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Why Multiple Cameras are Ideal for Live Streaming Events

Hi everybody, thanks for tuning in. In this
video tutorial we’re going to be talking about why multiple cameras are so
important during your live streams and your events. We just got finished a live streaming
festival this past weekend. We had we technically have three cameras if you
include the drone that we were using, but we wish we had three pan tilt zoom
cameras and I was under the impression that two pan tilt zoom cameras is is just
enough because you’ve got one camera to zoom in, and then you can zoom into your
next thing and you can fade in between those two, but after live streaming for six hours I
realized that a third camera would have been awesome to have and I’m going to
explain why, and obviously two cameras is better than one, three cameras is better than two, and then four cameras is better than three but I think
four really gets to be a lot for especially for like a one man live
streaming set up which is what we did. So I’m going to go ahead and show you
guys some of the footage that we had, so this is our jam cam here, and what we did
was we’ve got one wide angle shot there and then we’ve got our jam cam, which zooms
into the person of interest. So whoever’s soloing, whoever’s singing, a place of
interest so we’ve got our jam cam there, and what I realized after doing all of the
the live stream, is that it would have been nice to have a third camera to fade
in and out between multiple points of interest within the jam cam because we
were able to capture maybe I’ll get one more example here, I think this is a
really good example. Let’s go here. This example here so we’ve
got the wide shot of the whole band, and then a zoomed in shot of the singer and
what would have been really nice and see now we’ve got two singers here, so it would have been
really nice to fade in and out with a third camera. Also you can see here that
we have some drone footage that we captured, so that was technically acting
as our third camera that’s a live drone flying around in the background. So we were able to do a lot of really cool stuff, and if you’re interested in live streaming drones, we can there we actually have a video on it, and
we have a video on our entire setup which you can see kind of there in the
Cabana there, of our two camera live streaming setup which included a drone,
but I just think a third camera there would have been ideal, so that we could
switch back and forth between our various zoomed-in views. So that is that’s my thoughts on why multiple
cameras are important, obviously two cameras allows you to switch in between
them and fade in and out, but if you’re going to do a picture in picture like
we’ve done, that third camera allows you to have your background shot and then
fade in between the two cameras in your picture in picture which I think looks
super professional. I think we did a great job we even
incorporated the drone, so we’ve got all of this documented for
you guys if you’re interested in live streaming you want to take your live
streams to the next level, go ahead subscribe to our YouTube
channel. We’ve got a ton of tips tricks and tutorials we got a free ebook
below on plug and play live streaming, a lot of this technology is very
affordable it’s within reach and these are just some tips, some tips for multi-camera live streaming setups. Thanks everyone.

Robin Kshlerin



  1. Santiago S Posted on October 30, 2016 at 8:28 am

    Hi there, I have a question…. what hardware do u use?? I want to live stream 2 cameras, but I dont want to have a fisical expensive swith board, I want just a software like OBS… but… with hardware do I need to put if I want 2 or more HDMI cameras and have 1 HDMI out to something like the black magic Intensity Extreme?
    I hope u understand my question hahaha. Thanks!!