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The Sims 4 Conference Call Info: Ghosts, Pools & more! | Rachybop

Hi Guys Rachybop here Welcome to this weeks Sims Saturday Super excited this week coz we had the conference call and there’s so much to talk about Yes I was one of the lucky attendees of the conference call and I only found out on Tuesday night and the call was on the Wednesday there was heaps of us invited to it and basically Sim Guru Rachel just talked to us about what’s coming up in the Sims 4 and there’s some super exciting things there’s also some secrets to come that we don’t yet know about but I get the impression there’ll be other calls in the future and we’ll find out even more for you guys so stay tuned for more information I’m just gonna go through everything that she said in the call and then you guys can comment below ask any questions, I’ll answer them if I know the answer The Sims 4 is a live service there gonna keep it fresh and updated constantly and regularly add things to the game regularly, thats hard to say so there’s 3 major and free updates freeeeeee so glad this is free ghosts! are now ingame you can go and update your game in origin it might do it automatically if you’ve got it set to do that and you will then have ghosts I spent all night trying to kill my sim I managed to starve him to death and now I’m waiting for a ghost to appear that’s what you need to do you need to kill your sim and then you wait and they’re not just gonna spawn all over the place it’ll be like a late night a few days after they’ve died and they’ll appear and their colours their sort of outer edging colours will be related to their emotion not how they died but they will sort of have, like if they died from fire they’ll have like a smokey inside they have little hints of how they died in their ghostly appearance you can also take them back into CAS and like dress them and things obviously you won’t see their feet coz they kinda float they have different float styles in comparison to the walk styles in the game with the emotions so when a sim dies they become ghosts and they are attached to their tombstone and if you befriend them then you can bring them into your household and then they become playable characters and they will have special behaviour based on how they died there’s also 4 star wars costumes for hallowe’en there’s a princess leia darth vader luke skywalker and then for the kids there’s a yoda costume the others are for teens, young adult, adult and elder and that kind of makes me think that they have some relationship with disney so there might be a hope for a disney expansion pack or stuff pack yet to all of you guys who said it wasnt possible in your face i believe it’s gonna happen so it will go sign my etition, I’ve put the link in the description theres also a new gnome she wouldn’t say anymore than that but there are some things around the web about that now and there’s new eye colours including purple there’s also a few bug fixes in the game update and she did say that us in the call will get advance notice for some of the features coming up so, like I say, stay tuned to the people who were in the call there’s people like there was me, there was Curtis Parais, ipodzeke dan from beyond sims maaike from platinum simmers rosie from snw, sims network alexis from simsvip there was heaps of people from all over the world so your local simmy sort of people will have been in there there’s also pools coming hallelujah for free and they’ll be in the game in November more info coming on those soon and in December several new career tracks will be added to the game back to ghosts now you have to get a new career for a ghost, if a ghost died in a certain career track they will lose that career but you can get them a new career they do keep their traits and their skills also their relationships stay you can’t have ghost babies but you can woohoo weirdos and their age is static from when they die and as far as I understand children can only die by fire so, you can kill a child but it has to be by fire and they will stay a child forever horrendous if a sim dies by fire they can set a fire when they’re angry there’s all sorts of different death and emotion combinations if your sim is married my sims were married and the guy dies unfortunately and they become widowers but they can remarry as a ghost and a sim because there’s pools there will be a new death which is drowning with the star wsrs costumes you can mix and match pieces so you could have the princess leia hair and darth vader costume just wrong if your sims dies of an electrocution death they can break electrical items you can also bring your sim back to life from the dead so you can kill them, bring them back to life, kill them, bring them back to life as long, as much as you would like challenge yourself the laughter death will make your sims playful and the cowplant will make plants dis when they’re in a bad mood and also help they grow if they’re in a good mood that’s if your sim died by cowplant so that’s what I learnt in the call there’s heaps more information in the live broadcasts that have just gone which you can find on simsvip youtube channel I’ll put the link in the description to those and there’s also heaps of information around the web from people that I’ve mentioned and from other fansites and in the forums so go check them all out let me know your thoughts in the comments about the new updates what you think of the, how they benefit your game and just your general thoughts I’m excited tht we’re getting these things for free but I do get peoples points when they say these are things that should probably have been in the base game and us getting excited about having them free is kind of ridiculous because they should of been in the base game and i get that but if we’re looking on the positive side of things at least we’re getting them at least they are free coz they could of charged and I’m really loving the new updates it keeps the game fresh kind of releasing it as it was and if you are a complete pessimist in that way you could think well if you wait and wait and wait to get the game you’re gonna get it way cheaper and youre gonna get so much more content so if you havent bought it yet and you can stick it out as long as possible you will get more for your money that’s it from me guys I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode don’t forget to subscribe so you dont miss anything and I’ll see you in the next video bye

Robin Kshlerin



  1. Helena Danziger Posted on October 5, 2014 at 2:39 am

    Finally I can't wait for pools!

  2. Eddie Sherwood Posted on October 5, 2014 at 3:51 am

    I'm exited about it but I haven't been capable of replacing my Sims 3, doesn't matter how many ad-ons they're including, I'll stick to the third and my favorite of them all, I'll stop being so dramatic, a Disney ep would be freacking awesome

  3. Vladimir Nedeljković Posted on October 5, 2014 at 11:12 am

    This just shows how rushed the game was… At least they had the decency to release things that should have been in the game in the first place for free. But it was still rushed. Although there's still going to have to be a whole lot of features re-added that are still missing  before I even consider buying. 

  4. LukeThePlumbob Posted on October 5, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    Petition Signed! Disney Expansion pack would just be AMAZING! 😀 

  5. Penny LeMar Posted on October 6, 2014 at 1:42 pm

    Hi rachybop i wanna be like you getting free stuff and paid to advertise how did you get to where you are now?

  6. Thrashrr R Posted on October 7, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    It doesn't excuse the fact they weren't in game on release, but it definitely makes up for it. It's a good move to have regular updates to include the stuff that they didn't have time to add in for release. I don't even want to think about how people would react if the charged for them. I bet toddlers will be patched in after a while.