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Telephone Call With Relatives | MostlySane

Make sure you chope the lady
fingers finely, it is easier to cook. Shut up, cooking ladyfinger
isn’t as complicated as rocket science What is
going on with you? As in? Sheila hasn’t called
up in a very long time You seem to be
concerned a lot of Sheila Hey! We haven’t
gossiped about her in a while These guys have started again, as you grow older
the level of interest in gossiping also increases. See how they are
gossiping about Sheila Aunty If she calls they will be like Oh my god Sheila,
we’ve missed you and change colours within a second That too is fine You know what is worse?
When that drama is passed onto you They go like come talk
to Sheila Aunty, say hi to her I don’t want to
do small talk with her Why are you unnecessarily making
relations. This happens always! Yeah, she hasn’t
called in a while Now who is
missing Sheila? No No, I haven’t reached that stage where
I start to miss Sheila and wait for her call. The other day Manisha was
telling me that the other day… Lets go have beer Why? Where did that guy go?
Her lover? Her neighbour, Mr.
Sharma Their love
story is world famous hey listen That Gupta was saying that there
was an Income Tax raid at their place The other day she was
teliing me at the kitty party… I have shopped so
much, what do I do Archu… That I have no place
at home to keep those things I told her to keep
it in her empty head Empty head It is good she isn’t calling.
It is good It is better to stay
away from such people Oh my God The witch will
live for a 100 years She is calling?
Pick up pick up We were just talking about
you, you’ll live for a 100 years Prajakta’s father and I
were just praising you How are you? You don’t
come these days to meet us How is Akash doing Akash is studying Has he become an
engineer or is he still… How is Prajakta doing? Prajakta is doing well too, she is
sitting right here, do you want to talk to her? I think
she is studying You tell me are you coming
for Anuradha’s son’s wedding? Yes we are coming for the wedding,
Akash is coming too, Is Prajakta also coming? Oh Akash is also coming?
Prajakta is coming or not… No No No I think she is in
the bathroom at the moment Archoo
give her the phone Time pass, time pass Sheila, Prajakta is back from the
bathroom, talk to her I am giving her the phone hello aunty How are you doing beta I am doing well aunty How is work? It is going well It is going well aunty You didn’t go to office today? No aunty I am
working from home today Do you still make those videos
wherein you are making funny faces Yes aunty, still
making those videos Dad wants to
have a word with you Hello, yeah Sheila how are you doing? yeah Prajakta
is going to the US She is going to USA?! Yeah Prajakta will tell you all about it,
I’ll just give her the phone, hang on a second tell Sheila aunty
about your trip You are going to the US? Yes I am Oh wow, with whom? With whom?
With my boyfriend It is just the two of you? Yes We’re going to
stay in the same room Your parents
didn’t say anything? Mum and dad? No They have no problem. In fact
dad was saying go with your boyfriend Sheila aunty also goes out with her neighbour
Sharma uncle to a hotel on the pretext of an office tour What! You broke up with him? Paresh uncle found
out about you two That is not possible, mom says
that Paresh uncle is the biggest idiot Your affair has been going on for
so many years and he doesn’t know about it Acha Aunty,
tell me something Akash has saved money? Money? For what? To pass, he has to pay money right.
He has been passing all these years like that And anyway money
isn’t a concern for you If Akash cant get the money then mom was
saying your habit for gambling hasn’t gone yet What rubbish is this?
Who talks like this? Aunty I was just
joking its okay don’t worry Listen Yes Mom was saying if Akash can’t collect the money and the money from your
gambling can’t cover it, then taking money from Meghna aunty’s purse is not an option What? Did I say anything wrong? Children! Did you see this one way to avoid
such awkward phone calls from relatives Do try this out And when you get whacked then
send me pictures of your swellings Dont forget to subscribe because I’ve
started dreaming about 2 million subscribers By the way tell me how big a genius am
I in the comments section on a scale of 1-10

Robin Kshlerin



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