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Top 5 YouTube Live Streaming Tips

– Today, you are going to
learn five live streaming tips, and we’re starting right now. (upbeat hip-hop music) What is going on? My name is Nick, welcome to another video. If this is your first time
here, and you wanna learn how to grow your channel, make videos, and all types of other
YouTube related stuff, start right now by hitting
the subscribe button and the bell notification icon,
so you don’t miss anything. With that out of the way, today,
I have a very special guest for you, and we’re gonna
share five live streaming tips for you, because the mobile live streaming is rolled out to almost everybody now. And, you know, we wanna make
sure that when you go live, that you keep a handful of things in mind. So the guest today, her name
is Mina and her YouTube channel is the Universe Guru. I know a lot of you regular
viewers have actually talked to her in chat, in one
of my live streams before. But, Mina is a life coach
in addition to being a YouTuber and a live streamer. I’m gonna pass it over to
Mina so that she can share her five tips for live
streaming, with you. Mina?
– Hi, Nick. Thank you so much for having me, and yeah, it’s like you mentioned, I live stream almost daily, on my channel Now, my channel certainly
did not start off that way, but I was looking for a
better way to engage with my audience and offer more value
than other people in my field. And, I’m a life coach,
and the best way for me to be able to do that was
offer my services for free, to people who could be
my potential clients. Also, as a way to build that connection with my existing audience, and also, hopefully bring in new audiences as well. – Yeah, that makes
total sense to me, Mina. So, what has live streaming done for you? – Live streaming has been a game-changer for not only my business, but
for building that community. I was really lacking, and
craving that in my life, and I see now that other
people were also craving this, because my subscribers
love my live streams. In fact, if I ever miss
one, they will message me on multiple social media outlets to ask me when I will be going live. So, this is a wonderful
strategy for a lot of people to implement into their YouTube channels. It not only helps you
build that community, but it also can ignite
growth on your channel like you’ve never seen before. So, I made a lot of mistakes
when I first started off, because I didn’t really
think this through, and I just kind of went
live, and it just came to be. But here’s some tips that I
put together for you guys. So, my number one tip is to
have some content prepared before you go live. If you’re going to do a
live Q&A, that’s fine, but maybe put a call to
action out on your other social media sites, and let viewers know that you’re looking for some questions. And, that way, you have some
material to start off with. Sometimes, YouTube can take a few minutes to notify your subscribers,
and then it can take them a few more minutes to hop
on, so you’re not just awkwardly sitting there,
waiting for people to come on. You have some questions
to answer, and if you don’t wanna put a call to action,
just look at your comments section; what questions
do people repeatedly ask? Write those down, and have
some material to start off. And my tip number two is to not
make every live video a Q&A. There should be a general
theme for that video, because if you don’t come up with a theme, then people will just
be asking you all kinds of personal questions and things. And not because they’re
trying to probe or be nasty, I mean some people are, but not everybody. But sometimes, what can happen
is, if your loyal subscribers notice that the chat box
is not really scrolling, they will just, to fill up the space, ask you random questions,
and that may be fine for you, but sometimes you need a
little bit more structure. And let them know that on this chat, we’re talking about this particular topic. – Yeah, that makes total sense. – And also, along the
same lines, you always want to research the
key word, and the tags, just like you would on any other video. Because remember, after
your live chat is complete, your video will hopefully
get uploaded as a regular video that can be searched for, and people that missed the
live chat may be watching that. And so, along those same
lines, my tip number three is to deliver the meat of your content in the first five to 10 minutes, and then interact with people. I have learned this lesson more
as a consumer of live chats, because sometimes I will miss a live chat from one of my favorite YouTubers, and as I’m watching the replay,
it gets a little annoying when, every five seconds,
the YouTuber is interrupted because they’re saying hi to somebody, or, you know, calling somebody out. Which, you know, your
subscribers are there for that, so definitely do that when you are live, but what I do is, I let
my subscribers know that I’m going to deliver the content first, and then I’m going to
take the rest of the time to just chit-chat and answer questions, and hang out with them, because I know that’s what they’re there for. But I want to make the replay of the video as pleasant as well. So the people that missed the live chat, when they come on, they can just watch the first 10 minutes,
and get all of the meat of the content, and that
way, if they don’t wanna stick around for all the
other questions and randomness that may happen, that’s fine. They can just move on
after the first 10 minutes. – Oh yeah, I’m definitely
guilty of that one. When I see people come in
that, you know, that normally come into the chats, or that
I normally see in the comments section or whatever, I definitely
love to just kind of stop everything and shout people
out, when I see ’em coming in. And then I have to try to
bring myself back on track, and then somebody else comes back in, so I want to, you know, hey,
you know, what is going on? So, you know, I know exactly
what you mean by that. In addition to that, you
know, there’s also, you know, the people that come into
the room to where, you know, you’re live on camera and
you have to give, you know, this, this thing, you know what I mean? The hey, you know, I’m streaming
right now; get out of here. You know what I mean? That’s part of live. You know, just being a bit chaotic. You know, ’cause it’s real. – Exactly, Nick. That is such a good point,
because, in the beginning, I was always nervous that one
of my kids would interrupt my live chats, I would spill something, like, there would be hiccups,
there would be no sound And guess what? All of those things did
happen, but guess what? My subscribers totally understood. It’s live, right?
It actually adds to the fun of it. No joke, I’ve had videos
that did not have sound for the first like five to 10 minutes. I’ve had videos where my
daughter knocked over, I did this live fitness
routine, and my daughter came in and knocked over the
whole lighting system. I spilled my fitness drink. I had one recently where
my candle tipped over all over my table, while I was live. But, you know what? That’s real life, and
actually, if anything, that helps you relate to your subscriber. I think my funniest live story
is when I was doing a live video on the importance of healthy eating, and not eating too much
sugar, and my daughter, my three-year-old
waltzed in, eating M&M’s, and started showing them off. And I just said M&M’s, where is my check? And people understood that I’m a real mom, and this is how real life is. I mean, I just laughed
with my subscribers. I joked about it; I
said, you know, just like every other mom, sometimes
I too need to bribe my child so that I can live stream. So, you know, plan for these
things; it’s not a big deal. If you can laugh with your
subscribers, and laugh at yourself, I think that
makes for better entertainment anyway, so don’t sweat the small details. In fact, I promise you,
things will go wrong. – Oh yeah, I know what you mean by that. – So, my tip number five
is to take that same longer live stream, it
could be an hour, two hours, download it from YouTube, and then edit it into just like that meat
content that I asked you to put in the beginning. Just take five to 10 minutes of that, and turn it into another video. You can post that on
Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube, but it’s
another piece of content that you can refurbish and use later on. I’ve done that for some of my more popular live streams, where
I’ve cut that into like a five, 10 minute video, and
then a few months down the road I will re-upload that again,
for people who may have missed that, or maybe it was
too long for them to watch. So now I’ve taken the longer live stream and turned it into a regular
video, that I can add b-roles too, and things like that, and reuse that footage, basically. So learn to repurpose your content. So every time you’re live streaming, you’re actually producing at
least two pieces of content. – That’s an excellent
tip, because, you know, a lot of people that come, and
they watch the live streams, they don’t have the time
to actually sit and watch, you know, an hour long
live stream, or two hours, or sometimes three hours, in
my case, of a live stream. So, you know, breaking the
videos down, or the live streams down, into shorter, consumable content, that’s a really, really
good idea; thank you. Mina, as a life coach, you
know, because you’re giving away a ton of free information on
your channel, so as a life coach, how does live streaming
affect your business? You know, that free content
that you’re giving away in your channel, I mean, are
you giving away too much? – Nick, that is such a good
point, because I get that asked all the time. When I first started
doing these live streams of daily, one-hour, essentially
they’re one-hour long daily life coaching sessions, my husband, and friends, and some
colleagues were asking me, well, if you’re giving away
so much life coaching, who’s going to buy your services? But, as we’ve learned, it actually increased my conversion rate. Every time I do a live
chat, I get at least three to four people asking
me about my coaching services, and then some of those people
convert to actual clients. The truth is, there’s a lot of
other life coaches out there. There’s so much media, and
advertising, and things like that coming to people; what are you
offering that sets you apart? And this was really a way
for me to be able to show off my expertise in a way that was
natural and authentic to me. For example, the way I see it,
anybody can Google something, turn it into a four or
five-point bullet list of how to do, you know five steps to this, or six steps to this,
and they can post that as a way to market their coaching,
and that may work, right? But it takes a little bit
more expertise and confidence to be able to life coach
daily, live, on-air, and people see that. When they see that somebody
may have asked a question that’s very similar to a situation that they’re dealing with,
and when they see me reply to that, that is a connection
that they make in real-time. They see that I only had
seconds to, you know, hear that question,
and offer my expertise. So, it really sets you
apart from your competition. So I highly recommend that
people implement live streaming as part of their business strategy, as part of their personal branding. It really helps set you apart. – Mina, thank you so much for coming on. For those of us that wanna
know more about you, where can we find you, or where can
we find out more about you? – Thank you so much, Nick. This was a pleasure; I enjoyed
sharing my live streaming tips with you guys. You guys can find me at The
Universe Guru on YouTube, and I live stream almost daily. So I’d love to catch you
guys at my next live stream. I also share monthly, my
YouTube and business earnings, and sort of, the changes that
I’m making on the channel, and if they’re producing me
more money or less money, or what’s going on. So it’s nice to have some other YouTubers sharing in on the fun
of my trials and errors. Thank you so much for having me. I’ll catch you later; bye. – Awesome; thank you so
much for those tips, Mina, and I’m gonna put a card to Mina, somewhere up here at
the top of the screen. So make sure that you head
over to Mina’s channel, and check her out. If you wanna learn how to grow
your channel, make videos, and all types of other
YouTube-related stuff, start right now by hitting
the round subscribe icon, so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

Robin Kshlerin



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