March 30, 2020
  • 5:53 pm Joe Biden to address impeachment and Trump-Ukraine whistleblower call , live stream
  • 5:53 pm President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address and the Democratic response (FULL LIVE STREAM)
  • 5:53 pm Video – Need help? Call Blue Card Services!
  • 5:53 pm Temple University Student’s Viral Tik Tok Video Calling North Philadelphia ‘The Ghetto’ Causes Outra
  • 4:52 pm @TorontoPolice News Conference Re: Homicide #54/2016 Jarryl Hagley, 17 | Fri Oct 21st, 1pm
Video – Need help? Call Blue Card Services!

Blue cards help keep our young ones safe. You should have one if you’re working or volunteering with children, or if you’re a foster or kinship carer. Don’t worry if you don’t have identification like a driver’s licence or birth certificate. Having committed an offence or had trouble with the police does not always mean […]

Caller Might Stop Paying Student Loan Since Bernie Will Forgive It

We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two David P. now I do not give financial advice to others on the program, but I am going to, after listening to this voicemail, I am going to have to give us some general advice. Let’s take a listen to it. Hey David, […]

THE WEBCAST = LOW Risk and HIGH Reward in Application Retirement with Archon and InfoArchive

We’re talking about here around risk and reward before I continue the presentation here I wanted to highlight what we leave our risk and reward because we spend so much time in technology talking about the risk rewards of turning new things on implementing new capabilities trying to push out things to new audiences and […]

How Telephone Phreaking Worked

Every October for the last 4 years I have travelled to Portland Oregon to attend the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. It takes place in the Oregon Convention Center. This convention is like Mecca for retro gaming enthusiasts. The vendor area alone is truly amazing. People come from all over to shop for games, or look […]

Algodones Dentists | Call for a phone quote 619-818-1303

okay so you need Algodones Dentists maybe it’s a root canal a bridge or crown you know what’s going to hurt your wallet in the u_s_ root canals can cost somewhere between eight and fifteen hundred dollars then if you need a root canal you just can’t put it off can be very dangerous to […]

Ganesha Warrior Webcast – Overview

Over the past two years I have been talking about Ganesha, the Being who is associated with a lot of supernormal powers, energies, and activities. And once you get in touch with him, You will be able to overcome things that you won’t be able to overcome with human intelligence. So working with Ganas, Ganas […]

Eli Jaxon Bear, May Webcast: The ID: Do Animal drives fuel your life or direct it?

Welcome. Your eyes open and you seem to return to awareness of being in a body. What if you don’t hold it–what if it just passes like a shadow? This is the third part of our 3-part series on the Nature of the Self. We started at the top with the superego, the judge, the […]

What happens when you call 666

What happens if you call [6] [6] [6]? [6] [6] [6] is Known by most as the number of the beast or the number of the devil? There is actually a name given to the fear [of] the number 666 [its] Hexa, Axa, Hexa, Tona Hexa, phobia did I pronounce that right? I have no […]

Jose Mourinho FULL Pre-Match Press Conference – Tottenham v Liverpool – Premier League – SUBTITLES

You’re still smiling despite Harry Kane’s injury? That’s life, that’s football. Of course, bad news but we have to be positive and look to the good news. Good news is that before the end of the month we have two new players, Hugo Lloris and Ben Davies. This is good news. Lloris never played a […]

Empowered to Act: Reporting Wages to the Social Security Administration

EmpoweredNYC is a pilot initiative committed to improving the financial stability of New Yorkers with disabilities and their families. Welcome to the Empowered to Act Info Series. Today’s topic is what you should know about reporting your wages to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Reporting Wages: If you are a Social Security disability beneficiary and […]