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Telephone Basics : How to Compare Phone Companies

It’s a little bit complicated when you think
about selecting a telephone company. Today we are going to talk about how to choose a
telephone company. My name is Katy Pabst Robshaw with total telephone effectiveness. The first
thing you want to look at and consider is, is it for a cell phone or a land line perhaps
both. Do you have to put the Internet into the mix, if so that’s called a bundle, you
may want to have service for all three of those technologies that you are using in your
home. The next thing you are going to look at is type of call, is it long distance or
local or in my case international. Will the company support you with those products. International
you can think about negotiating for a rate, we do that regularly when we talk to our phone
company. The other areas you need to look at are the features that they can provide
for you and what do they charge. Call waiting can cost more, voice mail can certainly cost
more. Call forwarding can cost more. Those are the things that you need to compare put
it side by side and my strong advice is call the phone company, talk to a customer service
rep, and negotiate and get your facts right. So those are the steps you need to consider
when you are looking at your telephone company, my name is Kathy have a really good day.

Robin Kshlerin