April 3, 2020
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There is a story about a boy who felt
like he never belonged. His interests were not exciting anymore. Everyone around him
just didn’t get him so he kept to himself; like he was okay. But the guilt…
This guilt that just showed up out of nowhere uninvited. This guilt that
covered him with dense clouds of sadness and gloom This guilt that just wouldn’t go away.
Why was this happening to him?, he thought What did he ever do wrong? Why could it
just leave him alone and let him be the once cheery and amazing guy he once was…
Every day he got angrier and angrier at this guilt; that robbed him of laughter,
that robbed him of happiness and friendship. Until one day he couldn’t
feel anymore. His future was like a good dream he had when he slept. His past were
mere memories of a person he didn’t recognize anymore and his present,
his present, was flat. His present – numb like a windless day. And all he wanted
was to feel again. All he wanted was to feel…anything.
And no matter what he did, either good or bad, no matter what drugs he took, no
matter how many women he seduced, he just wanted to feel. Love. Pain. Anything…
And so he sat down one day, one night in his bathroom. Knife in his hands, thoughts
running in his mind and his heart bleeding, bleeding, bleeding in frustration. Maybe
if his wrists do the same. Maybe if he’s wrists would bleed, he’ll finally feel
something. Maybe it’ll distract him just just a little bit just a little to forget. Maybe he can finally
sleep. Maybe he can rest, he thought, Maybe finally some rest once and for all. And just as he put the edge of the
knife to his forearm, his phone rang He didn’t want to, he didn’t want to answer it but something told him that he should. It was his childhood best friend
and he happened to be passing by town and wanted to reconnect before resuming
his travel that morning. And more so, he was outside he’s door.
That night was the boy’s turning point as his friend happened to be a life coach on
mental health – out of all the things he could be – he
could have been but he noticed the boy’s predicament. He noticed his
friend’s situation and he helped him build himself back up to who he was and
better. Now this boy’s life was saved by a mere phone call with exactly what he
needed what are the odds of that.
Merely unbelievable story And whether this story is true or false, there’s left
just one question: Can you manage such luck?
can you be as lucky to get such a phone call in the brink of time, in that moment
when you’re ready to make that decision when you convinced that you have no hope
that you have no future and you’re going to drown Will there ever be someone
who can be the phone call to you Because one in every four people suffer mental illness at one point in their life. And today,
that person might be you. And you might be struggling. You might be
suffering you might be feeling lonely and alone. And you might be keeping it, going through it in silence and such thoughts, have crossed your mind. So we’re here
today to tell you that we are picking up our phones and we are going to be your long-lost childhood friend. Because today, we’ll call you on your phone and ask you to join us, join us on the 8th of
March Join us at Sheikh Zayed Hall. Join us so
that you can also build yourself up to who you we’re and be better because we believe
in inspiring the best in you and we believe that we this, you will get the tools you need
to be this boy – to be the end – the result of this story You’re phone is ringing. Pick it up

Robin Kshlerin