November 22, 2019
  • 2:52 pm Gregg Semenza 2019 Nobel Prize Winner | Press Conference
  • 12:51 pm Pompeo on Ukraine conversation: I was on the phone call
  • 11:08 am Telephone Call: formal
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  • 11:07 am President Trump holds rally in Orlando, Florida, live stream

hello friends I am DragoNate and I
hope you are having a wonderful day today now I did today I had originally
planned on live streaming but that did do not happen because I let last night
was a really late night in busy night so I just decided and I was extremely tired
so I just decided well maybe I won’t live stream tomorrow and instead I’ll
make this video that I wanted to make for Monday and talk about a new thing
that I’m trying to test out so this new thing that I’m trying to test out is
called Loots dot com it’s for live streaming it doesn’t work actually unless I am
live-streaming which is kind of cool so and and it’s it’s a new way that you
guys can send a message to me and have a peer on-screen and the way I have a
setup it’ll appear in in the top right corner up how do I do this right right
there it’ll appear in the top right corner of the screen there it allows you
guys to send a message to me have it appear on-screen but I still earn money
from it without you guys have it to actually pay any money so you can still
send a message you know just like with something like stream labs I have a
stream lab thing as well where you can send a tip or something and then put a
message along with your tip or donation if you want to call it that you can put
that there and have that message show up on screen
but this one’s the same just you don’t have to pay it’s completely free for you
to do this and how it works I’ll show you what it looks like it ends up coming
up with a little bit of an ad right there there you go so it comes up with
it with an ad thing for I think it says 15 seconds or so and then once it
finishes I’m looking at right now it shows a message there just like that so
it’s kind of interesting I think it’s kind of cool I want to know what you
guys think about it as well the only problem I guess I have
with it is it kind of blocks as you could see it’s it’s completely opaque
right so it kind of blocks part of the screen and when I’m live-streaming a
game or something that means it has to block part of the game which depending
on the game that’s going to suck maybe so I don’t know I
fully how I feel about that now the weird thing about this though I’ll just
take my face off for one second the weird thing about this III right now I’m
showing you what what you would see if I was live-streaming I have two different
versions of OBS right now and one I use for live-streaming one I use for
recording just cuz it’s easier to have them set up that way
so this is one you guys see when I am actually live-streaming and you’ll see
when I test it and when I when I send a test thing here it’s partly invisible
now I don’t know why this is happening because all the settings for it in both
OBS’s are exactly the same I haven’t done anything different with any of them
with either of them so but it’s partly invisible there and then it shows your
message for three seconds or more where it’s opaque no this is something you
guys want to use which I highly recommend that you do just so that we
can kind of test it and see what people think if it doesn’t work out that’s fine
and of course there’s no requirement for people to use it I think I’m gonna keep
it here no matter what Oh either way sorry the link that you go to to do this
is simply Loots dot com slash Drago right up there very very simple to to remember
and everything to type in in my live streams now I’m going to try to have a
link in the description for that as well as there is an automated message that
pops up in the chat on behalf of flute a link for it and what it is supposed to
say is this it’s supposed to come up with the URL being HTTP colon slash
slash loots dot COM slash Drago and it’s supposed to say this message now
yesterday that is not what happened during the livestream because I came up
with the automated message but it wasn’t showing this message so and and the link
that it was giving was linking to a game for you guys to purchase and 20% off
which is a little bit annoying and that’s not what I wanted it’s supposed
to so this message here because I sent it up for this and I have the autoplay
on for this thing so I’m confused as to why that didn’t happen that way in lutes
if you’re watching maybe this is something you can look into because
this this this message here that I set up for it to show is not the message to
showed up but showed an ad basically taking people to a thing which of course
ended up being a little bit annoying for some people and I’m like oh my god what
is going on this is not correct this is not what it should be the whole point of
it is to show viewers who are watching live streams that they can put a message
that will show up on the live stream screen for completely for free but it
still helps support me because it is an ad it shows an ad so it does help
support me at no cost to you guys no I don’t want to make this video too too
long I just kind of want to tell you guys that this is what I’m testing out
something new that I am trying and I want to hear your thoughts on it what do
you think and I also want you guys to help me test it for the first a little
bit here so in my live streams I want you guys to use it and there is a
cool-down so it can’t be abused so I think it’s what is a 15 15 minutes per
person maybe I think I’m not exactly sure on the requirement but 15 minute
cooldown kind of thing so if you use the the thing once then there’s a 15 minute
cooldown before you can use it again it’s another message just so that this
way there’s no like spamming of and no way to abuse getting a ton of money from
it you know which is a good thing that keeps everything nice and fair and all
of that and and and spam free know what is possible for me to do if we don’t
like the fact that it kind of covers a significant portion of the screen for
games and stuff it is possible I could rearrange my my screen what you guys see
that the viewing bit with it you guys see so that the game is a little bit
smaller kind of thing and my face is off to the side not covering it at all and
that kind of thing so there would be a little bit of space up top a little bit
spaced on the side maybe that would remedy that I don’t know we can think
about things the only problem there is that that
makes the game window much smaller and then therefore a little more difficult
to see everything so again please help me test this please let me know your
thoughts in the comments below and you know from here on out kind of thing if
you end to test it use the link up here that would be absolutely wonderful and I
appreciate it and definitely tell me your thoughts it’s it’s what kind of
what you guys want it’s a free way for you guys to help
for me but of course wit when it comes to free things it comes out a little bit
of cost for something else I know that ads are completely annoying all the way
across the board no one likes it but that is how people some people do get
paid for things and now that that is out of the way I just want to tell you guys
what my plans are for the coming weeks because as you know I’m not working in
the mornings anymore which is wonderful for me I have my
mornings free which means I can livestream more days and be a little bit
less stressful plus I have basically my whole day free until I need to be busy
so what that means is my plans are to hopefully start live streaming three
times a week again and what I was planning is Tuesday Wednesday and
Thursday now that may not be concrete and you guys know how well my plans end
up working out half the time so that may end up being film completely out the
window of course this week I did not stream the Wednesday but what I need to
also do is get everything kind of ready in advance before instead of like the
night before because what happens the night before it makes it very very
difficult for me to actually set stuff up and then I’m staying up late to do
that and in the morning it’s just very rushed and blah blah blah so no plan
things out and then do that and then did you know maybe things will go well but
that is what I’m planning and I want to let you guys know again so that you guys
know what is going on but that is it now you guys know you know of a new thing
that I’m testing out loots dot com again Loots dot com slash drago to help me test it
out oh I forgot one thing about that if you are a life streamer as well and you
want to try out Loots for yourself there is an invite code right up there that
you must use in order to actually use it as far as I know you differ quire’s an
invite code in order to get on it so if your streamer you want to test it out
for yourself for your own audience use my invite code up there and you can get
access to it link over here invite over here I know that is it for this video
thank you all so much for watching I really appreciate your feedback
regarding this so don’t forget to let me know seriously I need to know your
thoughts it’s important to me and that is that so yeah I will see you guys
again tomorrow tomorrow I will be live-streaming don’t worry I will set
that up to day even if do it tonight which would be dumb of me
but even if I do it will be set up for tomorrow so don’t you worry about that
and I’ll see you again tomorrow and very soon
so have a wonderful rest every day bye bye and Godbless

Robin Kshlerin