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@TorontoPolice Homicide #18/2017 News Conference June 14, 2017

[Cst. A. Douglas-Cook]: Good afternoon, welcome to the Toronto Police Headquarters. My name is Police Constable Alison
Douglas-Cook. Today, I will be introducing Detective Sergeant Joyce Schertzer of the
Homicide Unit and she will be updating the public and the media on homicide
number 18 of 2017, detective. [D/Sgt. Schertzer]: Thank you, and thank you for attending this
update regarding the 18th homicide for 2017. By way of background, on Friday
April the 21st at around 9:30 p.m. Leonard Pinnock was fatally shot by two
offenders as he sat in his parked vehicle. This was in the area of Dufferin Street and Bowie Avenue in the City of Toronto. Mr.
Pinnock, resident of Hamilton was 33 years old at
the time of his death. Yesterday, sorry, on May 21st a video capturing the two
offenders was released to the public in an effort to identify them. One offender
in the video could clearly be seen to have a side pouch and to be wearing a
hooded article of clothing. Yesterday, on Tuesday, June the 13th, in the morning a
resident of Bowie’s Street was cleaning out his backyard when he located a
loaded semi-automatic pistol. This firearm appeared to be in poor condition.
However, [it] was fully functional and a round was accidentally discharged. The purpose
of this media release is twofold. Firstly, to thank members of this community for
their overwhelming cooperation and support of this investigation. Secondly,
and more importantly on a public safety note: I would like to remind those who
may find weapons in their property, on their property – not to touch the items. No
matter how inoperable they may appear. Due to poor condition, they may pose a
great threat to the safety of those handling them. As it stands, three items
were recovered from this location. One was a black Nike hoodie,
another was a Gucci side pouch, what I would describe as a side pouch – and, a
loaded semi-automatic firearm. Those items are displayed here today. As I said,
I really feel like this community has really cooperated with us to the best of
their ability, but certainly we do need those in the inner circle of those two
offenders that were released if they could go to the link I’m sure it’s still
on the internet, if they could go and try and assist us with identifying those two
offenders. There’s no doubt in my mind that those who are familiar with those
two individuals know who they are, and I’m asking those members of their
friends/family/associates, whomever, to come forward and identify them. We just located it yesterday morning and it takes a while for these items to
be processed forensically, and they have been submitted for that kind of testing. As I said in the very first media
release and the second subsequent one actually, Mr. Pinnock was doing a favor
for a friend. He drove a friend from the Hamilton location, to that particular
area in Toronto as a favor. And, he was just waiting for his friend to arrive. You know our investigative team has a
very open mind with regards to motive, and that’s certainly one of the things
that we’re attempting to answer – a mistaken identity. [Reporter Inaudible]
[D/Sgt. Schertzer]: I’m sorry, on the same property as the the firearm. Well, if you if you go back to May 25th
when the video was released of the two offenders which were captured on
surveillance camera. The actual homicide is captured on video. You can
see one of the two offenders clearly has a side bag. He’s wearing a hooded article
of clothing much like the one that we’re presenting here today and he has a
firearm. So the fact that these three items were found on Bowie Street, the
murder occurred at Dufferin and Bowie. One of the offenders is seen to be wearing
two of these articles of clothing and has a semi-automatic firearm. I’m going
to suggest that these are items related to that incident [Reporter Inaudible]
[D/Sgt. Schertzer]: Right, I’m not going to get into the exact details of it. Only that obviously we’re more than a month out of
the the date of the incident and the homeowner didn’t discover it until
yesterday if that is this. [Reporter Inaudible]
[D/Sgt. Schertzer]: Yes, and that’s why it prompted me to come forward today. Because, I thought you know the public safety outweighs any compromise to this
investigation. You can see the state of this firearm, it looks fairly decrepit
and you know, it was handled and a round was accidentally discharged.
Fortunately, nobody was hurt but my concern again is that there are two
offenders, there are two guns, and if somebody should discover a weapon in
relation to this incident or maybe future or past incidents – I want them to
please contact police immediately and not attempt to handle any weapon found
or located and let us deal with it. [Reporter Inaudible] [D/Sgt. Schertzer]: It’s not a matter of being curious. I wouldn’t classify it as curious, it’s a matter of locating
a weapon that you clearly know isn’t your property and picking it up.
Just leave it. Leave the weapon where you found it. I can understand that the
way that this weapon presents, initially, it looked like it it may have
been there for a while and it was the opinion of the finder
that it wasn’t operable and certainly I don’t believe that he thought it was
loaded. [Reporter Inaudible]
[D/Sgt. Schertzer]: Again it has been exposed to the elements if it is indeed the weapon
involved in our homicide. Again, this is this is well in advance of any test
results that we have commenced, but it is operable. It’s a nine millimeter,
and I don’t know what the shape of the the handgun was in prior to it being
discarded in this location. [Reporter Inaudible]
[D/Sgt. Schertzer]: They were all found on the same property yes. [Reporter]: Is the person ok? [D/Sgt. Schertzer]: Yes, thankfully the finder is okay and nobody was hurt. [Reporter Inaudible] [D/Sgt. Schertzer]: That’s an area that we obviously we are going to seize on any video in the area and we’ve done a very extensive video
canvass initially, and subsequent to the finding of the firearm. [Reporter]: The round that was discharged did you find it? Did it go into anything in the surrounding area? [D/Sgt. Schertzer]: We found it, we located the shell case – and the discharge – it went
into a typewriter that stored. It was in a garage fortunately yes, yes. [Reporter]: How long will it take to get forensics back? [D/Sgt. Schertzer]: Well this is the golden question – always with these types of investigation. They’re very complex – I imagine that the
fact that these items have been out and exposed to the elements are going to
impact the type of testing, the length of testing, and I’m not a biologist or a
forensic specialist by any means, so I am very grateful for the work that they do
at the Center of Forensic Sciences and I’m hoping that we get it sooner rather
than later. That’s the best answer that I can get and that’s the best answer that
I’ve been given. Well we always test for everything and naturally because we are
fully informed with regards to the finder touching this, we’ve asked for
consent, DNA, and fingerprinting so that we can eliminate that person should it
come up. [Reporter]: Are you hoping that someone may recognize the bag?
[D/Sgt. Schertzer]: I am I’m hoping that if this puts people over the edge with
regards if they’re on any type of fence like “it could be, or I’ve seen so-and-so
wearing that hoodie and has a Gucci side bag” so I don’t know how common that would be. I’m hoping that somebody has you know a conscience. If they do know or have an idea they can call the Homicide Squad, they can call 13 Division, Crime Stoppers and let us know. [Reporter]: Early on you mentioned, and urged area residents to check their yards – did you have an idea something was discarded? [D/Sgt. Schertzer]: No, that is a staple question that I ask anybody when
people flee the scene and I’m not sure which direction they go in. I know that
whenever I run for a bus, I typically lose something you know out
of my pocket – so it was it was just on the off-chance and it just you know it
happened to be a pointed question and this person did not see the media
release otherwise they would have searched their backyard. So, but people in
the area did and I’m really grateful for to this particular community for their
cooperation and response to our requests. I’m not going to be getting
into any further evidence, if we did or did not –
I just want to release this for the time being. But, mostly on a public safety note, I want to urge people to please – do not touch any weapons if
you locate them in your backyard. Either in this community, or any community. Okay thank you. [Cst. Douglas-Cook]: This concludes today’s news conference, thank you.

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