November 22, 2019
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Using OneNote for a Conference

Previously I created a video on how to create OneNote … pages from an Excel list which allowed you to create a … journal of sorts. So today what I’m showing … you is how I use a similar feature in OneNote instead of … having to use Excel to create a conference template. In this case I’m preparing for the ISTE conference. So basically what I do is I go to the date. and I put a link into the full program site. Now Saturday didn’t have sessions where it was … morning, noon, you know, afternoon, evening, so basically what I do is I go … to the program. I go to the link and filter it to only show me Saturday. And then I went to print version over here on the right. That opens a new tab. And I just did select all, copy. So control A, control C. Went back to my notebook. And pasted that in. Now that worked great for Saturday, but when I look at the other days, they break down into morning, afternoon, and evening so what I’m … going to do is I’m going to go to insert. And I’m just going to choose to put five columns because … or five rows, sorry. I’m going to do. Morning, afternoon, evening, top choices, and then events. Maybe there’s outside events. So this is similar to what I did in Excel only now I don’t have … to use Excel so I’m going to highlight the list. Right-click. And go to link to pages. You’ll notice on the right it builds all of those pages. My original idea was to copy this table into the others, but the problem is that then it hyperlinks back to these … pages so I’m going to delete and. basically then I would go through and repeat that on … all the other days so I have the morning sessions that I … like, afternoon, evening, my top choices so I could … copy and paste ones that were specifically of interest to … me and then any other events that I had planned on. So now what I’m going to do for morning is I’m going to go … back to the ISTE website. And close this tab and in program search, I’m going to switch it from Saturday to Sunday and I’m … going to specify morning. I’m going to let that filter. Now do the same thing, go to print version. Select all , copy. Go back into my OneNote notebook. Paste. And there are all the events and then I can delete out … ones that don’t interest me or don’t apply to me or move … them over to my top choices. Before I post this video I’m actually going to go ahead … and put in all the sessions for the rest of the days so all you … have to do is take out what you don’t want. I hope you find it helpful and that you share with others … and if you’d like, give me a shout out or share … some ideas that you’d like. You can tweet me … @filibuster3 on Twitter. Filibuster3 and that’s all also in the introduction section.

Robin Kshlerin



  1. Craig McBain Posted on May 7, 2018 at 1:16 pm

    Great video. It's interesting to see how others organize their OneNote. For me, I've created a "Conferences" notebook with sections for ISTE, FETC, and other various state and local conferences. I like to keep year after year conference notes in the same section because I like to look back.