a contact in one of two ways either searching […]

Your first ZRTP voice call with Jitsi

Hello. This short video will demonstrate how to have a private voice call with Jitsi. We assume that you have already installed Jitsi on your computer. If you’d like help with that, look for a “How to install Jitsi ” video in our channel. Let’s fire up Jitsi. For this demonstration we are logged in […]

How to Make a Rotary Dial Phone Ring (Without Telephone Connection)

During the process of creating a sound library of telephone devices, we came up against two challenges: firstly, how to manage to make the devices ring in a space where there is’nt any landline and secondly, how this ringing would comply with the existing ringing tone standards of every continent. but what i mean by […]

D4002 SleuthGear Digital Phone Recorder

Okay here’s what comes with the SleuthGear D4002 digital phone recorder. Instruction Manual, it comes with 2 AAA batteries there’s also a USB calbe if you want to connect it to your computer. Now here’s the phone recorder. And on the front there’s the start buttons and some other buttons so you can navigate through […]


[opening theme playing] [car engine revving] [car engine revving] -[narrator] Hello, Pato! -[quacks upset][narrator] Oh, I’m sorry.You’d like some peace and quiet, am I right?Well, then I’ll be absolutely sure to…[quacks angrily] [narrator] Ah…[whispering] Right. Quiet.-[doorbell rings] -Quack! [ding!] [ding!] [ta-dah!] -Quack! -[narrator] Oh, a new mobile phone!It looks really cool. What do you plan […]

Business telephone systems case study: Womens Pioneer Housing Association

Women’s Pioneer Housing is a registered social landlord that provides an accommodation to women lead households. We’ve been established since 1920. We are looking forward to are in centenary in 2020. And, moving forward, we’re looking to enhance our existing services and create developments for new services to our existing and future tenants. We were […]

How to use the Friendcaller.com Web Phone to make free calls VoIP

Welcome to the FriendCaller.com tutorial Open your browser and go to FriendCaller.com Then Click on New WebPhone Now the browser will open our FriendCaller WebPhone Type in your Email and Password and click at login to start the Web Phone in your browser Click on the Install FriendCaller Button to download the Web Phone Now […]


Hello, Hello, Person I’m calling to get you To buy this brand new product That I’d think you’d like to use So, So, Whaaaaat Do you think? Do you wanna buy it? Sorry, I don’t want it I’m just not interested I’m not interested I’m not interested Sorry, I don’t want it I’m just not […]