October 16, 2019
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  • 4:50 am The President’s News Conference, 11/4/66.
  • 3:50 am CDC ZOHU Call October 2, 2019
  • 3:50 am News Conference: Syracuse
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The President’s News Conference November 4, 1966 THE PRESIDENT. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I will be glad to take any questions. QUESTIONS THE PRESIDENT’S HEALTH DURING THE ASIAN TRIP [1.] Q. Mr. President, in view of the report you gave us on your health yesterday, could you tell us whether your doctors at any […]

FOMC Press Conference September 18, 2019

Transcript of Chair Powell’s Press Conference September 18, 2019 CHAIR POWELL. Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome. My colleagues at the Federal Reserve and I are dedicated to serving the American people. We do this by steadfastly pursuing the goals Congress has given us: maximum employment and stable prices. We are committed to making the best […]

Local Cricket Press Conference

(cameras clicking) – All Good? Everyone’s good? Good stuff – Bagsie, why don’t you kick us off mate? – Yeah Skip, great win today. Obviously plenty of feeling towards the end – Aw man it was a good win, well especially we started with eight on the field, John’s 30th last night didnt help us […]

LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast – July 22, 2016

MATTHEW OGDEN: Good Evening! It’s July 22nd, 2106. My name is Matthew Ogden, and you’re watching our weekly broadcast here on Friday evenings from LaRouchePAC.com. I’m joined in the studio by Ben Deniston, from the LaRouche PAC science team; and then I’m joined via video by two members of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee. We […]

Princeton news conference for James Peebles, winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics

BEN CHANG: In 1989, the American new wave band The B52s released their album, “Cosmic Thing.” In the 30 years since first listening to that CD, that is the closest I have ever come to the body of work for which Professor Peebles is being recognized today in being named the 2019 Nobel Laureate in […]

Spring Cleaning Voter List Maintenance Best Practices, Tools and Success Stories – Webcast

(Commissioner Masterson speaking) Welcome to the EAC Offices. We’re coming live on our maiden voyage on Facebook Live this morning. So for those tuning in on Facebook please feel free to share this discussion and let other folks know this is going on. On this the first full day of Spring the EAC is focusing […]

Periscope vs. Meerkat: Which Live Streaming App Is Better?

So live streaming is the mega trend right now And right in the center of the battle is Meerkat And Periscope which is better that’s what we are going to talk about In this video Hey what’s up video influencers Sean here helping you Crush it with online video and if you are watching this […]

International Labour Conference opens with call to address workplace violence and harassment

[Luc Cortebeeck, ILO Governing Body Chairperson] “I am confident that this year’s session will live up to the expectations and trust that have been placed in it. I therefore have great pleasure in declaring Mr Sameer Murad, Minister of Labour of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, President of the 107th Session of the International Labour […]

Press Conference with the Chairman of the FOMC, Ben S. Bernanke

Transcript of Chairman Bernanke’s Press Conference April 27, 2011 CHAIRMAN BERNANKE. Good afternoon. Welcome. In my opening remarks, I’d like to briefly first review today’s policy decision. I’ll then turn next to the Federal Open Market Committee’s quarterly economic projections also being released today, and I’ll place today’s policy decision in the context of the […]

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act Webcast

The Veterans Benefit Improvement Act of 2008, Public Law 110-389 was signed October 10, 2008. This Act contained a key provision which requires all Federal Agencies to provide Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act or USERRA training. The training is provided as defined in the Act, “to any personnel of the agency who are […]