October 16, 2019
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  • 4:50 am The President’s News Conference, 11/4/66.
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  • 2:50 am How to Record Calls on iPhone | Best Free Call Recorder App
Wireless wake-up call | Jeromy Johnson | TEDxBerkeley

Translator: Hélène Vernet Reviewer: Rhonda Jacobs I’d like to begin by asking a few questions. Who knows if they have a wireless smart meter on their home? Okay. And who has their smartphone in their pocket right now? Great. And who’s read the fine prints in your owner’s manual that says that the smartphone should never […]


Katie Douglas I am president here at SUNY Corning Community College and we are excited to be here today with my colleague: Jim Frame District Superintendent of The Greater Southern Tier BOCES. We are excited because the Trustees of the Corning Community College last night passed a resolution that allows for the first time the […]

Cleo County Actual Video Noida Sector 121 | Call 7861008808 – 3 & 4 bhk luxury flats for sale

Hi Everyone I am From Regrob India Leading Tech Enable Real Estate Brokerage Firm. Today we Visiting at Cleo County Project. This Project is Located at Noida Sector 121. So This is the outside view of the apartments. Here you can see this is the internal Path. So this the out side view of Cleo […]


Let’s get this show on the road. Does anyone know how to use this thing? Oh, here’s IT. Finally. [Music] So……. Just tap! Hi, guys INTRODUCING TAP TAP ONE-TOUCH JOIN TAP FLEXIBLE MOUNTING OPTIONS TAP TAP INTO BETTER MEETINGS Oh, hey yeah, you’re back! Oh, now you’re gone, hahaha… Ok, alright, alright, sorry, I don’t […]

How to conference call in any mobile

Bism allah alruhmin alruhmin Hello friends I welcome you guys this video And I hope you all are good In this video, I will tell you this How can you call a conference call? We can also call him a group The conference call means Call call conference calls for more than one phone at […]

My Favorite Phone of 2017!

[Intro Music] [Intro Music] Hey, how’s it going, Dave2D here. So 2017 was just packed with really good smartphones choices to choose from. Basically, every manufacturer out there delivered some really good stuff this year. And it was really hard to make videos on them, because every time I would find a phone and make […]

Live Streaming an Oscilloscope using an Epiphan DVI2USB 3.0 Video Grabber and Wirecast for YouTube

Hi this is Dave McDuff, a marketing manager at Epiphan Systems with a short video of a YouTube Live Event where we are sharing an oscilloscope showing a couple of video signals. This is being captured using a DVI2USB 3.0 Video Grabber and Wirecast for YouTube

Live Streaming a Document Camera using an Epiphan DVI2USB 3.0 Video Grabber and Wirecast for YouTube

Hi this is Dave McDuff, a marketing manager at Epiphan Systems with a short video for YouTube Live Event where we’re sharing our document camera I’m catching this video using a DVI2USB 3.0 Video Grabber and live streaming via Wirecast for YouTube

Webcast • Open Source Pull Requests

First and foremost, I set the tone and the topic that this is about pull request. And I have a wonderful opportunity to teach this under the hospices of my work on the training team at GitHub. I get to teach classes all the time to a lot of businesses and people using GitHub for […]

Live Broadcast Behind the Scenes: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

You should have taken the right tube No one’s moving, I hope I’m not screwed… This week is crazy… I’m gonna go live on Adorama book a model, find a dress, get my gear Which it’s looking like it’s gonna rain and I have to.. alright. report, in the middle of planning this shoot You […]