April 3, 2020
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Telefonbetyár – Városi Legendák sorozat (10. epizód)

TELEPHONE STALKER Allegedly, police sources have confirmed that my wife’s little brother, Marci, is a pilot. Marci is like a tadpole who started to evolve, but then decided to remain a tadpole. That’s Marci! But never mind, because
this story isn’t even about him. He might have inherited it from his dad, everyone in the
family is a policeman. They look the same at first, but they’re not. There are lots of
different kinds of policemen: long policemen, short policemen, distant policemen,
bald policemen, hairy policemen, chocolate and raison
policeman, like Joey. He gave me this report. He said that once an old granny had stormed in and filed a report. So I’ll read you the report: Khmmmm. A certain Mrs. Lajos Nagy, 78 years old, resident of Budapest, lodged a complaint
against an unknown person, a certain culprit
presumably named Snooze who regularly called her and harassed her in the mornings. Every ten minutes. The complainant said that she had a daily routine. But recently she’d been
getting up at dawn and waiting excitedly for the call. And once she accidentally
put nail polish on her dog because of the calls. Etc. etc. etc., blah, blah,blah. The complainant attached
a composite sketch that she herself had drawn. The complainant has
strong grounds to assume that this Snooze is the very Álmos K., a resident of Csepel, with whom she often
crosses paths in the cemetery. By the well. The man reminds her of a
member of a gang of miners she knew in her youth, who spoke with animals in the woods. And she also recalls a girl
from her childhood who disappeared, dark hair, like ebony, white skin, like the snow, she doesn’t remember much else, but she is very frightened! Ahhhhh Marci!

Robin Kshlerin