December 15, 2019
  • 7:52 pm SANS DFIR Webcast – Detecting Evil on Windows Systems – An In Depth Look at the DFIR Poster
  • 7:52 pm KAMC HD Weather Webcast December 9th, 2019
  • 7:52 pm On Hold Music For Phone Systems & Business █ Instrumental music for telephone waiting lines
  • 7:52 pm 9. Telephone Gateways | Introduction to DMR | Tait Radio Academy
  • 6:52 pm Taylor Swift – Call It What You Want (Lyrics / Lyric Video)
SANS DFIR Webcast – Detecting Evil on Windows Systems – An In Depth Look at the DFIR Poster

– [Benjamin] Hello everyone and welcome to today’s Sans DFIR webcast, detecting evil on Windows systems, an in depth look at the DFIR poster. My name is Benjamin White, with the Sans Institute and I’ll be moderating this webcast. Today’s featured speakers are Rob Lee, Sans faculty fellow, and Mike Pilkington, Senior Security Consultant. If […]

Jayne Latz presents strategies to “Improve Your Telephone Communication Skills!”

Welcome to Corporate Speech Solutions. My name is Jayne Latz and today we’re going to discuss some telephone tips. Many people contact us and they specifically say they need help on the telephone so today I want you to have five simple tips that will really make a difference when you’re speaking on the phone. […]

Risk Management Webcast Part 3: Cost, Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness

So I’m going to speak about cost, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness. It’s one of those phrases where the pauses and the commas are important to distinguish, these are three different concepts and tools, obviously related. I’m going to speak mostly from examples from the first place that we did a survey on, that Irene has mentioned […]


*advert* Nowadays, many people associate the phone with a steep shovel like”Xiaomi” or “IPhone” where you can only play any games or watch videos on Youtube. I’m serious, since many viewers are watching me from the phone, But let’s not forget that the original goal is communication. If you watched my video about communication, then […]

Hatch Act Roundtable Webcast

>>Good afternoon. It is my pleasure to welcome you today to the employee and labor relations Roundtable, preparing for the 2012 election season — Political activity and the federal employee. In addition to the participants in the auditorium, we are joined by weathercast yours from across the country. We will discuss — Webcast viewers from […]

Designers for Learning Webcast 54

Hi, everyone! Tonight is Thursday October 6th, 2016 and this is our second meeting for our Adult Basic Education open ABE MOOC my name is Jennifer Maddrell in Chicago Illinois and we’ve assembled a panel of subject matter experts in adult basic education as well as instructional design who are facilitators in our course, and […]

Football – Keith Carter Press Conference (12-2-19)

Good morning. Obviously this is a hard day, but as we announced yesterday we’ve decided to make a change in our football leadership. With the support and consultation of Chancellor Boyce and after meeting with coach Luke, we felt that we needed to move forward in a different direction and inject new energy into the […]


>>:Thank you all for being with us today. I appreciate it. I particularly appreciate seeing all the business owners, residents and property owners for being here. Thank you so much – and members of the community who have really demonstrated what a resilient community is. So, thank you for being here today. I also want […]

Frank Lampard FULL Pre-Match Press Conference – Chelsea v Ajax – Champions League

Okay good afternoon we’re gonna conduct the press conference in English if there is any requirement for translation please raise your hand otherwise we’ll try to get through in English where we can Big day tomorrow you gotta perform like you did in Amsterdam, if you win though one foot in the next round? I […]

NASA Mars INSIGHT: Pre Launch Press Conference

hello and welcome to the insight prelaunch briefing my name is Stephanie L Smith I am with the media relations department of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory which manages insight for the agency and we are here today for the historic insight mission we’re gonna get to know the mission we’re gonna get to know some […]