January 29, 2020
  • 6:52 pm Trump’s Press Conference MELTDOWN
  • 6:52 pm Celine Dion – French Press Conference w/ English Subtitles (Montreal, July 31st 2016)
  • 6:52 pm Lyndon LaRouche Webcast, April 11th, 2014
  • 6:52 pm KAMC HD Weather Webcast November 22nd, 2019
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Celine Dion – French Press Conference w/ English Subtitles (Montreal, July 31st 2016)

-Good evening, Celine -Good Evening -Thanks for this wonderful evening here I’m looking at you right now and it seems that you’re in your thirties Do you feel this way yourself? How does the song say?… At the age of 30 women are beautiful… After it depends on them Well, mostly I think that it’s […]

Lyndon LaRouche Webcast, April 11th, 2014

MATTHEW OGDEN: Good evening, it’s April 11th, 2014. My name is Matthew Ogden, and I will be hosting this evening’s broadcast of our weekly Friday webcast on larouchepac.com. We’re joined, as we always are, by Mr. Lyndon LaRouche tonight, and also Cody Jones, who will be asking, along with myself, a series of questions. Now, […]

Live stream: National Portfolio press conference

Good morning everybody and also good morning to everyone who’s joining us online through our live stream. I’m Laura Dyer, Deputy chief executive for places and engagement at Arts Council England and I’m very pleased to welcome you here today to Curve Leicester. It’s my base; the Midlands and also Leicestershire is my home county […]

Telephone Business Etiquette & Software : How to Remove Yourself From Telemarketing Lists

Sixty two million people have taken their name off the telephone list. Yes, you can take your name off the do not call list very easily. My name is Kathy Pabst Robshaw, Total Telephone Effectiveness. Go online; donotcall.gov is the website. You can put in three telephone numbers to have removed. Type in the area […]

Angriest Customer Service Phone Call EVER!

Hey guys I’m Brooke Burgstahler… And I think someone needs a hug…. An EPIC customer service phone call meltdown surfaced online yesterday on to Reddit and holy Moses the guy on this phone call was for sure popping blood vessels in his face. The call took place four years ago, and features a customer calling […]

First Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Press Conference 2017-2018, Thursday, April 06, 2017

Dr. Urjit R. Patel: Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for coming to the First Bi-Monthly of the new fiscal year. We take this opportunity to welcome Mr. B P Kanungo to his first post monetary policy press conference. Let me start with the Monetary Policy Committees’ decision today. The MPC made a detailed assessment of […]

BTS ‘Beautiful'(美친) Press Conference Part 3 [SUB : ENG]

Hello! Hello~ I have 2 questions for Jungkook. Before attending the Billboard Music Awards, you said during an interview that the next mixtape will be yours. Are you working on any songs right now? I’d appreciate it if you could tell the fans when it will be revealed. Secondly, Billboard picked the best moments of […]

Kansas City Week in Review – December 20, 2019

Get ready it’s our annual year in review of the program faithfully discharge the duties of governor I will not be a candidate in twenty twenty for a fifth senator term no interest in being the senator from Kansas I love doing what I’m doing today many gathered at the Nelson Atkins museum to say […]

Lyndon LaRouche’s August 15th 2014 Webcast larouchesupport

Good evening. This is August 15th, 2014. My name is Ross, and I’ll be moderating this evening’s webcast at larouchepac.com. We’re pleased to have with us tonight Dennis Small, Creighton Jones, and Lyndon LaRouche. So, we’re meeting at a time of astonishingly swift changes. Time’s moving at a seemingly faster rate almost every day. We’ve […]

Eric Schmidt at the Web 2.0 Expo

JOHN: I’m not going to talk much, actually. My job now is to interview a fellow who I’m sure all of you are very eager to hear from. His name is Eric Schmidt. He’s the CEO of Google. I’d like to bring him on up. Eric? ERIC SCHMIDT: Hi, nice to see you. JOHN: Have […]