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US Term Limits Introductory Webcast. Find out more about who we are and what we do.

Welcome to the u.s.. Term limits first-ever webinar my name is Ken Clark I am the Regional Director for the Southeast Division on the cameras with me I suppose is the best way to put that I’ve got Regional Director in the Northeast Ken when say hi to everybody ken Hey, everybody good to see that Western Division Regional direct director Bob berry This is where Bob say hi to everybody yeah, that’s culinary, but Etan’s really good to have this chance to talk This is something that the three of us have been working on for quite some time. This is our first trial run We’re going to do these every week And we’re going to be broadcasting them live on Facebook once we get really good at it some of them will be Pre-recorded and we’ll post those, but for the most part. We’re going to try to be doing Live Facebook live events that is all about us term limits, and we want to try to connect with you we want to try to get as many people involved with our organization as we possibly can and That being said there’s going to be a lot more to follow So I guess the real big question would be why why us term limits, so let me start with you, Ken Quinn Why are we talking about? term limits for our congresspeople oh That’s a good question and basically Term limits in America is probably the number one issue that brings together both sides of the political spectrum the American people have been desiring term limits for Congress for decades now and Back, you know back in the 90s 23 states passed state laws putting terminus on their Congress members and those Decisions those rules actually those law is going to return by the Supreme Court so this has been something that America has been wanted for a very long time And I’m excited about us term limits because we can actually get it done and we are gaining traction Throughout America and in my region, I’m in the Northeast region we’re getting traction up here, and it’s something that once once we hit the tipping point of Education the American public on this and they realize that we can do it we the people can actually put tournaments on members of Congress It’s going to happen And why that’s important is because when they get to Congress so many these people they go there with good intentions But the system that they’re in Basically it turns them into focusing more on their reelection and their party to maintain power than solving the problems facing America and what they end up doing is kicking the big tough issues down the road and as we see every day now nothing of Any real substance is getting accomplished where we’re doing continuing resolutions We’re having government shutdown threats every three to six months because they’re afraid to do and make the tough decisions And that’s why what term limits one of the things tremens will accomplish is give these Representatives and these senators the freedom to go there to do what their constituents sent them to do Knowing they have a short period of time six twelve years We don’t know, but it’s going to be probably around that rate and they’re gonna go there and get it done before the hooks of the lobbyists the special interest groups and the Corporation’s get in them and control them so that’s why I’m excited about term limits so Bob Mary Let me ask you that same question why do we need congressional term limits? You know it’s it’s really funny because many many years ago as part of a business mans roundtable part of my function Was to do candidate recruitment, and it was a funny senior scenes every couple years I’d have these conversations and people I get the resumes and I get people who look really good on paper Then I go to lunch room, and if it was a situation where we were running or looking for somebody to run against an incumbent I got people who look really good on paper It’s anybody maybe 30 seconds to realize in many cases these are crackpots They were just absolute crackpots fast forward a couple of years maybe four years To an election now, I gotta though than see okay And I’m out recruiting candidates to run in this maybe congressional seat and all of a sudden I get people who look at on paper, but who are also electable and I used to you see sir, man I was like where the world were you When I was trying to get somebody decent to go up against this deadbeat Income of the way of course the answer is very obvious the answer is They’re gonna have ten times my war chest unless the person was independently wealthy He’s just gonna get blown out of the water and anybody who knows that Anybody who’s got really any sense at all. It’s not going to go up against that buzzsaw They’re gonna wait for an opportune time and that’s gonna be an open seat And if nothing else and people remember nothing else about our objective with congressional term limits. It was a very modest Ask it says at some interval, and and I don’t almost don’t care what that interval is at some interval We are going to have an open seat and and and a single individual cannot exercise monopoly control literally for decades over a single congressional seat that is how you get into the realm of an Oligarchy, which too many of us think we we we’ve arrived there already So Bob. Let me ask you a follow-up question on that We’re talking about congressional term limits, so how do we do that tell us about the u.s.? Term limits organization so that so the organization’s been around for decades And it was instrumental and what happened in the 90s and the weapon of choice Has really always been the initiative the initiative in a lot of states. Let’s say said the initiative process and it’s a process That’s a very expensive process to require some degree of expertise and so the organization got very very good at doing that I going to states and running initiatives and in the mid-1990s you had If you recall a lot of us I think all three of us are old enough to remember these things You had all these scandals go around in Congress and Congress was even arguably more unpopular than it is today and See how a lot of states that where this was just getting done And there was huge ways for term limits specifically on Congress, but also on State officials and so what we got was We got him on the state officials try to do it on Congress by the way many states passed I think yeah, Ken, so it was like 23 Keep in mind what they were doing they were saying we know where our guys are gonna. We’re gonna lose seniority here They’re gonna be states that don’t have term limits And and they’re gonna eventually Our guys can only be in for X number of years whatever that is so at some point other states were to have more seniority than us we’re We believe so much in this principle that We’re okay with that. Well the punchline is is that this ended up on the Supreme Court Supreme Court said you know nice try Nice try This is going to require a constitutional amendment if you guys want this now although the term limits on your local and state officials That’s fine, no problem there, but you can’t do this on federal officials. This is going to require a amendment to the US Constitution And so that is what we are working on now is the process for that goes through state legislatures And that’s why we have our country divided up into regions So that we can we can work this from the grassroots right into the legislative chambers so Ken Quinn. Let me ask you this question from an organizational standpoint how do People what what do people do from an organizational standpoint, and how does our? Organization work to accomplish this goal Well there’s a lot of different ways folks can get involved and one way is just talk to people you know right and your church Your coworkers start sharing with people our website telling them what we’re trying to accomplish You go to our website It’s term limits com Sign on the petition the first step everyone needs to take a sign our petition what that will do is that will get them into? Our database so that they’ll receive updates, and they’ll be learning more about what we’re all about in how we are doing in their states and From that point on we have variety of ways people can get engaged themselves who volunteer efforts This right here. We’re going to be doing these webinars And these Facebook live to share ideas with people and how they can get involved You know one thing that works great is just have a meeting you meet for coffee with folks and talk about hey Let’s organize in our district or in our County and let’s just start sharing and talking to others Doing presentations, and we’ll help you with all of that But the goal is to not only share and talk to your neighbors and friends But also to communicate and meet with and call your state representative your state senator and Ask them to get behind this because it’s only through them that we’re going to accomplish this and so we need sponsors we need Co-sponsors, and we have got to do this from the ground up. It’s not gonna come down you know a top-heavy this needs to come from the people and Like I said earlier 82% of the American people were polled recently they want this so you know This is the dynamic we have 82% the American people that want tournaments on Congress however their ratings You know also their ratings in Congress like 18% of 12% so if their approval rating is so low and people want them out Why isn’t it happening? Well, that’s because they control so much and the typical answer that we get all the time as well Ken Bob term limits we have those already they’re called elections Come on. Folks. Let’s wake up Elections are not changing anything because the system Like we were saying earlier you just cannot Win against incumbents the war chests the millions of dollars They have is preventing really good people from running for these seats because they know they don’t have a chance If these seats were open on a regular basis They know okay in two years that seats gonna be open now I can start my planning I can start raising money, and we’re gonna get a lot of great people running for those seats And we’re going to raise the level of the integrity in Congress So far let me ask you this question and I want to pitch it back to Bob Barry real quick How do people get involved how do people help this effort what can they do? because there’s a lot of people out there that are gonna be watching this video and going you know what I believe in that I Want to help what do they do so? There there are two kinds of activists who see this this discussion. Let’s listen to this discussion There are people kinda like us where we this just hits us And we’re all in on this and we’re like this is if I have like no other issue. This is my issue, right? Then there’s a larger group and the larger group are people who are already activists And they’re people who already know one or more state legislators, and they’re saying you know I totally am down with this But my main cause is second amendment my main cause is the environment whatever it is by the way So this is a good time to remind everybody the seconds of nonpartisan issue so we want to make friends Regardless of party affiliation and make nice at least on this one thing This is something where we can work together on if the American people can if activists in particular can kind of get over whatever Animosity they’d have for the other party and just once join hands with people they don’t normally agree with This is something very very special so you can Have an opportunity here to really do something and maybe this isn’t gonna be your number one issue Due
but we might want this to be among the issues you discuss because Especially in particular if you are connected in some meaningful way to a member of a state legislature You have a very useful tool there because this is somebody who knows you they know you’re an activist They know a lot of people are praying that you do kind of run in the same circles I hate to say it But human nature is gonna count that that legislator is gonna count that activists some multiple of a regular citizen and their districts I mean this is just human nature now or those people we have kind of zeroing in on a particular Legislator saying hey, this is something that’s really important to us We want this then they’re going to be with us And this is a also an important point to make in this country at the state level remember I said earlier that the road to this solution goes through 50 different state legislatures The fact is that there’s seven thousand three hundred and eighty-two legislators at the state level right in state houses and state Senate’s and those guys a lot of them are Fancy themselves a future member of Congress right kind of like and I hate to put it this way kind of like any Minor league baseball player that wants to be the majors, and that’s how a lot of you see it I’m a lot of them say you know think okay? This is where I want to be I’m happy to be in the state level But we know a lot of them want to go to Congress and so if you’re wondering why we get pushback at that level That’s the reason because they’ve heard about what a lottery it is and they think they can win it and when they win it they? don’t want to cut they don’t want their career cut short and the rest of us we still believe in citizen legislators and And you know all the basic principles of good government We see things a little differently once I think we’ve all noticed is when when candidates of the state level are running for office. They love the idea of term limits right especially they’re running an open seat and When there’s made open by term limits? but once they get elected very often they think it’s worst idea they’ve ever heard and so you hear all these these bromine’s I’ve Been in the legislature, I kind of see how it all works, and it’s really a lousy idea 82% the American public thinks something very very different Congress’s approval rating is in the toilet When you have a situation like that that what we’re talking about here is not just a possibility It is an inevitability no matter how we ask this question, and then you pull we always get these ridiculously lopsided Results that is how I know we can win, and I think a lot of us have worked in For faltering campaigns in the past a lot of us if you’ve been doing this train length of time You’ve had to take your piss right And over time it’s very dangerous if you become increasingly Okay with fighting losing battles We need to win this one and we can win this one We absolutely this one so if you are just tired of fighting losing battles, and you want to get involved in something That’s gonna win and you can say that you’re a part of it and it’s Significant everybody understands that everybody this country knows what it means to have term limits on the president all we want to do is apply that to Congress Message over now. That’s something you can get behind and we’ll see so Ken Quinn Let me flip it back to you real quick Is there a website is there a place where people can go sign a petition volunteer? How do people get involved in the movement where do they go whatever? What actions do they need to take yeah first action go to a website? Its terminus com where you can sign our petition I also We also have can you see this right there perfect alright? If you text the word term limits to five oh four five seven you’re going to receive a link to our website where you can just click on that link and Sign the petition and what that’s going to do like I mentioned earlier is it’s going to keep you informed of what’s going on Nationally as well as in your states, and then go to our website and go to the tabs up top Take action volunteer and check the things that you want to do if you’re willing to make phone calls let us know that if you if you know a legislator let us know there’s a variety of things and this will be growing as well of things that you can do to help us and not everybody wants to do a Presentation, but there’s some that do so we have a variety of ways that you can get involved We’re here to help You’ll see the map and our contact information as well so reach out to us if we’re in your region Take a look at the map who’s there call us email us we’ll get you plugged in in my region I’m in the Northeast we have a lot of a lot of my state’s I don’t have activists right now, so I really need help and support to get a good core group of people involved And then we’ll do it together. I’ll come out and I can do presentations and let’s get this done I really want to see this done, and I want to see it done fairly quickly Because we just can’t continue. We cannot sustain what’s going on in Congress Well we see that and we’ve got to do this Bob berry Regional Director of the western states, Ken Quinn Regional Director of the northeastern states my name again is Ken Clark I am the Regional Director for the southeast we will be back next week. We’re gonna have a lot more information This is simply our introductory video We wanted to do it first time out make sure that we covered all the bases let people know who we are what we’re doing Why and where to go get involved I think we’ve covered that we’re gonna start getting in deep we’re gonna start bringing very serious issues to the forefront and It’s going to be hardcore, so please join us again next week. We will post on our Facebook page When we’re going to be talking to you, so thank you so much for joining us. See you next week

Robin Kshlerin