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Telephone Call: formal

Hello Frankie speaking. Hello Frankie, it’s Steven Davis here. Look
I know you’re busy so I’ll get straight to business. It’s about the time line on the proposal.
You say you need six weeks to complete phase one but I’m afraid that’s a bit
long given the tightness of the other the deadlines. Would it be possible to speed it up by two weeks to finish in mid May rather
than the end of the month? That may not be possible for us. We have to wait for materials to arrive from the suppliers. Might you be able to hurry them up a bit? It will be difficult. They have to wait for fresh shipments from
the suppliers, and given the transport strike in
Venezuela, they’re in a difficult position themselves. I see, but could you perhaps consider
another supplier? I don’t think that would be a very good
idea, I’m afraid. This particular supplier has an
excellent track record for quality. We designed the work tops with them in mind, and if we had to choose someone different, we need to rethink the whole concept
which would take us back to square one. OK, let’s go on to the models. Would it be
possible for them to be delivered by Friday? No problem. Good. Well I was talking to Nelson Ng
about the development plans for phase 3, and he seems to think it would be better
to defer the lighting until after final approval from the architects. Why? Well he thinks that maybe
objections. On what grounds? Well of course they have the bigger picture in mind, and its them who are in daily contact with the
builders. It may be possible, but I need to talk to him myself I think.
Could I reserve judgement for a moment, and get back to you when I have spoken
to him? OK, OK. Mmm. Could I ask you to make it soon, I got some people breathing down my neck
on this. No problem. Well those are the main points for now.
Would you be able to let me know by next week? That shouldn’t be a problem. Good, good.
I’ll talk to you then. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Robin Kshlerin