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TNT Tony Dinar – TNT Tony Renfrow

mine my name is tnt tony you know I want to be reasserting one
you can handle the truth my World Turns Auburn you know you came here looking for some
free information well how to explode your business you
know how to get people calling you on while giving you the information the
131 I’ll give it to you because i’m looking
for people who are looking free information to know them zones to
become leaders in network mark ma’am you’re gonna learn some things in
the next couple days going through this free information here to view lucidity general explode your business some I was gonna teach you how to you
know my friends and people who back in the mood to your business I’m tell you when I’m looking for a
great name you want to give you this information
because I’m looking for leaders mere people who think their leaders in
your people out there who our members leaders take decisive action they make up their mind wat in a year in
the year and that’s what I’m looking for one Jr
been in network murray for over 15 years me on really good when I’m done I do organizations over ten thousand and
one company 13,000 in another 7,000 northern I’m really good yesterday to churn not
11.9 billion or musicians is I’m build leaders good work with
people I get him involved in the business and I
stayed with them until they become leaders is a little secret that I hear me this won’t be a secret the design %uh look up a pencil in the event that
we me just say this: this is a major mistake that I see
everybody make a network murky Minister they go out and try and recoup your
brings their family everybody bathing game on staying in
this presentation gotta give everybody rich you’re the
same person you were yesterday to your friends and fam do believe you want to do me the
accident this issue has arisen in our unit does
not burn when they see you evolve would be coming
into a leader in coming to a different person on then there is a risk seeing what is he
doing what did she do tnt dinar and that’s what this is really about
this in Bangalore on entrench on ASEAN successful on the only
successful because everyone my own position says
the they have fun and that’s what you learned as soon as
people start getting find you’d be your business is going smooth resemble what
are they gonna do that didn’t do that we learn the secrets in
this double basses good they’re gonna do then you take the
time to do with nine re the gingrich being the best you can
be in the middle and modern this isn’t really grew you guys on good
days you’ll never learn what this is about who moved my cheese we take down due to spend some time with my favorite downs down from broke your son yeah the book
to Yahoo learn learned to be successful just listen to GG the Moses says you
have to use network Martin you’re not hungry team you’re not
achieve I can tell you there right now from run nicely and time and
time again going to trends learn different things but the truth about built with American
you have nothing to do with the country you’re in not one thing you know here which you
are applying to those should be you get into this business people get into this business because I
love you because the guy who chooses to him with
a person after atropine so the sooner you can become one of
those two people the sooner you can live the life you
always want to live on I’m recruited by absolutely will not
recruit you want a man whose on I rarely ever talk alone unless
someone brings it up because they always did busy me you are
so happy you’re always mommy this what do you do bathroom we go
into my business and I’m that’s when I design not looking for
recruits because I’m never gonna recruited but if i’m looking for a new
business burn them on fern someone came up to you said I want to recruit you or I would you
mind its recruiting you think you weren’t on movie came to
USA Today on I’m gonna business I want you to be
my business partner on tnt tony be and gas one I even put me in for our
success mel is different as mine every person
I’ve never personally sponsored an opportunity I my employer near success on does not burn bien find out who that
person is were they do in line been can we work
together because I love you don’t want your
business believe love you I love my business someone who
have now was it again return willing to bet on
that is if you can get it was in Burnaby talk to or spend some time with the lil
bit get to know one then decided it would be a great
business burn now you make that decision what decision
they have done they have to look at your place on never
to go with the cotton plant everybody’s out there selling them play
may go get your people let’s do this because maybe somebody Uruguay Round
Hill do that good recruit recruit recruit but he did
tell you hi mom to bring people into the valujet school
recruit him do you go with her to take everything you some women 30-minute presentation even though you
don’t know anything about home discordant lol region wanna make ’em in
the next 90 days even though your room you seldom but you said Alan person-centered they I went in looking this opportunity I’m
involved in it i’m looking for. a business partner this
is what we’re gonna do on the %um blame you who they playin their success on people will come to
your room i dnt on so those were the first lesson
to be learned here don’t recruit find business bargain Minister Yukio you lose through the
truth is that’s what all the more abundant they don’t recruit on combo 2003 local
local line ask mom you baby blue baby who in the
last nine the media even one person came to the
Edison because they spend time trying to KK we’re trying to create leaders know
that the gnome you need in the Google Intel you then
again the way was this a very high in the sky
news now choose not going to happen everybody in Canada everybody will 9 be at the Tom there’s room in the time
for everyone but everyone will be here simply because
they don’t take the time toll on Surrey NC was successful people
who’ve done to duplicate they don’t take the time to
the belt themselves into we usually have been attractions dead man’s when you walk in the room
everybody looks around cynicism I don’t know what are you doing but on just because of his presence because in
her presence you have to create that burns no news what I do I solomon I create susan’s I can make anybody I want
list on I can meet you money and want to remind
everyone in the top position in coming to make mine I’m within a week making a thousand
dollars a week me know what I can do that on tnt tony dinar guru because I have been playing barnum
because I already have a system that has been working for them this is a system my in the system many
have noted many things on until you think I remember Martin for
fifty years now on I mean companies and be was a schism 10,000 might be reversed company having
and the very first time I built my
organization the weekend on you know why it was ballin them on was a
mind set on when I burst sign when the opportunity
signed application I’ve got my business cards on there were
seven levels in the comm with the top positions being examined
emerging your mind is Carson very birthday on executive director John be are already knew who the record you
know how to design they didn’t know on well you know what
I’m hoping the executive director and gone was in my purse its mines male meeting
director I nelson directors in your directors and managers who will be youu promoted along the way and I had to know this is the minimum
UNESCO serial 0 me and I’ll and network marketing plans
that call you to get other people to move you to share
your woman so why my view you as well as
information because I’m too looking for leaves on time there that’s what I do Island who leaves on the system that you’re going to want to
come here to link the gym and then click below this gonna take you when I’m believe is
the greatest system that I’ve seen so far in 2009 you
know I can say that because I spent countless hours training
people home until means fly across the country developing
leaders telling them what they need to do to go to the next one will boost the need to remove courses
they need a will compensate he goes on me now this time I know who the new home I may have found this is my many on one this is gonna do love my son was we
know the movies is going on last night the number and 760 be on always evidences on those people causes
your network as you remember network unifying that on the lead you to
an opportunity an organization that is over 130 2001 I met with the top guy who were news
agency they want to come we would be part in my team but they don’t know how %uh the number
nine no they never done it before but now
they believe a network murder you know that because the opportunity will burn and i were quite behind in thirty
thousand be on absolutely none remember the hundreds of
people who you know me every day because my advertising absolutely none
so I have to do little leaders by Hampton yeah everybody aziz’s
okay I’m one on dude Billys I know I put you wanna
moments in my name and do you doing nothing but waiting for
11 because they say oh those tunes may
Miami tunes below my system is gonna do is going to
sort out the real people one I’m gonna see this system cuz you know
I’m I did we miss you tom goodling’s into the system I can see who do step
morning routine step 3: who dey steps into that system blues do
is let me know who really design do not contact those people you know say I have a number to move on I me they
want to be done 9 not have to worry about to leave his
arm is this like you know the cream rises to
the top the that we will be done book I do have a system million people
paying I’m who’s in a position to make a
thousand dollars a week with your first five days in this you
can be an imposition now star movement down awesome I’m gonna
position and makes for five or ten thousand dollars a mud
within 90 days minute when the blue only if your leader
Adam so that’s why I’m giving you this
information you need a whole lot more information to go on the news the pages you can even more information on
give away my system into design he has already have one
hundred thirty thousand people already have hundreds of people coming
in today i jus need to leave the word rhythm that’s why I’m going to Brians minimum
and I’m honest know from my mom you know his mother the
new season 3 information you’d be willing to tell you stories in
limited run back in you into their company become your turn
until you’re doing what I’m doing but not only moderate govern now mind
you need if remains you use it in this company using your next company me music to your
previous turn we always need to use the network Mourne
we always be since this story to tell nationally done so more money to do is
click on the link below big-time know who the information mom
movie rising to the top on I’ll contact you with an opportunity then you will not believe on my game to
you to change your mind on me and this one will lose on you aren’t even I’m gonna believe that
their young businesswoman amazing never heard it even I’ll put
people I’m put you in position to make mine before
you you started in the business by me home smart to use mine just to show you that I know when I’m
doomed to shoot a keen now you show me your return because
that’s the first thing is done sonum go ahead and go to the next page
look at the information booth because you’re done are no clear leader not my decisions you
make Randy Hampton you are you human you see in the next
video was something banks on tnt tony dinar

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  1. ladiesmann4545 Posted on March 22, 2014 at 6:15 am

    great stuff man i just emailed you on your site about the yuan and stuff i was just ganna add this…if you do join those sites and friendshitagenda im non compliance…fb banned me for not using my real name and they banned me over and over for adding ppl they up on the site you know the possible ppl to add to your friends i would get banned for months at a time before they cut me off completely…so i wouldn't bet too much on fb i think its going down its all CIA anyways so yea but joe and freeman are good and their videos are good jsnip4 and freemanfly i was really excited when i found your website this will be the biggest thing before the end of the dollar if you watch all the lindsey williams stuff you buy that right after the full implimentation of obamacare the dollar will have a full collapse..well i buy that and i think that will be possibly 2016 now that obama pushed off the small to mid to 2016 so that would make sense…

  2. shejustis Posted on April 15, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    Everyone involved with Tony KNOWS all about this.  He shared it from the start. GET a life!

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    Conquering the Coming Collapse | Global Currency Reset

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    Aren't you in jail yet you dinar scammer???

  5. Robyn Dae Posted on November 13, 2014 at 2:51 am

    so the dinar will never reval?

  6. orignalbuckaroo Posted on December 2, 2015 at 12:19 am

    TONY (TNT) got one year plus one day prison, he should of got 20 years, damn crook !!!!!

  7. Sheryl Muhammad Posted on May 21, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    Iraqi dinar about to RV how you like that, 2016

  8. Dinar Chat Voted #1 by Dinarians Posted on September 24, 2016 at 5:37 pm

    Tony is really unique, huh?

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    You are a criminal…Plain & Simple

  10. arnold taylor Posted on November 5, 2018 at 3:43 am

    Just found out he is a business man promoting busness. Thanks for this video. Now i can go back to watching his videos. Thanks