January 28, 2020
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Does overcharging hurt your phone?

– You’ve probably heard people say that you shouldn’t leave your phone plugged in overnight. Doing so depreciates your battery life and makes it age faster. You’re killing your battery! I always charge my phone overnight, and I always let it reach a full 100% charge. Am I really killing my battery? Am I a […]

NEC Telephone Systems from Midland Telecom Networks

At Midland Telecom Networks ltd, we are passionate about business telephone systems. We offer a full range of NEC telephone systems with solutions to suit businesses of all sizes. NEC is one of the leading manufactuers of business telephone systems. Telephone systems from NEC are entirely scalable and future-proof. You can expand your system as […]

Learn about Phone Tools | Cox Digital Telephone

Welcome to the Cox Discover More! video series. Today’s topic– Get More Out of Your Home Phone. Your home telephone– it’s still your most reliable connection. And now, it can do so much more. No matter where you are, with Cox Digital Telephone, you can always feel connected to your home phone. Cox Digital Telephone […]

Introduction (Virtual Telephone Number & Cloud-based PBX)

communications have advanced significantly in recent years allowing us to be truly connected anywhere we go at the office at home or on our mobile. you want to be in contact with your team and your customers wherever you are and wherever there. there are many phone companies that claim to be able to deliver […]

Genesis G80 and G90 | Bluetooth Phone Operation | Genesis

In today’s world it’s important to stay connected no matter where you go. That’s why your Genesis allows for seamless pairing and operation of your Bluetooth device. Pairing your Bluetooth device is quite simple, but you must be in park and no other Bluetooth devices can be connected to the vehicle. When you are ready […]

THE PHONECALL. Telephone English. Spelling. Pre-intermediate-Intermediate

Oh, what’s this? Please phone the gas company URGENTLY No… What time is it? Okay… Right Eight, seven, “o”, five, four, eight, two, one, six, seven, nine, three. Hello? This is a recorded message. Press one for English. [Spanish] Teclee dos para español. [Catalan] Teclegi tres per català. Okay, one, English. If you know the […]

IRS Telephone Service Declines – Taxpayer Advocate Service

>>>This message is brought to you by the Taxpayer Advocate Service. Your voice at the IRS. >>>NINA OLSON: Hello. I’m Nina Olson, the National Taxpayer Advocate, with some news you can use. The Internal Revenue Code requires me to submit an Annual Report to Congress each year, identifying at least 20 of the most serious […]

CallTrack – Phone Call Attribution by CallSource

Does your advertising deliver real results for your business? Let’s say you run ads online in print and in direct mail. You probably have no idea which of these ad sources is generating phone calls to your business. With CallTrack each ad source receives a unique local or toll-free phone number. CallTrack captures the caller’s […]

What is an audio/video call ?

Hello everyone, welcome to Rainbow Videos Today we will see together how to make an audio/video call This functionality allows you to call a Rainbow user and to share your screen or your webcam video To do so, start a conversation with your contact then click on this button to make a call Listen, it’s […]

Why an Eye Icon Sometimes Appears on Phones

It may seem that you know everything about your smartphone: all its knacks, glitches, and icons. But occasionally, especially if you’re an Android owner, or if you have just had a software update or installed a new, unfamiliar app, your cell phone might surprise you. You unlock it and – ta-da! – there is an […]