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hello and if this is your first time
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to the channel so you can stay on top of all the latest when it comes to digital
media that’s what we talk about here and today we’re going to talk about live
streaming platforms you know like it or not live streaming is here to stay so I
want to give you an overview of the platforms that are available that we can
start thinking about where do we want to put our content in the coming year and
stay to the end because I also have a bonus for you
podcasters out there so let’s start off with Facebook Facebook live just
exploded when it was introduced by Facebook so there was a plethora of
third-party applications that you can use you can live stream from your mobile
device you can also live stream from your desktop my favorite tool for live
streaming from desktop is ECAMMlive but we also can go live on the native
Facebook platform as well as other tools like beliveTV and streamyard we also
can use an app called stageten now if you’ve never heard of any of these apps
and you don’t know all of the features and the ins and outs I got you covered
because I have tutorials on each and every one of those platforms here on the
channel so if you’re going to go live on Facebook from mobile I recommend using
their Creator app there are other apps that you can use but I’m giving you my
recommendations so now let’s move on to my favorite live streaming platform
and I started off with live streaming on YouTube and YouTube is just a fantastic
place to do your live streams they have all these built-in features like the
super chats that people can give you tips during your stream so don’t forget
YouTube now YouTube can also be done from desktop you can use the native
YouTube interface and just go live right from Chrome or you can use one of the
third-party apps that I mentioned earlier like ECAMMlive and streamyards
and streamyard I’m sorry and stageten there’s also a fantastic app if you want
to go live from mobile now of course you can use the regular YouTube app to go
live from mobile but what I recommend is another app that’s called stream yard
I’m sorry streamlabs Streamlabs mobile app for YouTube is incredible and I’ve
like I said I did a tutorial for that and I will definitely talk more about
stream labs coming up all right the next platform that I want to cover is
Instagram Instagram live is it’s almost as popular as Facebook live however
Instagram live right now is currently mobile only now there are some
third-party apps that have tried to hack their way into going live from desktop
but I would say hold off on that right now and just focus on going live on
Instagram from your phone it’s super easy super engaging you can bring people
on to your broadcast and you can engage with your audience
very good on Instagram with the native Instagram app wait until Instagram kind
of gives the green light for those third-party apps and not just use the
workarounds because people’s accounts are very precious to them and you don’t
want to get banned because Instagram decides to you know clamp down on these
third-party apps so just be cautious all right so let’s just say for now that
Instagram is mobile only so the next platform that I think it’s really
important for us not to forget this one and that’s Twitter AKA periscope twitter
is still a place that people go for for news and then with periscope people have
built such fantastic followings over on periscope don’t neglect those folks that
are following you on periscope continue to go live with that as well now because
of the periscope producer you can also go live from desktop you don’t have to
just go live from the app but also let me back up with Twitter live you can go
live from the Twitter app as well as going live from periscope and either way
using a mobile app you’ll still show up in people’s Twitter feeds and in fact
they’re putting live video up at the top so if you log onto your Twitter app
you’ll see a little notification that says see what’s live so if someone is
live at that moment their live video will appear at the top of your Twitter
app but as far as desktop is concerned thanks to the producer and the Twitter
studio which is the same thing it’s just a little different look of the interface
you can use some of those third-party apps that I
mentioned before like he came live my favorite and also you can use the stream
yard app which is a browser-based app and anybody can use that no matter if
you’re on PC or if you’re on a Mac and then also with umm let’s see is there
another app you can use of course all of these you can use OBS
I did not mean to overlook you OBS folks however I will say that I don’t have any
tutorials oh oh yes I will highly recommend checking out Michael Daniels
for the OBS tutorials or Nick Nimmin ok so next we’re going to talk about
Twitch yes rounding out the top five live streaming apps and platforms twitch
ok don’t sleep on twitch because this is a
perfect opportunity for you to be an early adopter you know of course if
you’re a gamer you’re probably already over on Twitch that’s not what I’m
talking about I’m talking about the non gaming content is being embraced by the
twitch platform and in case you didn’t know twitch is owned by Amazon which
means they’ve got tons of money so you don’t have to worry about them shutting
down in the middle of the night so if you’re new to twitch know that you can
also go live from desktop using what else ECAMMlive now if you’re you have to
have a mac in order to use ECAMMlive i know i’ve been saying that ECAMMlive is
my favorite but i do want to make sure you guys know that you have to have a
mac in order to use ECAMMlive ok and you also can use belive now be live TV has
an integration now where you can go live on Twitch
okay so to see that just goes to show it’s not just for gamers to do your talk
shows you can do your podcast you can do all of your creative content over there
if you’re doing like cooking shows or crafting shows or if you’re a sculptor
or a painter or any of that twitch is also a fantastic platform for you to
explore and like I said to be an early adopter you also can earn money during
your broadcast just like on YouTube with the super
chats twitch has ways that you can monetize your broadcasts over there on
Twitch as well okay so let’s talk about mobile going mobile and I said earlier
that I would get back to stream labs okay stream labs mobile app if you’re
gonna go live on Twitch you can use the twitch app but I’m gonna say don’t use
that one all right I used it a couple of times and it is and it’ll do the job
okay but the streamlabs mobile app is totally free and it’s available on
Android and iOS so just get that app because you can also use streamlabs as
I mentioned earlier to go live on YouTube okay so get the stream labs
mobile app and go live on Twitch and then if you are monetize if your channel
is monetized or voyage which you’ll see all kinds of options of the different
extensions you can use within the stream labs app to play notifications have
people’s when they donate to your channel or subscribe to your channel
those notifications can come up on screen automatically so it’s a fantastic
mobile experience I like to use that app when I am out and about when I’m not
doing my tutorials cuz once you subscribe to this channel you’ll see
this is a tutorial an educational based channel but sometimes I just want to
show off maybe I’m at an event or for example my daughter she has a real
estate league they do meetings every week and on Saturdays they have classes
and you’ll get a sneak peek behind the scenes of those classes over on Twitch
because I’ll take my phone with me I have my iOgrapher so that I can have
steady cam I don’t have to have shaky cam and so I will stream some of those
real estate classes that people actually pay for and it’s also good if you’re out
doing some type of gaming in real life like maybe you’re at a bowling alley or
you’re a Dave & Buster’s or one of those kinds of places you definitely want to
stream that over on Twitch on the mobile app okay so there’s another site that is
not as popular but it’s from Microsoft so I was just given an honorable mention
and it’s called mixer and that’s for you guys that are gaming they have their own
dedicated app but you can also use that Streamlabs app to go live on mixer so
if you are a gamer you definitely want to get exposure over on mixer and like I
said it’s owned by Microsoft so once again it’s probably not going to shut
down in the middle of the night like some of these other live streaming apps
now there are tons of live streaming apps out there guys I’m not going to
pretend that I’m covering them all in this video because then we’d be here all
day but what I want to say to you my advice is to look at the stability of a
platform look at the longevity of it and that’s why I highly recommend YouTube
Facebook Instagram there’s been around they’re well established even twitter
with periscope and twitch they’re owned by bigger companies media companies that
are just focused on providing media for people to consume you know a friend of
mine years ago said there’s doers and there’s viewers so if you’re a doer
meaning you’re a streamer or you’re a person who produces video content you
want to check out live streaming I promise it won’t hurt not one little bit
okay I got two bonus tips my first bonus tip that I want to share with you is
restreamio restream.IO is going to let you motile multicast to multiple
platforms so you can be live on YouTube and twitch and twitter at the same time
now if you want to make an investment you can upgrade your account and you
could also go live on Facebook but that is a paid integration alright now before
I go and say hi to folks and chat and put up some of the comments that have
been coming in I’m gonna give you the last bonus tip and that’s for podcasters
if you’re a podcaster and you want to integrate live streaming audio only well
first let me say if you’re a podcaster and you want to integrate video this is
a great way to do these video interviews all of these live streaming platforms
that I just mentioned okay but if you want to do audio only my bonus tip is
Spreaker Spreaker will let you go live with your audio works best if you have a
regularly scheduled show and then that way people can show up and they can
leave comments and you can interact and engage with your audience but they have
the mobile app they have the desktop app it’s not platfor it’s platform agnostic
so you could be on a Mac a PC an iOS and Android and you can use the browser any
of those things you can use to livestream your audio out to the
Spreaker platform so let’s do let’s do a quick rundown here’s the platforms that
I think you gotta get into live streaming in the New Year
Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter and Twitch I appreciate you guys for
watching this video be sure to subscribe so you can catch the next tutorial and
I’ll see you next time bye for now

Robin Kshlerin