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Telephone Business Etiquette & Software : How to Get Replacement Batteries for Cordless Phones

One of the great mysteries in my life used
to be how to get a battery for my cordless telephone. I used to spend hours on line,
and I had an old phone, trying to find a battery that would actually work in that phone. But
today, it’s very easy and cordless phones are very easy. The batteries on the back of
the phone – the back pops off – it’s actually charged by sitting in the cradle making a
connection that gets charged. The battery starts wearing out, it beeps, it only lasts
ten minutes worth of phone calls, and you know you have to make that change. Get the
manufacturer, get the battery number, go to your office products store, and there is a
myriad of batteries. Some generics, some actually just for your phone. And pick up the battery,
stick it in the phone, normally recharge it for probably twelve hours to get the power
ramped up there, and then you’ve got your battery for your cordless phone. Thanks, enjoy.
Kathy Pabst Robshaw, telephone effectiveness.

Robin Kshlerin