November 14, 2019
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Webcast: Train Your Brain To Get What You Want Fast – Siddha Secrets of Exalted Sun in Aries

13th of April is a very important time period
to develop super intelligence. The siddhas and yogis are preoccupied with
super intelligence. They’re not just interested in getting a mansion
or a Rolls Royce or some political or social position. They are into the evolution. Evolution into a higher being and that comes
only when they get beyond our human limitations. For the yogis as well as siddhas, the most
important thing is the development of consciousness, the highest consciousness that is possible. Even Einstein was interested in that. He said that he was not interested in human
intelligence per se. He said that whatever he discovered in his
life was through a non rational process, an intuition
that just came from nowhere. And the siddhas, the yogis made a science
out of it. For them, time periods like the 13th April
is very important. Particularly, this 13th of April when the
Sun enters into Aries is very important. Because it has a very strange combination,
numerical coincidence with the 13th April, 2013. And this is the time that the Sun, which is
the source of our consciousness in life, because consciousness is life and intelligence, reaches its peak. The Sun is exalted in Aries. So, if you want effortless manifestation,
effortless understanding of things without having to go through pros and cons,
you have to get into the supreme intelligence. And that is available through the Sun. The Sun impacts the left brain. The left brain is not all that bad. Although people living in the 20th century
think that is only logic and mathematics and technology. But the left brain is also wisdom. Provided it is trained properly. According to the siddhas, the left brain is
the Sun or the Sun impacts the left brain to create this wisdom and during certain time
periods. This 13th of April is the time period. What happens is you develop a very strong
left brain, which combines intuition with reasoning. That’s the most important thing, that you
cannot discard one or the other. You have to have both. Now the most important learning that one gets
from this yogic tradition is that it’s not simply a matter of empowering
the brain. So, the question is who empowers the brain. The Sun empowers the brain. The Moon empowers the brain, the right brain
is empowered by the Moon. Now, it’s not just enough to identify the
celestial objects, like the Sun or the Moon, but the being behind that. There is a being behind the Sun. That is the ultimate contribution of the yogis. And these beings are very helpful in taking
us to a different realm of consciousness. I’ll be talking about all this, during the
webcast, that I plan to do on the 14th. What I plan to do is how…to explain to you
and also give techniques to empower the left brain and also how the Sun can bring dramatic healing
of the body, mind and the soul. And also improve your visions of the future
including the vision of the eyes. Anything to do with the light, you have to
go to the Sun. Because the Sun burns with trillions of tons
of fuel, what that means is tremendous amount of light and heat. This is the reason why the ancient yogis made
the Gayathri, the mantra for the Sun. It’s the ultimate mantra for everyone because
it’s going to enlighten human consciousness. Enhance our brain function. So, it’s because of the intelligence that
one has, that one is able to come up in life. Why the difference is if you care to account
for, on the level of financial success and success in political and social life is
because the person who has the smartness and intelligence excels. Whereas other people who are doing in a very
humble jobs, they have to work hard and they are not able
to do much because of lack of intelligence. So, the bottom line is how can we improve
our intelligence. And improving our intelligence has a direct
impact on our health, our wellbeing and also our relationship. So on this webcast that I plan to focus on
giving you mantras to awaken the left brain. And also, some healing techniques that will
arrest the flow of time, so that body doesn’t pick up diseases, which
they were otherwise. So, I look forward to talking to you on the
14th. I’m very happy that this is
the 1st year, the Vedic year in the Golden Age. That’s why it is very important. I’ll see you on the 14th.

Robin Kshlerin