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Telephone Business Etiquette & Software : How to Buy a Cordless Phone

Hi. Today, in the world of technology and
pagers and PDAs, cordless phones still have a role to play. If you want to use a…have
a large space and you want to be able to communicate, say, outside to make phone calls — you want
to watch your minutes, you want to control what you set and what you’re spending in terms
of your phone dollars, I suggest think about a cordless phone. The main thing to think
about is distance. Will it…will it go as far as you want it to go because the phone
communicates from the phone to the base, and that’s how it happens. In England, where I
lived for a couple of years, our cottage was 300 years old and our wall was three feet
thick. The base was inside, the phone was outside. I wanted to make a phone call from
the garden. It wouldn’t communicate to one another, so that was a problem. So that’s
one area you’ve got to look at. Will it communicate? Will it happen? Will it work effectively?
Charging is another thing that you want to think about. A phone like this where the phone
is up straight, you put it down, it can fall off, it loses its charge. You won’t get any
use out of your phone. A good one is one that goes flat into the base. It charges really,
really easily. We have two at home, and we prefer the one that goes flat. The charge
tends to last about an hour. In terms of frequency, right now, the latest and greatest frequency
is a 46 gigahertz, I believe, it is. And that gives you very good quality, clear, no interference,
and distance is pretty strong. The next…previous one to that, still pretty good, is 902 megahertz.
And that, again, shouldn’t be too crowded. Anything older than that, you’re going to
have a lot of crowding, interference, pretty poor quality on your phone. The one word of
caution I’d like to give you is if you live in an area that may have storms — like in
Florida, we have our hurricanes — the power goes out, you need to have a good, old-fashioned
phone that has a landline, no electricity, and you’ll be able to have telephone connections…power.
Cell phones also do that — serve that purpose as well. So happy shopping for you cordless
phone. Kathy Pabst Robshaw, Telephone Effectiveness.

Robin Kshlerin



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