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Telephone Business Etiquette & Software : How to Remove Yourself From Telemarketing Lists

Sixty two million people have taken their
name off the telephone list. Yes, you can take your name off the do not call list very
easily. My name is Kathy Pabst Robshaw, Total Telephone Effectiveness. Go online; donotcall.gov
is the website. You can put in three telephone numbers to have removed. Type in the area
code, the telephone number, submit it. The government will then respond to you with an
e-mail confirming it. You need to go on the link, reconfirm, and the name is removed.
Takes thirty days for it to happen. You should know that legitimate companies that are doing
surveys are not obligated to to recognize that you’ve been put on the do not call list,
nor are political companies obligated either. They can call you as well, so be prepared.
If they’re not calling you now they’ll certainly will be calling you. Additionally, companies
that use the phone for telemarketing are obligated to run their own computer list against that
do not call list, and that way the name is taken off. Should you have companies call
you that haven’t done that speak to a supervisor and ask to be taken off, and they have to
legally take your name off. The good news is in 2007 a law was passed so it’s done permanently.
You don’t have to keep doing it every year which used to be the case, and that got very,
very tedious. So, donotcall.gov is the website. Do it immediately; cell phone, home phone,
landline phone, not businesses. It’s easy to do. Kathy Pabst Robshaw, Total Telephone

Robin Kshlerin



  1. Pamela Pugh Posted on March 28, 2012 at 11:40 am

    The DNC law gave people a green light to be assholes to people only that are trying to earn a living and work and we are not jerks because we want to work and not be on welfare. How many more jobs does this law want to eliminate and put people in shelters where they cannot pay their rent. What you do not know when people do not work they do not pay taxes until later and YOU PAY THEM is you are working. I am tired of being treated like shit when I cannot survive on SS and was in 2 car wrecks.

  2. Pamela Pugh Posted on March 28, 2012 at 11:43 am

    The DNC law gave people a green light to be total jerks. I verify appointments for a service people have. They all the time will hang up on the name or we tell them why they are calling and they will be pricks. A lady in Washington told me yesterday she could care less why I was calling and that she did not give a damn about anything and it is a free country. Three words is why the US is messed up and those are this: I do not care and she also said it is a free country and do not call me again.

  3. Pamela Pugh Posted on March 28, 2012 at 11:46 am

    Good-How many more call centers does this law want to eliminate and put people where they will be off work for a long time? Is over a million and a half call center workers enough? The DNC gave people a green light for rudeness and being pricks to people who have done nothing to them but to try and pay their bills or support their kids yet a law says it is OK to treat the workers like they are pieces of dirt. We are not and are at least trying and I do not feel it is OK to do this at all.