December 15, 2019
  • 7:52 pm SANS DFIR Webcast – Detecting Evil on Windows Systems – An In Depth Look at the DFIR Poster
  • 7:52 pm KAMC HD Weather Webcast December 9th, 2019
  • 7:52 pm On Hold Music For Phone Systems & Business █ Instrumental music for telephone waiting lines
  • 7:52 pm 9. Telephone Gateways | Introduction to DMR | Tait Radio Academy
  • 6:52 pm Taylor Swift – Call It What You Want (Lyrics / Lyric Video)
Taylor Swift – Call It What You Want (Lyrics / Lyric Video)

🎵 My castle crumbled overnight 🎵 🎵 I brought a knife to a gunfight 🎵 🎵They took the crown, but it’s alright 🎵 🎵 All the liars are calling me one 🎵 🎵Nobody’s heard from me for months 🎵 🎵I’m doing better than I ever was 🎵 🎵Cause’ My baby’s fit like a daydream 🎵 […]


From the Last Stop Studios in Sioux Falls South Dakota You’re watching The White Wall Sessions Tonight on The White Wall Jeff Thomson Goodroad Gaelynn Lea and Judd Hoos The White Wall Sessions is presented by Last Stop CD Shop Something for everyone in the family at your one stop entertainment shop The White Wall […]

[Webcast] Enterprise Software Selection – Do’s and Don’ts

Alright we are going to get started thank you very much for joining us and good afternoon we are going to be talking today about enterprise software selection and really focusing on the do’s and don’ts and what you can do and what we’ve seen happen during that software selection process so this end up […]

BT Decor 2600 Corded Telephone Review By Telephones Online

welcome to the telephones online studio and welcome to the latest in our series of video reviews my name is darren and today we’re going to be having a look at a new product out from BT now it’s a corded phone the Decor or BT Decor 2600 but it has some great features and […]

ASL | CC | Telephone Consumer Protection Act | Robocalls | Up to $1,500 Per Call | VP 203-653-8563

Hi folks, I’m Sergei Lemberg. I run Lemberg Law, a consumer law firm that’s helped more than 10,000 people get more than $30 million. If you have a consumer law issue, we can help you. Our representation costs you nothing out of pocket, so call us today or contact us today for a free case […]

Telephone English – How To Talk In English On The Phone – Free Communication Lesson

Welcome to Teaching you English through two-minute lessons. In this lesson, we will learn phrases you may use when requesting cellular service. Hello, how may I help you? Yes. My name is Stephen. I’d like to get telephone service. All right. May I have your address? Sure. It’s 123 Huddle Street, Texas. Thank you. […]

Telephone Basics : How to Make an International Telephone Call

Making an international telephone call is relatively simple but there are some numbers to make it successful that you need to know to make it work. My name is Kathy Pabst Robshaw, telephone effectiveness. First thing you need to know is your access code, how to leave the country. For example the United States to […]

CallRail: Super Secret Bonus Features of Call Tracking (Video 10 of 10)

This is the last video in our CallRail series, how sad but I have good news. We’ve got some bonus features to chat about in today’s video. If you don’t already know, which you probably do by now, I’m Adam Arkfeld, owner of ParaCore, a lead generation company for PPC advertising. This is the tenth […]

Tutorial video: How to read the call for applications of the Master’s in Specialized Translation

suniverWelcome to our video tutorial on how to apply to the International Master’s in Specialized Translation at the University of Bologna, Italy. All you need to know in order to apply is contained in a so-called “bando” which we can roughly translate as a call for applications. Here’s what our bando looks like and here […]


Coach, speaking of the fans, would it be possible to ignore the five-foot giant cutout of your face in the student section? Yes, I can ignore that. I don’t like to look at my face when I shave. Why would I go out of my way to look at it? When we don’t play well […]