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@TorontoPolice Hold UP News Conference “LA Bandit”

Constable Caroline de Kloet: Good morning and thank you for attending
Police Headquarters. My name is Constable Caroline de Kloet and I am here today to
introduce Acting Inspector Lauren Pogue of the Hold Up Squad. She will be
providing you with an update on the LA Bandit wanted in numerous bank robberies.
Acting Inspector. Acting Inspector Lauren Pogue: Hi good morning everyone and thank you
for attending the Headquarters and coming today to the to this news
conference. The Toronto Police Service Hold Up Squad is seeking the public’s
help in identifying a male wanted for five bank robberies that occurred over a
seven week period in the spring of 2018 this year. The man has been described as
6-foot tall, medium build. He has a light brown complexion with dark facial hair
and is approximately 25 to 35 years old. During the robberies, he was wearing dark
sunglasses and his hair was covered with a baseball cap. On the initial robbery, he
was actually wearing an LA Dodgers hat and was dubbed the LA Bandit.The first
bank robbery occurred on Saturday April 7th in the area of Yonge Street and
Wellesley Street in the city of Toronto. The suspect was wearing again a blue Los
Angeles Dodgers baseball cap, dark sunglasses and he had a scarf around his
neck concealing the lower part of his chin and jaw. He approached a customer
service representative, he placed a blue knapsack on the counter in front of him
and he placed his hand inside indicating that he had a gun. He made a verbal
demand for money and after receiving a quantity of cash he exited the branch.
This same male suspect committed four other bank robberies between Durham
Region and London Ontario again over a seven week period. The second robbery was
on Thursday April the 12th in Durham Region on King Street West in the town
of Newcastle. The next robbery on Wednesday May 16th in Toronto at bloor
Street West and Spadina. At this particular robbery, he had a black beard
and mustache and was wearing quite a distinctive jacket that was royal blue
on the shoulders and sleeves with a black body and approximately a 2-inch
yellow stripe that ran from one sleeve up across his chest and down the other
sleeve. He was also carrying a bright red
knapsack on this occasion. Another robbery was committed on Friday May 18th
at a bank in London Ontario, yeah in the area of Oxford Street East and Richmond
Street. At the London Bank,he was wearing a New York Yankees ball cap,again,
sunglasses and a navy blue zipped jacket with white stripes at the collar, at the
sleeves and around the waistband,and in this particular robbery,he was seen
leaving the area in a 2014 to 2016 two-door white Mercedes CLA 250 which is
seen in the video here. His last robbery was on Saturday May 26th back here in
Toronto at Kingston Road in Victoria Park Avenue. So what I’m here today is to
seek the public’s assistance in helping identify this male again wanted for five
robberies and if anyone has information they can call us the hold up squad at
4168087350. Further information is
also available on the Crimestoppers website and again anonymous information
could be provided to Crimestoppers at 222tips.com are also two to two tips
sorry 416222 tips or 222 tips.com. Thank you. Reporter: Is there any indication why he’s going from such far places like London, Scarborough is Acting Inspector Lauren Pogue: No we have no no information as to where
this person may be from this time. Reporter: Do you have any indication that he may be responsible for any other bank robberies that have happened or do you believe he is just responsible for these five? Acting Inspector Lauren Pogue: At this time we work in a pretty
cooperative effort with our other policing partners and at this point we
believe he’s just wanted for the five. Reporter: How does he get around? I know you showed the car for one of them. Acting Inspector Lauren Pogue: Yes Reporter: But the Downtown robbery, is he also using a vehicle or he using the public transit? Acting Inspector Lauren Pogue: We haven’t seen a vehicle in any
other robbery so we’re not sure at that time He plead it… we believe he’s
operating on his own though he was seen actually getting into the driver’s seat
of that vehicle. Reporter: Sorry I just want an update from June, is there any new information that you have gleamed since June that would help with identifying him other than just the car? Acting Inspector Lauren Pogue: No there isn’t and unfortunately in June
we just put out the press release so I’m just here again for a seeking the
public’s assistance and hopefully getting some new information. It was a
very short duration that all of these robberies were committed and then
nothing that we can attribute to this suspect since then. Reporter: So he must stalk these places first. Could he have ties with all these different areas. Acting Inspector Lauren Pogue: He could very possibly but again we
don’t know that. Reporter: Can you just go through his sort of MO again as he goes up to the counter, has that been the same for each of the five robberies? Acting Inspector Lauren Pogue: Yes sorry I didn’t touch on that and in
fact has been. He’s indicated a gun but no gun has ever been seen and yet he
didn’t act in a sort of a violent manner or anything so, each of the times I know
when two particular pictures there he’s got a different colored knapsack. One
time a navy and one time red and but his actual mo was the same. He’s always
wearing the sunglasses, a ball cap, approaches the customer service counter,
indicates the gun and then demands cash and leaves. Thank you very much. Constable Caroline de Kloet: That concludes today’s conference. Thank
you for attending. We do have a news release that will go out shortly which
has the updated video in it and still of the vehicle.

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